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9 shot analysis


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Sports
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9 shot analysis

  1. 1. Big Combo
  2. 2. This is 5th in line in the title sequence, the main actors andactresses appearing beforehand. The conventional black andwhite is presented by using white text against a blackbackground city scene. This city scene is a typical element offilm noir and is shown a lot throughout the opening sequence.An extreme long shot is used to show this view. The font addscharacter and suggests what type of film it is. The full titlesequence takes approximately one minute thirty seconds- alsoa seemingly expected convention.Here we see a long shot of a crowded street, this gives theaudience a feel for the atmosphere of the film, and helps themunderstand the date and location in which the film is set. Itlinks into the next screen shot as this shows the publicstreaming in to watch a boxing match.This boxing match helps us understand the situation of thefilm, e.g.. it may suggest that it is about tough fights betweenhard-boiled detectives and powerful men, not a flimsy lovefilm. Again, this screen shot links into the next as it lets theaudience identify where the scene is set and where the womanis running, and possibly why.
  3. 3. This is a low angled shot as the camera appears to bepositioned on the floor looking up at the action. The actorsrun past the camera as if it isnt there, this gives a ‘fly on thewall’ effect for the audience as they are catching in on thesecret goings-on that the people in the film can’t see. Thiskeeps the mystery of film noir.Match on action editing is used to show the womanopening the door in one room and coming through thedoor into another room. This helps the film flow so it isn’tjumpy, which keeps the professionalism up.Although this is best described as a mid-shot, you couldalso argue it is a framing shot, as the woman is in themiddle of the two men. It pulls the main focus onto her andmay suggest how she is feeling trapped after trying toescape. It also shows how she feels like the odd one out.
  4. 4. A close up shows the woman’s emotions and you can tellshe is thinking as she decides to change her mind aboutstaying at the boxing match, the camera zooms out toallow a mid-shot of the three characters again.At this point the music becomes more apparent and soundscautious and dangerous, to suggest the man the camera isfocusing on over-heard the conversation between thewoman and the two men. This screen shot shows typicalcharacterisation of a film noir, the costume, the facialexpression, the music, and especially the dark shadows castover half of the man’s face, giving him a suspicious look.Again a street view is shown, this time with a police car.This is expected as most film noirs contain some sort ofviolence or act against the law, in which the police or adetective have to solve the crime. This leads the audienceinto the real action as we see the police car pulling up.