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Change Your World

  1. 1. QlikView is the most powerful, cost effective anduser-friendly business intelligence tool to have hit themarket in 30 years. It is transforming businessesworldwide on a daily basis. Here’s what a few had to say: QlikView | Customer Success Story | Campbell Soup QlikView instrumental Solution Overview to sales and operations Campbell Soup planning transformation Global manufacturer and marketer of high quality simple meals, including soup, baked snacks, vegetable-based beverages, and premium chocolate at Campbell Soup Gatorade – “We…gained real-time visibility of company-wide sales performance and Industry• Consumer Products Function “ Sales, Supply Chain, Operations We didn’t anticipate the scope of efficiency Geography gains possible North America realized full ROI in four months.” with QlikView. It revolutionized our ability to manage data throughout our supply chain. We continue Challenges to find new ways • Align demand forecasting and supply to integrate, view and use data that ” are much better than chain planning with a more dynamic what we were doing before. model to better manage volume • Unlock data trapped in current systems to gain insight into supply chain Michael Mastroianni, Vice President, operations and customer behaviors North American Planning, Reliability and Operations, Campbell • Reinforce corporate transformation Soup Company strategy to improve new product intro- ductions and increase customer focus Company background focus. The company’s North American Solution Campbell Soup Company (NYSE: CPB) manufacturing group now produces Campbell Soup deployed QlikView to is a global manufacturer and marketer ap- 50 employees. With QlikView pulling proximately 850 products representing QlikView | Custome Autodesk – “Qlikview delivers the promise of true business intelligence because of high quality simple meals, including massive data sets associated with 4,500 stocking keeping units (SKUs). r Success Story Gatorade de• soup, baked snacks, vegetable-based over 850 products and 4,500 SKUs | Gatorade de Mexico beverages, and premium chocolate from various systems, Campbell Soup Challenge: Align demand Mexico analyzes demand forecasts, inventory forecasting and supply chain levels, distribution plans and production quenches its planning with a more dynamic schedules – all focused on optimizing Solution Overv thi business model inventory levels in order to maximize real-time sales rst for When sales growth of the familiar profitability. With QlikView Server, iew it takes a consumer interface approach to quickly and intuitively expose data in a Campbell Soup employees work from Campbell’s brand slowed several a single version of the Gatorade ® years truth. with QlikView analysis ago, the company acted to transform de Mexico Subsidiary of and again grow its business. The Benefits PepsiCo, Inc. com- manufacturer and pany expanded its product lines and • Improved inventory forecasting of leading sports drink Gatorade accelerated product roll-outs. accuracy by 50% to ensure the right “ Industr y product mix is available to customers • Gained ability to quickly adapt to Consumer Product “On the operations side of the busi- business context. We chose QlikView as our global enterprise business intelligence day-to-day changes in demand and s With QlikVie ness, that meant we needed to manage Function order flows in a demand-driven network w, we a significant increase can run reports quickly to detect andin new products create • Enhanced company’s ability to perform Executive, Sales, market change SKUs,” said dashbo and many more long-range production planning and Operations, Finance time. This allows Mastroianni, s and produc Michael ards risk management Geography t North our salespeople president ofsales in real vice new opportunities American Planning, Reliability to immediately and • Allowed staff to spend more time Mexico on products. Founded in 1869, the com- and improve respond to ” Operations atbusiness strategic activities pany has a portfolio of market-leading Campbell. performance. Challenges standard for dashboards and analysis so we can deliver a true enterprise wide self- brands, including “Campbell’s,” Data Source Systems • Need real-time “Pep- Aguilar, Victor Mastroianni, who has responsibili- sales data to peridge Farm,” “Arnott’s,” “V8,” Support Sales Application: Supply respond Chain System proactively and Manager, ties for demand and supply Gatorad to market “Godiva.” planningde Mexico Database: Excel• Improve reporting changes e and overall operations support for a single report time - producin A subsidiary the could take up g of PepsiCo North American manufacturing QlikTech Partnerhours with to four Over the last several years, Campbell , Inc., Gatorade de Mexico group, Terra Technology • Decreas MicroStrategy manufacturers recognized that While the company’s existing e margin and distrib- Gatorade has successfullyutes Gatoraa transfor- rolled out de ® Thirst reporting systems and processes México unit uses MicroStrategy were report generati of error from manual mation strategyleading sports Quencher, on designed to step up the for (BI) and reportin Busines drink backed inadequate for the new business model. s Intelligence service BI solution.” of researc and new product innovationsh. customer by 40 years g, the Solution Gatorade is The company launched an initiative tool’s complex- scientifically ity prohibited Gatorade de formulated to the sales support Mexico (Gatorad and athletic from easily team QlikView to e) deployed quench thirst, ally proven accessing and 20 employe replace fluids to real-time data analyzing the one week. With es in less lytes and provide and electro- they needed QlikView, Gatorad than carbohydrate reports could . Producing analyzes order e now to enhance energy take anywhe cycles from athletic perform minutes for re from 40 billing, sales order through ance. basic expenses, and reports to four sales performance and profitability, account sales all hours for more increased sales. focused on driving gic sales analysi strate- (32-bit) and With QlikView s. needed to engage The business users QlikView Publishe Server easily supports r, Gatorade to run multipl a sales support security and while handling visibility e MicroStrategy analyst the modest export them reports, tens of millions data volume to Excel, and of records. update and then map, consolidate Benefits the answers the data to they needed get • Reduced reporting Strateg y only . Since Micro- time from 1-4 refreshed on to 3 minutes Qualcomm – Decreased time to complete product testing and conduct quality the informa a daily basis, , saving up to hours tion was outdate employee time $237 in• high level of d and the for • Gained real-time each report manual manipu visibility of increased the lation companywide margin of error. sales perform • Empowe red salespeo ance Accelerating alerts and interacti ple with mobile market ve access to responsivene data account ss with QlikView Gatorade began Data Source the search for control and also enabled real-time access to chip feature testing data, saving one tion that would a BI solu- Systems Need for timely provide timelier Application: MFG-Pro, Core busine ss answers answers, so sales legacy Outside the that salespe system United States, support team ople and the DW/BI: America and Latin could monito MicroStrategy especially Mexico mance and r perfor- Database: of the most address issues Internally develope important market , is one After seeing proacti database, Excel, d American brand s for the QlikView demons vely. Gatorade. To QlikTech partner trated by files, text files inline data advantage of best take <<GPStrategy> Hardware: strong growth team knew >, the HP Servers with Virtual ties, the sales opportuni- it would enable day of report generation time each month. Reduced time to fulfill new BI application support team to easily track Gatorade Technologies de Mexico at Gatorade sales (Gatora Indicators (KPIs). Key Performance QlikTech Partne they had accurat de) wanted to ensure With in-mem r e data refreshe <<GPStrategy>> quickly respond sales visibilit y to d in near-re ory to market change analyses would al time, sales competitive s for reflect the current advantage. ity of Gatora real- de’s busines The team prepare s environment. d a busines s case of requests by up to 99% - from six months to a few days.Get the whole story. Who knows… understanding how they changed their world, couldhelp you change yours.• Gatorade reduced reporting time from 1-4 hours to 3 minutes, saving $237 per employee, per report• Autodesk had 11 dashboards in use and 30 in development in the first six weeks, which will help give the company visibility for more strategic sales, customer service and revenue opportunities.• Qualcomm’s IT groups developed the initial analysis application in 1 day with subsequent application requests met in 2-3 days, up to 60-80% faster than other BI tools.
  2. 2. Based in San Mateo CA our QlikView Factory provides an end to end business intel-ligence service for our customers. We focus exclusively on QlikView and our primaryaim is to help our customers fully exploit their technology investments. Factory will helpguide you through your software purchase, solution design, application development,testing, training, knowledge transfer, deployment and support of your QlikView solution.“Solutions in days not months.”Factory Information Management Solution1840 Gateway DriveSuite 200San Mateo, CA 94404Phone: + 1 (650) 378-1366qlikview.comDOWNLOAD QUICK ANSWERS FROM FASTERDASHBOARDS MORE INSIGHT = BET TER RESULTS