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Women inchrg2012

  1. 1. Women In Charge & Social Media Presentation by ali bullock Co-founder animals in photos Global Digital & Social Media Manager CX
  2. 2. And you are… ?Co-founder of animals in photos“Asia’s foremost charity, wildlife photographer.”Worked with or linkedto, SPCA, HKDR, WWF, BORNFREE, AAF, ACRES, STOP HK, JANEGOODHALL, SPCA TAIWAN, ACRES, WSPA…Digital & Social media Marketing manager CXManage over 20 facebook fan pages, 300,000fans, 100 Twitter followers, YouTube, Google+, Ren Ren and Sina-Weiboproperties
  3. 3. Everything I say tonight are my own opinions and don’t necessarily reflect CX views
  4. 4. Let’s start with marketing and how it has moved on… Well, for some.
  5. 5. Women are big in Social Media.
  6. 6. Cheryl Sandburg, COO of Facebook Lady Ga Ga, 1 billion views on Youtube, 30 million likes on Facebook
  7. 7. Facebook is about to pass 1 billion people… Even my Mum is on facebook! “Hello Mum!”
  8. 8. Social media matters more than ever to small businesses
  9. 9. 5 myths around social media1. Social media doesn’t bring any money in2. Social media is only for the big guys3. I don’t have time4. I don’t understand social media5. I don’t have enough customers
  10. 10. There is a Chinese saying, “Dig a well before you become thirsty.”
  11. 11. Do you like what customers are saying about your brand?
  13. 13. Let’s talk social strategy
  14. 14. Ultimately it’s about branding vs sales – And there can only be one winnerThe hard part is the balance.
  15. 15. 5 steps to a successful social media strategy1. Set your objectives2. Choose your platforms3. Engage your customers4. 5 minute social monitoring tools5. Think before you post
  16. 16. For any SME, large company, social media has to make money…It’s not an exactscience people - Noconsultant, expert,speaker or agencyhas the perfectanswer. As I don’thave the answer tothis… Here’s a cutepuppy to distractyou.
  17. 17. But seriously, no one has the answer to this question.
  18. 18. Let’s start our social media strategy with a blank page.
  19. 19. 1. A Social Strategy: Where do I start?
  20. 20. 2. Choose your platforms
  21. 21. Your objectives in social:Brand presenceSalesKnowledge expert TIME ROI RISK G OCustomer service A LSearch visibility SFacebookTwitterLinkedin
  22. 22. What do you see when you hit search?
  23. 23. What does your customer see?
  24. 24. 2 core ways to impact search – Your web site and social media
  25. 25. FaceBook Step one: Create an FB page Step two: Populate the page Wall posts Comments Likes Recommendations (Soon) Page contact (Soon)
  26. 26. FaceBook Adverts We can target on social media if we wish with incredible accuracy: 1. Country 2. Age 3. Gender 4. People who are / or are NOT fans of the fan page 5. Relationship status 6. Education levelThe stronger your targeting, the 7. Connected to friends ofmore effective your adverts friends
  27. 27. Twitter 1. Push out sales offers and news 2. @ replies – These are customers wanting to talk to you! 3. Good way to connect to influences, such as journalists and writers 4. Look for competitor keywords and use this to your advantage 5. Complaints and feedback: Again a great place to engage with people.
  28. 28. 20% of people make 90% of the tweets – No harm in listening…
  29. 29. LinkedIn LinkedIn is a great resource and the most business focused social network: 1. LinkedIn answers: Great place to ask and answer questions and engage with people. 2. Group discussions: Again a good place to read and comment on topics of interest You can’t have to many connections on LinkedIn – Grab as many people as you can
  30. 30. Google+ Brand page
  31. 31. Google Maps and reviews – Integrating into Google +
  32. 32. Next. Link your properties together…
  33. 33. Finally, e-commerce & f-commerce. Making some money…!- Create an online store if you don’t have one:1. Bigcartel (free first 5 products)2. Shopify3. Amazon local business- Link you store to your social media properties- Create offer codes that you can use on socialmedia- Push “special offers” and “sale” items throughyour store- Remember, a lot of people (especially in HK)will look at your online store, and if you have onecome into your offline store. Numbers don’talways tell you the full story!
  34. 34. 5 minutes a day – Your guide to social monitoring
  35. 35. 1. A cup of tea2. Look for alert & signals3. Scan Twitter with Tweetdeck4. Log into your Facebook page5. Reply and thank your FB fans(Bonus) Enjoy the experience and postthat cute dog picture
  36. 36. Google Alerts
  37. 37. Tweet Deck (You need a Twitter account for this one) 1. Your own brand terms or name. Easy ones to respond to and thank people for a mention 2. @ replies – These are messages aimed at you and so they need a response. 3. Competitor or industry comments: A way to gain followers and sales! 4. Complaints and feedback: Again a great place to engage with people.
  38. 38. FaceBook page: Remember to engage your fans! You can post to Facebook in a variety of ways but in order to get the best placement in the newsfeed do it directly. Remember a maximum 10% of people will see any particular post
  39. 39. Bonus: Post that cute dog photo… “Whoopie! More charity work…” - Padstow (Rescue dog.)
  40. 40. Be warned, social media carries risks and not just for big brands.
  41. 41. A cautionary tale: Don’t over-promise on social mediaToronto-based Timothys Coffee. In an effort last month to grow itsFacebook fan base, the company ran a promotion saying thatanyone who "liked" its page would receive four free 24-pack boxesof single-serve coffee. As the Toronto Star reports, this was rathergenerous, as these boxes retail for over $17 CAD eachA contest aggregating site picked up the promotion and, as youcan imagine, responses poured in.The problem was – Only a week into the contest did they say, “firstcome first served.”Finally, the company issued a candid apology on its Facebookpage: Toronto-based Timothys Coffee“We are so sorry!“This is our first go at this and we admit that we underestimatedthe response.“We are blown away that our fans love our coffee so much.“It really saddens us that weve disappointed our fans.“We apologize.”
  42. 42. Social media overload: Remember to focus- Don’t rush to every new platform just because its there and its shiny- Remember to try new ideas, but someone has to pay for anything that you do. Look to the balance between brand and ROI.- Try social media adverts – Generally a lot cheaper than print adverts but make sure you analyze how much traffic you get.- Remember the golden rule, “social media isn’t free.”
  43. 43. 6 steps to a successful social media strategy1. Set your objectives2. Choose your platforms3. Engage your customers4. Monitor every day5. Think and evaluate before you post
  44. 44. The Boss. Mrs. B Penny (rescue 2)Ivy (rescue 2) Padstow (rescue 1) Mini (rescue 3) Thank you for your time this evening alibullock@gmail.com