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Linkedin Inday key note presentation for Istanbul event, Turkey

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  • "Good morning. My name is Laurence Bret and I am the Marketing Director of LinkedIn Talent Solutions for Europe, Middle and AfricaI am extremely pleased to be in Istanbul today. This is my first time here and ironically, it was supposed to happen next week as I had booked a vacation with my family. At that time, I did not know I would be invited to this event but it’s great news as it will get to come twice!Why I am fascinated by Istanbul? Because Istanbul has had a great role in human history. It served as a the capital of four empires: the Roman Empire, the Bizantine Empire, the Latin Empire and then the Ottoman Empire. It’s been known as Bizantium, Constinople and finally Istanbul.Itsstrategic position Bosphorus Strait, between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean has made it the witness of all major invasions from West to East and East to West and revolutions. Along the years Istanbul has managed to adapt to the different cultures and has fostered an eclectic population and architecture. Istanbul and its people have embraced change and were able to transform and evolve along the year, whilst keeping their character and uniqueness.Transformation is a very important word for LinkedIn. It is actually the first of our company five cultural tenants (along with integrity, collaboration, humor and results.)We’ve started to transform the way people work, the way enterprises work and we think that thanks to our unique positioning and our global coverage, we can actually transform the way the world works.
  • Everything is social and in this new connected world, the people who operate the most effective personal networks will be the ones who come out on top.This vision was first promoted by this man: Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn founder.Reid Hoffman is one of the most influent entrepreneurs of the Silicon Valley. He introduced Marc Zuckerberg to his first investors and could have participated to the Facebook adventure. But since the beginning, he chose to focus on professional network
  • Why, because he knew the future of work will look like this:A visual representation of my network where each dot represents one of my connections, where you can see how they relate and how my network is organized around clusters that correspond to the companies I worked for, to the university I studied at.I did not draw it, LinkedIn did it for me, thanks to its data.Data is the new oil and LinkedIn innovation model is based on data.
  • With 200 millions people using our network across the globe, we benefit from an incredible amount of data that can be used to improve our user experiences and ultimately improve products and services.” This is the heart of our innovation and growth model. We don’t need to spend money in advertising to attract new members, we just need to "put the right business intelligence in front of the right member at the right time.” says our CEO Jeff Weiner
  • And itworks: everysecond, 2 new members join LinkedIn.86,400seconds in a day = 172,800 registrationsThat’senough to fill the BlueMosquew 18 timeseveryday!
  • We add two new members every second and more than 40% of our members joined in the last 12 months!63% of LinkedIn members are living outside the US. Turkey was the fastest-growing market for LinkedIn in terms of membership in 2012, growing 97 percent in 12 months. It’s also one of the most engaged countries on mobile
  • But what does a LinkedIn member experience?Our value proposition is built on 3 pillars
  • Identity is your profile on LI, on mobile as an example.When you need to find someone, connect with someone, do a business deal or tap professional knowledge, LinkedIn is the place to go.
  • LinkedIn is the most powerful, professionally-oriented search engine on the planet. In becoming a member, you are carving out a piece of digital real estate and creating your professional profile of record.Profiles provide identity driving insights enabling brands to offer meaningful content to the right individuals. These profiles are cleanest procured available data set of professionals in the world.
  • And we just released a new poswerful version of LinkedIn Contacts that brings all brings together all your address books, emails, and calendars, and keeps them up to date in one place.It also send you alerts on job changes or birthday reminders.
  • Some people think LinkedIn is a job board, but job search only represent 12% of our traffic. People come to LinkedIn for the fire hose of unique and valuable information, knowledge, data and insight As I said a few minutes ago, our job is to build products that derive information and insights that flow through the LinkedIn network as a result of our members connecting and sharing.Thee types of data help our members be better at what they do every day.
  • User generated content : people updates, comments, discussion groupsTurkish Business Network has 112k members!
  • The second category of insights members can find on LinkedIn are professionals news by industry and sources, companies, and groups — we select the most relevant information to you, based on your profile and connections.
  • And now, our members can follow and connect with global thought leaders who shares their unique knowledge and professional insights. 250 influencers has joined us, among which entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, world leaders like Barak Obama, scientists like.
  • The last category of insights we provide to our members are statistics and demographic. For instance, the alumni page shows where the people from your school This is an invaluable tool for students and recent college graduates and there are over 20 of them on LinkedIn. They are LinkedIn’s fastest-growing demographic.
  • Our Skill page is another example of we can turn data into actionable insights for our members. Here you can see how Turkish is trending and which companies are looking for that skill.And we recently used two features that have revolutionized online brand management : you can now endorse your connections for a skill they’ve listed on their profile or recommend one they haven’t added yet
  • The last pillar of our value proposition is to work wherever our members work.
  • By developing the best mobile apps.
  • And by growing an ecosystem of 75,000 developers, and 1.3m publishers used the LinkedIn share button
  • As I said earlier, we believe that LinkedIn, thanks to its unique position and global coverage transforms de way businesses Hire Market Sell.How? We improve their efficiency in three steps:First, we help business identify the right target: whether it’s a pool of candidate, an audience segment or decision makers. We combine very precise targeting and massive scale.Second, we enable business to connect with their target with compelling content: it can talk of your employer values, your brand proposition or your products and servicesThird, we help you spur your target to action: apply to a job, follow your company, pick a promotion.
  • Did you know that 80% of the workforce whilst not looking actively for job is interested in professional opportunities.And they behave very differently from active job seekers so there is very little chance you will find them on traditional job sites. Our Talent Solutions are the most efficient way to identify, connect and attract them.They are far likelier to want to make an impact (120% more likely, in fact). They’re also 56% more likely to want a corporate culture that fits their personality One other major point of difference: they are 1/3 more likely to want challenging work. So if you want to hire people who want to make a difference in the workplace, who are looking for a place where there’s a strong cultural match, and who are hungry for challenging work, you should be opening your search up to passive candidates.
  • In other words, we want to digitally map the global economy, identifying the connections between people, jobs, skills, companies, and professional knowledge — and spot in real-time the trends pointing to economic opportunities. It’s a big vision, but we believe we’re in a unique position to make it happen.With the existence of an economic graph, we could look at where the jobs are in any given locality, identify the fastest growing jobs in that area, the skills required to obtain those jobs, the skills of the existing aggregate workforce there, and then quantify the size of the gap. Even more importantly, we could then provide a feed of that data to local vocational training facilities, junior colleges, etc. so they could develop a just-in-time curriculum that provides local job seekers the skills they need to obtain the jobs that are and will be, and not just the jobs that once were.
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