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Advantages and disadvantages of dropshipping


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Many traders believe dropshipping is an absolute godsend in saving time, your own resources, and cost.
The quick answer is yes it can do these things BUT there are potential downfalls you need to be aware of.

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Advantages and disadvantages of dropshipping

  1. 1. Advantages  and   Many  traders  believe  drop-­‐shipping  is   an  absolute  godsend  in  saving  5me,   your  own  resources,  and  cost.  disadvantages  of       The  quick  answer  is  yes  it  can  do  dropshipping  in   these  things  BUT  there  are  poten5al   downfalls  you  need  to  be  aware  of.    Australia   1  
  2. 2. What  is  dropshipping?   1   In  essence,  you  as  the  retailer  can  avoid  keeping  stock  and  pass  over  the  customer  order  as   well  as  the  shipping  details  to  your  supplier  who  ships  the  goods  to  your  customer,  on  your   behalf.   Advantages   2   The  two  significant  advantages  are  the  elimina5on  of  retaining  inventory  and  since  you  as   the  retailer  are  paid  immediately  on  sale  AND  (usually)  pay  your  supplier  on  credit  card  or   credit  terms,  you  fall  into  a  posi5ve  cash-­‐flow  posi5on.       You’ll  find  you’re  elimina5ng  duplica5on  of  a  number  of  inventory  efforts  such  as  picking,   packing  and  shipping  the  ordered  item  -­‐  with  drop-­‐shipping,  this  only  needs  to  be  done   once  and  by  your  supplier.  ©  Hong  Kong  Limited  –  Advantages  and  disadvantages  of  dropshipping   2    
  3. 3. Disadvantages   3   Since  you  can’t  be  100%  certain  your  supplier  has  sufficient  stock  to  fulfil  your  customer   order,  there’s  a  likelihood  of  back  ordering  taking  place  which,  obviously,  could  affect   shipment  expecta5ons  and  therefore,  your  on-­‐line  reputa5on.   There’s  been  some  historic  evidence  with  the  promo5on  of  drop-­‐shipping  being  used  by  scam   ar5sts.  I’d  refer  you  to  our  previous  ar5cle  on  ‘ Five  Ways  for  Australians  to  Avoid  Scammers  Online’  as  a  good  star5ng  point  in  avoiding   bogus  drop-­‐shipping  schemes.   Further  to  this,  you  also  need  to  understand  the  supplier  you’re  dealing  with.  There  are  a  few   drop-­‐shipping  suppliers  who  are  actually  just  middlemen  in  the  supply  chain  I.e.  they  are  just   a  shopfront  for  many  true  drop-­‐shippers.     Check  out  their  background  and  opinions  from  other  traders.  We’ve  got  some  extra  5ps  on   this  in  ‘Finding  The  Right  Supplier’.   Please  do  check  out  these  free  resources  and  let  us  know  any  other  tools  you’re  using  or  would  like  to  see  on       As  always,  we’re  here  to  help  you  with  your  online  sourcing  and  trading  as  much  as  we  can,  so  if  you  have  a  question  just  ask.   About  (HKSE:  1688.HK)  is  the  global  leader  in  e-­‐commerce  for  small  businesses  and  the  flagship  company  of  Alibaba  Group.  Founded  in     1999,  makes  it  easy  for  millions  of  buyers  and  suppliers  around  the  world  to  do  business  online.      ©  Hong  Kong  Limited  –  Advantages  and  disadvantages  of  dropshipping   3    
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