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Procure con cpo roundtables agenda


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Procure con cpo roundtables agenda

  1. 1. The UKs Most Senior Level CPO Forum By Invitation Only Tuesday 7th June 2011 Le Meridien Piccadilly, LondonAGENDA08:30 Registration and coffee09:00 Chair’s opening remarks KEYNOTE PRESENTATION (box session)09:10 CASE STUDY: Best practice strategies to optimise return from lean manufacturing • How Toyota encourages suppliers to be more lean and the return on investment achieved • How integrated should suppliers be and where Toyota innovates with the supplier base • How risk and quality assessments are made and examples of when corrections were needed – the lessons learnt • How to use lean procurement to remove barriers to innovation against minimal risk Mark Adams, Vice President Purchasing, Toyota PANEL DISCUSSION AND DEBATE09:50 Commodities risk management, hedging decisions and how to achieve true innovation with suppliers • With uncertain economic conditions and raw material inflation, which commodities and service pricing models are delivering value to the business? • Strategies to better anticipate global commodity prices and negotiate effectively with the supplier base • How to build long-term relationships with suppliers to gain leverage for hedging decisions in the future • Strategies to create a robust supplier base to diversify the supplier portfolio, check market indicators and mitigate supplier risk • How to co-develop with suppliers to really achieve innovation - case study examples Kees Gerretse, Group Director of Procurement, Tata Steel Martyn Lawns, General Manager Procurement EMEA, Rio Tinto Geoff Pullan, VP of Commercial Procurement - EU and International, GSK Nils Clement, Director Procurement EMEA, Starbucks10:30 Morning coffee and networking KEYNOTE PRESENTATION (box session)10:50 CASE STUDY: Agile sourcing strategies from Asia and beyond whilst mitigating the associated risk • Dell best practice to source effectively from established and emerging regions/ markets
  2. 2. • What are the associated risks and the methods, means and techniques in place to overcome them • Problems encountered and lessons learnt Kevin Brown, Chief Procurement Officer, DellSeries of roundtable debates will give you the chance to discuss the most pertinent issues andshare information in an informal setting. Chatham House Rule will apply.Roundtable 1: Top down directive to cut costs and leverage spend effectively• How to lower operating costs, retain previously achieved savings and control cash?• Strategic sourcing – methods to source effectively to get the right products on the supply base at just the right time• Structuring the business for cost control – strategies to renegotiate supplier contracts and restructure contracts for cost management• Best practice to control cash - how not to buy a Rolls Royce to do a Mini’s job• Focus on spend management – adopting agreements, compliance and spend tools• Assess the best control systems for audit, spend visibility and performance metrics – which is the best system to put in place?• Best practice in procurement performance measurementRoundtable 2: Commodities risk and effective hedge management• A comparison of the index or the agreed price models for commodities – which purchasing strategy will deliver to the bottom line in an inflationary environment?• Strategies for effective hedge management during a time of price fluctuations• Methods, means and techniques for effective pricingRoundtable 3: Security of supply and supplier innovation against minimal risk• Security of supply and supplier performance - best practice in exercising due diligence with suppliers to mitigate risk in the supply chain• How to utilise supplier capabilities to achieve innovation, a personalised service and gain a competitive advantage• Co-development with the supplier base – how to achieve a true partnership• Innovations in supplier agreements and contracts – what has yielded the best results?Roundtable 4: Supplier relationship management- how to ‘connect better’• Shifting the focus from short-term cost cutting to long-term value-based relationships with suppliers• Strategies to deal with contract non-complianceRoundtable 5: Supply chain finance• How can you leverage transactions and improve working capital by lowering the cost of capital with the supplier base and finance at a lower rate?• How to improve working capital – OP balance, payment services• Strategies to build a collaborative relationship with the CFORoundtable 6: Leverage a truly global procurement structure• Evolution of a full global structure – the drive to create synergy and leverage procurement across a group• Category review infrastructure- how to establish global category management and develop a co- ordinated, global supply chain – aggregating from a regional to a global basis• How to optimise global supply chain for companies with 4-5 business units around the world?Roundtable 7: Procurement outsourcing and category outsourcing• How far back into the procurement process should outsourcing be integrated?• Strategies to manage outsourcing relationships as outsourcing becomes more virtual• Outsourcing low category spend- what are the options?
  3. 3. Roundtable 8: Low cost country sourcing – where to invest next?• Smart sourcing - where are the next best economies for low cost country sourcing?• Where should you be going next? Assessing China, India, the Far East, Brazil, Peru and Chile• Category opportunitiesRoundtable 9: Talent availability, management and development• How to recruit, motivate, develop skills and retain talent in procurement• How to develop and rotate talent within the organisation• Regenerate top talent to contribute to the new requirements of Procurement’s roleRoundtable 10: Sustainable procurement• Best models of sustainable procurement practices and how they contribute to business profitabilityThe day will include lunch, plus morning and afternoon breaks.