Masthead designs for my magazine


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Masthead designs for my magazine

  1. 1. Masthead Designs For My Magazine Alice Williams
  2. 2. My initial ideas for my mastheadWhen Designing my Masthead, I wanted to reflect my target audience and genre. Ineeded to create a Masthead which has connotations of rock, rebellion and has areflection onto rock music.These are my first masthead design ideas:ReplayReplayReplayReplayI decided that these mastheads were not suitable for my magazine, as they didn’t reflectthe ideology of my magazine. I also wanted to show something more within themasthead like having different effects, to appeal to the audience.
  3. 3. When designing my masthead further, I wanted to use effects when designing my masthead. I used serif draw plus, to help design and make my masthead.This is my first attempt for creating amasthead for my magazine. I merged all ofthe letters and background and used aneffect of metal text, which creates a goodrock vibe which I wanted to convey.However, although I like this masthead, Idon’t think that it conveys my genre andbrand identity well. I think that thismasthead looks polished, but theconnotations of this doesn’t suit my targetaudience. Also, rock has connotations ofrebellion and rough looking.
  4. 4. When creating my mastheads for the second time, I was keeping in mind what would appealto my target audience. The typography used has more connotations of rock and suggest ofloud music making the letters move, having more of a rock vibe to the masthead andappealing more to my audience.When deciding to use this type of font, I then choose to experiment with different stylesand effects to create a more ‘rocky’ feel. I also experimented with the colours used within the mastheads. I liked the red as it connotes to danger which connects closely to rock, but when I looked back at ‘Kerrang!’, they used no colour which appeals more to my target audience so I have decided I am going to use a plain black on my final masthead. On this masthead, I used a different colour background. I used a metal effect on the font and background to create a more rock edge towards it. I think the two colours work well together as they contrast well, but I don’t think that a background for my masthead works well, I think it will work better if I has individual letters and not a background.
  5. 5. My Final Masthead DesignThis is my final masthead for my magazine. I think that it has many connotations ofrock and cutting edge. I think that the single use of black, makes the masthead standout and gives a good presentation of my brand identity and ideology, and also my targetaudience.Also the typography looks very male focused