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Making of my digipak


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Making of my digipak

  1. 1. The making of mydigipakAlice Williams
  2. 2. When making my digipak, I used ‘Abobe Photoshop’.In this first screenshot, I had the idea to use the sameimage over 2 sides of the digipak. Unlike the previousimages I had used, I haven’t edited the image, because Iprefer the image how it looks untouched. To get the sizeof the image to fit in with the size of the digipak, I used thefree transform tool to move the image and resize it. To getthe images together when I open the digipak up, Ineeded to crop the image. (As seen in the next slide).
  3. 3. After I had made the sizes right, I cropped the image inhalf and positioned them in the right place in mydigipak.  I then made the image with the artist on, upside down. This is the right position for my digipak.  I also moved the field image to the left.
  4. 4. Back cover For the back cover of my digipak, I didn’t want the artist shown. As I have mentioned previously, I wanted to keep the theme of roses. In my trial photo shoot, I used the images with the lights and the roses. I think this provided a great back cover and used this. I included the artists name, which Is a convention. Also the name of the tracks of the songs are listed as well, which is a typical layout of a back CD cover.
  5. 5. Front Cover In my front cover, I wanted to include an image of the artist using direct address. The image that I have used makes the artist engaged to the audience and also provides a striking image. I have included the name of the artist at the top of the album cover and the album name at the bottom of the cover. I featured the album name at the top because I wanted to draw the attention to the artist. I edited this image slightly, just brightened the artists eyes. I didn’t want to edit the images to much, because I like the natural look.
  6. 6.  In this last side of my digipak, I included another image of my artist, but now using indirect address. I think this shows my artist very emotional. Again, I haven’t edited this image.