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Bermuda Triangle


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This is a very good presentation made by me for my English assignment. Hope you guyz like it.

Bermuda Triangle

  1. 1. A Myth of All timeThe Bermuda Triangle
  2. 2. What is The Bermuda Triangle?•Stretches betweenMiami, Bermuda and PuertoRico.•The space within thetriangle formed by the tips ofthese places is known as theBermuda Triangle•It covers 500,000 squaremiles.
  3. 3. Features•Ocean’s swell.•Ocean’s wind.•Monstrous hurricane (200 miles/hr).•Tornado and Waterspouts (110miles/hr).•Thunderstorm.
  4. 4. The Happenings•Mysterious disappearances have been going on sinceabout 1492.•There are many a theory as to why these ships andplanes disappear so mysteriously.
  5. 5. Some StoriesEllen Austin:The Ellen Austin supposedly cameacross a derelict ship, placed on boarda prize crew, and attempted to sailwith it to New York in 1881.According to the stories, the derelictdisappeared.
  6. 6. Some StoriesUSS Cyclops:•USS Cyclops (AC-4) was one of four Proteus-class colliers built for the United States Navyseveral years before World War I. Named forthe Cyclops, a primordial race of giants fromGreek mythology, she was the second U.S.Naval vessel to bear the name. The loss of theship and 306 crew and passengers without atrace sometime after 4 March 1918 remainsthe single largest loss of life in U.S. Navalhistory not directly involving combat. Thecause of the ships loss is unknown
  7. 7. Some StoriesFlight 19The most famous of disappearances is theflight 19.• On December 5th, 1945, flight 19disappeared.•It consisted of 5 torpedo bombers, eachpiloted by trained pilots.•They were never seen again.
  8. 8. Some StoriesThe Marie Celeste•On December 5th, 1872, aship was found abandoned•They had thought that thecrew had just left in a hurry•The crew on the MarieCeleste were never heardfrom or seen ever again.
  9. 9. Some StoriesSS Marine Sulphur Queen:T2 tanker ship converted to carryingmolten sulphur, noted for itsdisappearance in 1963 near thesouthern coast of Florida, taking thelives of 39 crewmen.
  10. 10. Some StoriesDouglas DC-3:On December 28, 1948, a DouglasDC-3 aircraft, numberNC16002, disappeared while on aflight from San Juan, Puerto Rico, toMiami. No trace of the aircraft or the32 people onboard was ever found
  11. 11. Theories…There are many theories made by many peoplesincluding random people includingphilosophers, scientists, captains, pilots andmany other people. In 1492 Christopher Columbus was on his famous journey, which would eventually lead him to the West Indies. He noted that the ships compass was acting strangely and giving inaccurate readings in the Sargasso Sea, and one point he saw a frat hall Of fire shoot across the sky and crash into the sea.
  12. 12. Theories…UFOs (Unidentified FlyingObjects). They believe that theBermuda Triangle is a collectingstation where aliens take ourpeople, ships, planes and otherobjects back to their planet tostudy, or perhaps to save themfrom a holocaust.
  13. 13. Theories…Some believe in sea monsters that supposedlysink the ships.
  14. 14. Theories…Atlantis• Some people believe that the strange phenomena is caused by the lost city of Atlantis.• The city was believed to be powered by crystals and it is thought that these crystals cause the strange disappearances.
  15. 15. Theories…Another theory is about the physical forces,which draw everything that gets in its way.
  16. 16. Theories…Time Warps:This theory argues thatin the Bermuda Triangleoccasionally creates atime hole, which takesplanes or ships to travelinto the past or thefuture.
  17. 17. Theories…The Gas Theory:This is the most realistic theory• The Bermuda Triangle is situated over a large oceanic trench.• It is believed that this trench occasionally releases gas which lowers the density of the water. Because of this change, boats can no longer float.
  18. 18. Conclusion• Its none other than the Bermuda triangle, home to some of the worlds most exotic cases of aircraft and ships sudden disappearance from the face of the world.• None of the explanation satisfactorily gave the reason for all the mysterious disappearance occurred in the Bermuda triangle.• Therefore, the Bermuda triangle remain one of the greatest mystery on earth with all the secret deep beneath the ocean.
  19. 19. Thank You Sir Mehmood & my dear class matesFrom:Ali HaiderAmir KhanAhsan RazaAnees-Ur-RehmanDanish Khalid