Customizing product dev in agric finance 28 november 2011 by muhammad khaleequzzaman


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Customizing product dev in agric finance 28 november 2011 by muhammad khaleequzzaman

  1. 1. Customizing Products forAgricultural Production Finance Muhammad khaleequzzman Head Islamic banking & Finance IIU Islamabad
  2. 2. Islamic Modes – Agricultural Financing Agricultural production Cycle - Crops STAGE ACTIVITY Entering Contract of cultivation inAcquisition of land/ case of rented land, decision about crop Choice of crop in view of market demand Clearing, Leveling, Plowing, Seed bed preparation,Preparation of land Installation of Irrigation/drainage system Crop production Sowing/transplantation, Irrigation, Fertilization, operations Weeding, Pesticide application Cutting/ picking, Harvesting threshing Post harvest & Cleaning, Grading, Processing, Packing, Marketing Storage, Transportation, Sale of produce
  3. 3. Islamic Modes – Agricultural FinancingAreas of Financing (including crop production) – Working Capital: • Crop production [Purchase of inputs] {Murabahah} • Poultry Farming [purchase of feed/raw material, birds/chicks, etc.] {Murabahah} • Dairy Farming [purchase and production of feed/fodder, milk container, vaccination, etc.] {Murabahah} • Fish Farming [purchase of fuel, processing equipment, etc.] {Murabahah} • Liquidity Requirement [repair & maintenance of machinery, labor/utility charges, etc.) {Salam}
  4. 4. Islamic Modes – Agricultural FinancingAreas of Financing (including crop production) – Term Financing: • Farm Mechanization [Purchase of tractor and farm machinery] {Murabahah/ Ijarah} • Transport [purchase of trailers, reefer vans, milk cooling tanks/carriers, motorcycles/pickups, etc.] {Ijarah/Diminishing Musharakah} • Live stock [purchase/replacement of animals for milk & meet production, animal sheds, etc.] {Murabahah/DM/Istisna} • Irrigation System [T/wells, water course lining, etc.] {Ijarah/Murabahah/DM/ Salam} • Poultry Farming [construction of breeding & hatchery farms, etc.] {Murabahah/ DM}
  5. 5. Islamic Modes – Agricultural FinancingAreas of Financing (including crop production) – Term Financing : • Fish Farming/catching [construction of fish ponds & hatcheries, purchase/replacement of fishing boats, engines, etc.] {Murabahah/DM} • Dairy Farming [milk processing, plants, etc.] {Murabahah/DM/Ijarah} • Miscellaneous [green houses, godowns, dairy/livestock farms, seed/milk/fruits/vegetables processing equipment] {Various Modes}
  6. 6. Islamic Modes – Agricultural Financing BLANK SLIDE
  7. 7. Islamic Modes – Agricultural Financing Salam & Murabahah: Product Development Case Finance Requirements in Wheat Crop Production: •Preparation of land [November] [payment of rent for hire of tractor, purchase of irrigation water, and labor] •Application of inputs [November, January, March][payment for purchase of seed, fertilizer and pesticides] •Weeding & hoeing/cleaning [November- January] [hire of labor] •Harvesting/Picking & threshing [April-May] [hire of labor,hire of thresher] •Marketing of produce [May] [hire of labor for packing, hire of transportation to market]
  8. 8. Islamic Modes – Agricultural Financing Financing of Wheat Crop Production Liquidity requirements (hiring of tractor & implements,sowing, purchase of water, hiring of labour for preparation of land and harvesting, marketing) Input requirements (seed, fertilizer, pesticides) Guarantees (Agric. Pass Book and Hypothecation of crop) Liquidity Liquidity Liquidity Inputs in kind Need Need Hiring forHiring for Sale of fertilizers, seed, pesticides Harvest +land prep. Marketing Exp. S J M A A US U N L P NA N R O A RL O A V M DeliveryA V B PaymentM Delivery
  9. 9. Islamic Modes – Agricultural Financing THANKS