3rd Global Islamic Microfinance Forum' 2013


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AlHuda-Centre of Islamic Banking and Economics (CIBE) is a well known name in Islamic Banking and Finance sector which focuses on training, awareness, advisory and publications on Islamic Banking & Finance in order to promote the industry. AlHuda CIBE has organized a successful Conference "3rd Global Islamic Microfinance Forum" held on 6th & 7th October, 2013 in Dubai. AlHuda CIBE is very much pleased to share the topics and presentations being held in the Forum.

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3rd Global Islamic Microfinance Forum' 2013

  1. 1. Arshad Mehmood Head of ESAR Program 3rd Islamic Microfinance Forum 8th October 2013, Dubai-UAE
  2. 2. » Vision Helping Hand as a Leader... Empowering lives, creating opportunities and strengthening the bond of humanity » Mission Helping Hand is committed to serve humanity by integrating re-sources for people in need. We strive to provide immediate response in disasters, and effective programs in places of suffering, for the pleasure of God.
  3. 3. » HHRD was established to fulfill the responsibility of Muslim community towards humanity regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, class, location, religion, color, cultural diversity and social background. “Who feed the poor, the orphan, and the captive for the love of Allah, (saying) ‘We’ feed you for the sake of Allah Alone; we seek from you neither reward nor thanks, for we dread our Rabb’s (Lord) torment of a very distressful Day”. (Qur’an Surah 76, verses 8, 9, 10)
  4. 4. » » » » » » » » » » » » Health Emergency Response Physical Rehabilitation ESAR Microfinance Skills Development Orphan Support Program Water for Life Infrastructure Development Education Seasonal Program In-Kind Donations Program Children with Disability Support
  5. 5. » To facilitate and support livelihood opportunities and microenterprise development for poverty alleviation through provision of Islamic Microfinance as a Flagship Program of HHRD
  6. 6. » To enable economic wellbeing and resilience for people with low incomes, especially suffering the disaster, through interest free microfinance. » Provide social assistance, capacity building and integrated development ingredients to support the poor break the poverty cycle by creating the spirit of brotherhood. » To institutionalize the ESAR Microfinance Program regarding sustainable, growth-oriented and replicable one.
  7. 7. 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 • Starting of Interest Free Microfinance - IFMF Program • Initial Stage, declared as a seprate program of HHRD • Extension of IFMF Program from AJK and KPK to Punjab, Sindh and Baluchistan • A Pardigm Shift launched for the sustainability of the IFMF Program; shifted from Qarad e Hasan to profit-loss modes of financing • Decleired as year of sustainiability
  8. 8. No. of Clusters Geographic Coverage (District and UCs) Accumulative Beneficiaries Accumulative Disbursement Active Beneficiaries Recovery Ratio Accumulative Beneficiaries 10,107 Asset Base 1% 26 24 Districts, 26 UCs 10,107 PKR 230 Million 5,569 99% Targeted Income Generating Activities Poultry 1% 6,168 SME 40% 3,583 163 Before 2010 Dec-10 Agriculture 45% 535 Dec-11 Dec-12 Sep-13 Livestock 7% Services 6%
  9. 9. Qarad e Hasan Murabah Mudarbah 1% Murabah 90% Mudarbah Qarad e Hasan 9%
  10. 10. HHRD’s Interest Free Microfinance – IFMF Program ◘ Chitral ◘ Gilgit ◘ Swat ◘ Dir ◘ Mansehra ◘ Hattianbala Charsada ◘ ◘ Malakand Nowshera ◘ ◘ Rawalakot ◘ Kotli ◘ Rawalpindi ◘ Mianwali ◘ Ziarat ◘ Muzaffargarh ◘ Rajanpur ◘ Bahawalpur ◘ Jaffarabad ◘ Jacobabad ◘ Kashmoor ◘ Shikarpur ◘ Benazir Abad ◘ Matiari ◘ Tando Allah Yar ◘ Mirpur Khas ◘ Thatta
  11. 11. • • • • • • • • • • • • • Cluster Base Approach Participatory Approach: Community oriented Interest Free: Islamic Modes of Financing Sustainable: Operational Self Sufficiency Universally Replicable Branchless Network with Online System Shariah Certified Enhancement of Income Generating Activities Livelihood Supportive with Capacity Building Component Breaking the Poverty Cycle through Integrated Approach Humanitarian Essence Believed in Potential of Poor Transparency through third Eye (through Community Humanitarian Forums)
  12. 12. Recovery & Follow up Disbursement Community Mobilization & Target Group Organization Identification Base Line Survey HR Selection & Facilitation Area Identification
  13. 13. » Area Identification + Acutely affected during any disaster and declared by concern authority + Relief activities completed + Special area identified by donor » Human Resource Selection & Facilitation + Microfinance Facilitation Officer – MFO work at cluster level + Locally announced for suitable candidate, having master degree and preferred development sector experience + Test and interviews held and appointed at merit + Capacity building regarding field operation and basic concepts + Facilitation regarding transportation, mobile phone, laptop, internet, camera etc.
  14. 14. » Base line survey. + Identification of Activists + Union Council Profile + Village Profile » Identification & Selection of Beneficiaries. + Individual meeting with people who engaged with different Income Generating Activities (IGAs) + Dialogs. + Mobilization. + Selection of beneficiaries.
  15. 15. » Community Mobilization & Organization. + Program Introduction. + Listing the members, there should be 15-25 members in a CO/MC. + With mutual consultation, members elect their President and Manager. + Every member make saving as possible. + To fix the time, day and location for the meeting of CO/MC and lay stress on the 100% attendance. + Community Organization (CO)/Market Committee (MC) formed.
  16. 16. » Disbursement. + CO/MC nominates the potential borrowers and passed resolution. + Borrower appraisal by Microfinance Facilitation Officer (MFO). + Appraisals sent to Head Office along with CO/MC resolution and two pictures & copy of valid CNIC. + Appraisal analysis and verification. + Delivery of cheque. + Agreement b/w HHRD & beneficiary. + Distribution of cheques/items. » Repayment. + Repayment in 10 monthly installments or lumsum. + Recovery through CO/MC. » Follow-up and assistance.
  17. 17. Microfinance Facilitation Officer Initial Stage Social Mobilization CO & CFC Appraisal Regional Coordinator Beneficiaries Identification Program Officer Country Director MFC In-depth Analysis Assistance Mechanism Recovery Follow up Approved Disbursement Field Level Scrutiny Rejected
  18. 18. Cluster Each Union Council Average Portfolio ($48,000 given every six months) $96,000 Average Number of Beneficiaries‘ (Every Six Months = 150) 300 Portfolio of Each Beneficiary $320 Operational Expenses' $14,000 Operation Cost Ratio 14.58% Recovery Profits $14,000 Expenses = Profits
  19. 19. Recycle Donation Recovery Disbursement
  20. 20. Problem Abdul Majid from Batakundi, Naran Valley – earthquake affected area and Pea farmer Solution Received seed and fertilizer from money lender. Financial assistance with out exploitation Got required inputs at low price and timely The price was very high. Got seed and fertilizer from HHRD on Murabah bases having amount PKR 35,000 Sale out the production in open market Delivery not timely. Bounded to sale out the production to same money lender. Sale price low compared to market price. Result Got PKR 70,000 additional benefit Shifted his kids to upper level school Purchased some household items
  21. 21. A Beneficiary from Agra-Charsada Distribution Ceremony Naran Valley A Beneficiary from Thana-Malakand Distribution Ceremony Kalam-Swat A Beneficiary from Nowshera A Beneficiary from Madyan-Swat Material handing over at Chitral A Beneficiary from Lower Dir A Beneficiary from Shinkiari
  22. 22. Community Meeting at Jampur Distribution at Rawalpindi Distribution at Kot Addu Distribution at Mianwali A Beneficiary at Goth Mehrab Bahawalpur A Beneficiary at Tiba Badar Sher Bahawalpur
  23. 23. A Beneficiary at Sultan KotShikarpur Community Meeting at Bandhi-Nawab Shah Introductory Meeting Zhair Pir-Matyari A Beneficiary at ThulliJaccobabad A Beneficiary at Ghous PurKashmoor A Beneficiary at Tando Hafiz Shah-Thatta Community Meeting Tando Allah Yar
  24. 24. A Beneficiary at Dirgi-Jaffarabad, Baluchistan Distribution Ceremony at Ziarat, Baluchistan Distribution of Items at Jaglot-Gilgit
  25. 25. A Beneficiary in her Kitchen Garden, Hurnamera-Rawalakot Community Meeting at LamnianHattian Bala Distribution of Sewing Machines at Tarala-Kotli
  26. 26. 192 Ahmad Block, New Garden Town, Lahore - Pakistan. Ph: (92-42) 35913096 - 98, Fax: (92-42) 35913056 Email: info@alhudacibe.com www.alhudacibe.com