CSR Awareness Overview in 35 photos & statements


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Overview of Corporate Social Responsibility, definitions and quotes for a CSR mindset

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  • CSR Awareness Overview in 35 photos & statements

    1. 1. Corporate Social Responsibility 35 illustrations of what it is about Alexander Crépin www.inHR.nl HR services partner in sustainable change
    2. 2. www.inHR.nl
    3. 3. “Its” in our hands
    4. 4. Social Responsibility is the responsibility of an organization for the impacts of its decisions and activities on society, the environment and its own prosperity, This is known as the “triple bottom line” of people, planet, and profit …….
    5. 5. CSR means operating a business in a manner that meets or exceeds the ethical, legal, commercial and public expectations that society has of business …… (http://www.bsr.org)
    6. 6. A morally responsible business is not one that measures its actions against some external principle or guidelines, but is one in which good people are making sustainable decisions … ( like As Desjardins)
    7. 7. Any organization should behave like a good citizen in society The law does not (and cannot) contain or prescribe the whole duty of a good citizen. A good citizen takes account of the interests of others besides himself and tries to exercise an informal and imaginative ethical judgment in deciding what he should or should not do This is how organizations always should seek to behave in a social responsible manner
    8. 8. It has become difficult to distinguish between CSR & good business practice Good business practice is now these days all about acting in a social responsible manner People Planet & Profit dilemma’s are becoming part of daily decision making processes
    9. 9. Consumers have a basic understanding of CSR as a commitment to communities and society. Consumers expect companies to contribute to their communities by volunteering time and effort to local activities, getting involved in community events in nonfinancial ways, providing jobs, and treating their employees well
    10. 10. Corporate social responsibility is not about managing, reducing and avoiding risk! It is about creating opportunities, generating improved sustainable profitable performance for people & planet
    11. 11. I believe the distinction between a good company and a great one is this: A good company delivers excellent products and services A great one delivers not only excellent products & services that customers really need, but also strives in all actions to make the world a better place now and in the future …………. Bill Ford
    12. 12. Companies with their eye on their ‘triple-bottomline’, on social, ecological & economical impact, outperform their less fastidious peers on the stock market The Economist
    13. 13. We have the power of choice but ….. a sustainable life means taking (social) responsibility
    14. 14. Topics concerned Our personal consumer choices have ecological, social and spiritual consequences. It is time to re-examine some of our deeply held notions that underlie our lifestyles David Suzuki www.inHR.nl
    15. 15. Environmental problems will not be solved by one company reducing its emissions to zero and it won't be solved by one government acting alone The People Planet Profit challenge will only be solved with mass participation by the general public in all countries around the globe Based on a quote by Rupert Murdoch
    16. 16. It's time to look to nature as our model and adapt our thinking and planning to what we are a part of, what we can't be separated from, no matter how much we try, in our high-rise, air-conditioned offices and pinstripe suits Because for ages nature always gets the last laugh! Maria Rodale
    17. 17. Traditionally, there has been a tendency on the part of many NGO’s, governments and business to view each other in terms of “them” and “us”. As a result, interaction has been characterized by more or less confrontational relations. Fortunately this is starting to change! In the field of a building a sustainable society there is an ongoing transition on the part of all three towards collaborative engagement for People, Planet & Profit challenges
    18. 18. Social Responsibility requires a holistic approach, to engage & conduct a meaningful dialogue with a wide spectrum of constituents or stakeholders These stakeholders are any individual or group, that might affect or be affected by the organization's activities like employees, suppliers, contractors, customers/clients, shareholders, government, community leaders and nongovernmental organizations
    19. 19. Now more than ever, external stakeholders have access to, and participate in, a multitude of online & social media options to learn and communicate about the SR records of particular organizations — an upward trend that is likely to continue
    20. 20. How transparent do we need to be, to promote a social responsible mindset & encourage social responsible behavior
    21. 21. Organizations must be the drivers of the SR conversation in which they are the primary subject, rather than witnesses of the conversations This requires an understanding of where these conversations are taking place, that is no longer solely in traditional media but
    22. 22. Stakeholder dialogue: Strong communities support strong organizations; but the reverse is also true!
    23. 23. What truly defines CSR: Sustainable growth, in a creative, transparent interactive and respectful diverse setting Learning from stakeholders and together exploring new win-win opportunities
    24. 24. We want real value, You wanted built by people with shareholder value — built by tough-guy CEOs character, dignity and courage Umair Haque
    25. 25. Example of a CSR agenda Economic objectives: • promote innovation & sustainable growth • increase competitiveness on sustainability issues • create employment opportunities • improve reputation & engage (potential) customers Social objectives: • engage stakeholders inside & outside • combat poverty • equal opportunities • promote mental & physical health & well-being • support community social cohesion • promote cultural diversity & identity Environmental objectives: • avoid environmental/ecological damage • zero waste & carbon neutral operations • ensure the integrity of the ecosystem • promote biodiversity
    26. 26. Sustainable operating strategies require a multidisciplinary and open mindset that is not known in most of the organizations that have their roots in the 20th century
    27. 27. Faced with increasing social and environmental challenges, tomorrow’s managers will need new skills and leadership experience to respond to sustainable development opportunities & challenges.
    28. 28. managing an organization through a social responsibility approach is a learning process, that only through action is getting deeper and enriched with understanding of the multiple dimensions of what it means to be a socially responsible organization
    29. 29. Fresh air A bit sun A drink Some food Friends …. What else do we need?
    30. 30. There is hope! You know to want, and People are going be able, to find what I needout about the citizenship of an organization, Make suredoing the right it whether it is isthings socially, economically there also for and environmentally my children
    31. 31. … It is the responsibility of all individuals to improve the quality of life of the society in which they live, there ancestors lived and there descendants will be living …… Do the things today that make tomorrow better for our
    32. 32. 1713 ‘nachhaltige Entwicklung’ Von Carlowitz Economical progress should be advantageous for both present and future generations ….. meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs….. so allocations that enrich current generations at the expense of future generations are very unfair
    33. 33. time to re-think Remember: Return Recycle Re use Replace Reduce
    34. 34. a crisis means Danger & Opportunity
    35. 35. Success
    36. 36. Alexander Crépin for inspiration, innovation & results partner in sustainable change Twitter:@AlexanderCrepin