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Tame animal slide show


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Mrs. Griffin's first grade students have been learning about tame animals. They read a variety of informational texts about pigs, goats, dogs, cats, and hamsters. Then the students wrote factual information about the animal they liked the best. Finally, they worked with Mrs. Hood to publish their writing in a class power point! We hope you enjoy our hard work!

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Tame animal slide show

  1. 1. Mrs. Griffins first grade students havebeen learning about tame animals. Theyread a variety of informational textsabout pigs, goats, dogs, cats, andhamsters. Then the students wrotefactual information about the animalthey liked the best. Finally, they workedwith Mrs. Hood to publish their writingin a class power point! We hope youenjoy our hard work!
  2. 2. Hamsters need a cage to keep themsafe. They need shots to keepthem healthy. Aaron
  3. 3. Pigs roll in the mud. They eat acorns. Akeelah
  4. 4. Hamsters need to have their checkup atthe vet. They keep them healthy. Austin
  5. 5. Hamsters need water. Hamsters needcages. Braedon
  6. 6. Dogs need water and shelter. Theyneed food. Brenaly
  7. 7. Hamsters need exercise. They like torun on a wheel. Chase
  8. 8. Pigs live in a hut. They sleep on hay. Conner
  9. 9. Dogs can run fast. They snuggle withtheir puppies. Cortayvis
  10. 10. The puppies like to drink their mother’smilk. They like to play outside. Diamani
  11. 11. Cats jump really high. Cats hunt formice. Diya
  12. 12. The goats walk for exercise. Hayley
  13. 13. When puppies are born they can’thear. The puppies have teeth whenthey are eight weeks old. Jazmine
  14. 14. Cats hunt for mice and they have longclaws. They use their claws to catchmice. Jennifer
  15. 15. Cats need exercise to stay healthy.Cats hunt for mice at night. Cats havevery sharp teeth. Kalyn
  16. 16. The cats need exercise and shelter.They can be good some times. Theylike to play. Kennedy
  17. 17. Pigs play in the mud. The mud keepsthe pigs from getting sunburned. Kenny
  18. 18. Pigs live in a hut. A male pig is calleda boar. A female pig is called a sow. Leanna
  19. 19. The goats need a place to play.They need food and water. Meadow
  20. 20. Goats like to go outside when it is warm.They go into the barn when it is raining. Noah
  21. 21. A baby goat is kid. A kid can stand onhis feet. Sofia