Gm 30 world of asphalt 2013 san antonio 60-90 minutes


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For the World of Ashphalt conference in 2013

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Gm 30 world of asphalt 2013 san antonio 60-90 minutes

  1. 1. Welcome to . . . ssN ow tB usineGe presented by Al Lautenslager Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach
  2. 2. Get Bus iness Now
  3. 3. Get bu s i nes s nowDo you have all the customers you want?Do you have a blank check book to spend on marketing?Does everyone that could buy from you, know about you?
  4. 4. Get Bus iness Now Theory of Guerrilla Marketing The primary investments of a Guerrilla Marketer should be Time, Energy and Imagination.Since Guerrilla’s do not have big bucks to invest, the marketing arsenal must work harder and smarter!
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  25. 25. Get Bus iness Now Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days Definition• Marketing is everything you do or say that a customer or prospect sees or hears.
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  27. 27. Get Bus iness Now Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days provides:• Proven Guerrilla Marketing ideas• Step by step• Day by day blueprint
  28. 28. Get bu s i nes s nowDay 1 – Guerrilla MarketingMindset
  29. 29. Get Bus iness NowThe Question to Focus On:• “How am I building awareness with my prospects and clients through all of our marketing?”
  30. 30. Get Bus iness NowWhat is your Marketing Habit?• 3-5 things a day• Put Marketing on your to-do list
  31. 31. Get bu s i nes s nowDay 2 – Goals/Purpose ofMarketing
  32. 32. Get Bus iness NowWhat specific activity do youwant customers to take? Call to Action
  33. 33. Get Bus iness NowSpecific Customer Activity• Send for information / Free Report• Call your toll free 800 number• Visit your website• Enter a contest• Visit your place of business
  34. 34. Get Bus iness Now
  35. 35. Get bu s i nes s now Day 4 – Target Market
  36. 36. Get Bus iness Now The Ultimate Targeting Exercise• If you could magically define the “ideal client,” what would they look like?
  37. 37. Get Bus iness Now Your Best Prospect ….is a current customerSecond best is a past customer
  38. 38. Get Bus iness Now Biggest Target Market Tip• Keep track of your customers• Keep track of prospects To Get Names:• Enter to Win• Marketing Hook• Fusion Marketing
  39. 39. Get bu s i nes s nowDay 5 – Positioning
  40. 40. Get Bus iness Now David Olgivy:“Marketing results depend less on how advertising is written than on how the product or service is positioned.”
  41. 41. Get Bus iness Now Positioning Examples• Southwest Airlines• 7-Up• United Airlines• Fed-Ex• Crest Toothpaste
  42. 42. Get Bus iness Now Simple Positioning…• We are now known as…
  43. 43. Get Bus iness Now A Revenue Exploding Guerrilla Marketing Positioning Example• An appliance business that can provide the most affordable kitchen appliances to cost conscious buyers.
  44. 44. Get Bus iness Now You Are an Expert!
  45. 45. Get Bus iness Now You Are An Expert• Parking Lot Expert• Shopping Center Lot Expert• Road Expert• Sports Surfaces Expert• Driveway Expert
  46. 46. Get Bus iness Now YOU ARE AN EXPERT!• What are you an expert at?
  47. 47. Get bu s i nes s now Day 8 –Competitive Advantages/Benefits
  48. 48. Get bu s i nes s nowProspects Don’t Care About YouThey want to know, “What’s in itfor me? How will you benefitme?”
  49. 49. Get bu s i nes s nowFeatures vs. Benefits
  50. 50. Get Bus iness Now Features• Self cleaning oven• 200 Cd jukebox• One click buying on Amazon• Live operator on duty 24/7• In business since 1910• We have the biggest widget maker• Award Winning
  51. 51. Get Bus iness NowThese are the related Benefits• Convenience• Time savings• Organization• Easy access• Immediate• Less resources required• Reliability
  52. 52. Get bu s i nes s nowIdentifying the Competitor’s Achilles Heel
  53. 53. Get bu s i nes s nowYour competitive advantageis the benefit you offer that yourcompetition does not (Day 4 –benefits)
  54. 54. Get Bus iness NowWhat are you really selling?
  55. 55. Get Bus iness Now Your Benefits• Longevity• Environmental• Economics• Safety• Appearance• Easy to Do Business With
  56. 56. Get Bus iness Now Dig Deep for Benefits
  57. 57. Get bu s i nes s nowDay 11 – Advertising / Media Plan
  58. 58. Get Bus iness Now Advertising• Is a numbers game• Repetition is key• How many times does it take?
  59. 59. Get Bus iness Now Advertising• The most visible form of marketing• Shouldn’t be intimidating• Can eat a budget very quick if not done right
  60. 60. Get Bus iness Now Advertising• 1. The first time a man looks at an advertisement, he does not see it. 2. The second time, he does not notice it. 3. The third time, he is conscious of its existence. 4. The fourth time, he faintly remembers having seen it before. 5. The fifth time, he reads it. 6. The sixth time, he turns up his nose at it. 7. The seventh time, he reads it through and says, "Oh brother!" 8. The eighth time, he says, "Heres that confounded thing again!" 9. The ninth time, he wonders if it amounts to anything. 10. The tenth time, he asks his neighbor if he has tried it.
  61. 61. Get Bus iness Now Advertising• 11. The eleventh time, he wonders how the advertiser makes it pay. 12. The twelfth time, he thinks it must be a good thing. 13. The thirteenth time, he thinks perhaps it might be worth something. 14. The fourteenth time, he remembers wanting such a thing a long time. 15. The fifteenth time, he is tantalized because he cannot afford to buy it. 16. The sixteenth time, he thinks he will buy it some day. 17. The seventeenth time, he makes a memorandum to buy it. 18. The eighteenth time, he swears at his poverty. 19. The nineteenth time, he counts his money carefully. 20. The twentieth time he sees the ad, he buys what it is offering. The list youve just read was written by Thomas Smith of London in l885.
  62. 62. Get bu s i nes s now“I do not regard advertising as anentertainment or an art form but as amedium of information. When I write anadvertisement, I don’t want you to tell methat you find it creative. I want you to findit so interesting that you buy the product.” -David Olgivy
  63. 63. Get Bus iness Now Creative• Market your product or service, not your creative, (unless you are in the creative business).• Super Bowl commercials  Herding cats - who was it?
  64. 64. Get bu s i nes s nowDay 12 – Business Networking
  65. 65. Get Bus iness Now 50 People Instantly• Neighbor• Banker• Bartender• Travel Agent• #49
  66. 66. Get Bus iness Now Networking Goals• Meet 10 new people• Receive 8 business cards• Note something of interest• Write a follow up note to 5• Call to meet 3• Continue a relationship with 2
  67. 67. Get Bus iness Now Networking Tips• Set goals before arriving• Arrive early, leave late• Help at registration• Power partners• Show interest• Act like a host, not a guest
  68. 68. Get bu s i nes s nowDay 13 – Fusion Marketing
  69. 69. Get Bus iness Now Fusion Marketing• Business connections (non- customers) with other businesses; strategic alliances, affinity marketing, joint venturing, affiliate relationships.
  70. 70. Get Bus iness Now Fusion Marketing Hotel Room Key
  71. 71. Get bu s i nes s nowDay 17 – Direct Mail
  72. 72. Get bu s i nes s now Junk Mail vs. Love Mail
  73. 73. Get Bus iness Now 4 Key Components• The message• The vehicle• The target• The frequency
  74. 74. Get bu s i nes s now Day 19 – Marketing Hooks
  75. 75. Get Bus iness Now 3000 marketing messages a day• Low response rates are rampant• Creative overwhelms the messages• Action does not result
  76. 76. Get Bus iness Now More Good hook examples• Special Report:  7 Mistakes People Make When Choosing An Asphalt  Before You Purchase Asphalt You Should Read this Report  This is what our competition won’t tell you about Asphalt services  The importance of driveway maintenance to preserve the value of your home
  77. 77. Get Bus iness NowWhat about Free Consultations• GM 3rd• Savvy consumers
  78. 78. Get Bus iness NowWebsite & Email Marketing• Change your website. Change gets noticed.• Put up some new photos• add a materials calculator• add new case studies or testimonials.
  79. 79. Get Bus iness NowWebsite & Email Marketing• Blog on popular blog topics that serve your community.• Portfolio of Products & Services• Newsletter Archive, Services• FAQ page.
  80. 80. Get Bus iness NowEnvironmental Marketing• Consider another area that is attracting more attention, and that is green marketing.• There is such a thing as green dye for asphalt surfaces, and there are new environmentally beneficial products and techniques in the industry, such as warm mixes and geotech products.
  81. 81. Get Bus iness NowEnvironmental Marketing• What Environmental Marketing can you do?• What do your customers and prospects want?• What will they respond to, environmentally speaking?
  82. 82. Get bu s i nes s now Day 20 – PR
  83. 83. Get Bus iness NowPR“All publicity is good publicity except in an obituary” -Brendan Behan
  84. 84. Get Bus iness Now Wear two pair of shoes• Editor’s• Reader’s
  85. 85. Get bu s i nes s now PR is not Promotion! Master Card
  86. 86. Get Bus iness Now What’s In The News?• New Shopping Center• County/State Road Projects• Sporting Surfaces• Highway Safety• Pot Holes / Longevity of Surfaces
  87. 87. Get Bus iness NowPR• Ideas for a Press Release: • New service • Awards • Promotions • Reorganizations • New employees • Celebrations (anniversaries) • Survey results
  88. 88. Get Bus iness Now
  89. 89. Get Bus iness Now
  90. 90. Get Bus iness Now
  91. 91. Get Bus iness Now
  92. 92. Get Bus iness Now Wrap Up/Conclusion/Action (…continued)• Launch what is comfortable• Get help if you need it• Do something…in 30 Days
  93. 93. Get Bus iness NowPrioritize and Implement• Marketing Attack # 1: website, email marketing, tele-follow up, referral program• Marketing Attack #2: all in # 1 plus press releases, brochure/flyers, special reports
  94. 94. Get Bus iness NowPrioritize and Implement• Marketing Attack #3: all in #2 plus social media marketing, blogging, contests• Marketing Attack #4: all in #3 plus an appreciation or recognition event
  95. 95. Get Bus iness NowDoes GuerrillaMarketing Really Work?
  96. 96. Get Bus iness NowOne Way Mind vs. Two Way Mind
  97. 97. Get bu s i nes s now Happy Marketing!