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Griffin Athletics Intl. Inc 2010


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Griffin Athletics Intl. Inc 2010

  1. 1. P.O Box 608 Grovetown Georgia, 30813, 1 January 2010 Vision As the Visionary, I, Anthony L. Griffin, CEO, and Founder of Christian Shot Greens Golf Association of Augusta, Georgia and now Griffin Athletics International, Inc., with my wife Pamela H. Griffin as President, have the following Vision for Griffin Athletics International, Inc.
  2. 2. The Vision is to start a company, Griffin Athletics International, Inc., and to design new golf products that will improve the way the game of golf is played and enhance the usefulness of the golf shoe while playing the game. The Vision is greater than us, and it compels us to believe for more and do more to support the move of the new V-Groove Tool Golf Shoe and the V Groove Tool product V-Groove Tool Golf Shoe line. We will progress to new levels in the athletic world as we implement a marketing plan to promote the World’s First Multifunctional Golf Shoe. The new V-Groove Tool Golf Shoe will be all around the world in 2010. 2
  3. 3. We believe that we will have revolutionary products that will impact the world. We see the manifestation of this Vision coming to pass. Many will benefit from the new products. With the new products, we will build a company that’s strong and moving forward with new technology and innovative ideas that bring about a change. With this Vision, we anticipate challenges as we move forward. We will move forward with a passion and self-motivation, willing to meet and overcome the challenges. We will do God's will and follow it out no matter what trials come our way, working as partners and with others that share in this great Vision. We will work outwardly in our hope and vision as we connect with our business partners. We have great expectations and believe that Griffin Athletics International, Inc. will be a great success. God uses people to bring about change on the earth and He uses a committed person and surrounds him with committed people that have a passion to do more and be more to others. We will do this for the game of golf, and all that we do is for the glory of God. We believe a real change will come to the golf industry, and we will be setting a new mark that will be made by people of God. V-Groove Tool Golf Shoe The Vision is not just for those at Griffin Athletics. Others will benefit from it too. God is providing all that we need to release this new shoe to the public in 2010. We are connecting with committed people that have a heart to work as team players. We will entrust the Vision of this company to them as we introduce our products to the world. 3
  4. 4. We will promote intercollegiate, intramural, and recreational athletic programs for youth and adults that love and play the game of golf. We will connect with other great organizations and help to train golfers and work with golfers all over the world who truly love the game of golf. We will show others love for God and country as we build Griffin Athletics International, Inc. We will help to instill golf etiquette, as well as to promote a positive mind set in the people who play the game. We will support the planning and development of programs which include scheduling of large golf events and other sporting events that help in the sales and promotion of our company products. Griffin Athletics International, Inc. will be developing and overseeing a wide range of recreational programs and activities worldwide. We will ensure that internal company plans and procedures are established and that we met our company goals and objectives for each program or event we sponsor. We must be on the cutting edge and stay a step ahead of other companies by doing new and exciting things with community programs and developing new products to support the company growth. Initially, the golf industry will be our priority. Our efforts, support, and training will increase as we move forward with the company plans and our Vision primarily in the golf arena. In the future, we will expand into other sports, building programs and developing suitable products. Griffin Athletics International Inc. will be one of the world's largest Christian-based athletic companies working with sports associations all around the world. As we move forward with our Vision, we must make our brand stand out and be an V-Groove Tool Golf Shoe example for others to follow. We will be branding our product name, and our logo will be used on sports items all around the world. The V- Groove Tool logo will stand out because we are operating in excellence. It is a one of a kind logo. We will produce excellent products, and we will provide top services to our customers and clients. 4
  5. 5. We will connect with other golf associations and extend our services to their members. We will introduce new products to other associations, and they will benefit from our products. We can and will build a powerful network for all golfers to enjoy. God has never failed us, and we will do all we know to do and keep trusting in Him and working with others to be a blessing to others. I, Anthony L. Griffin, know that He gave me this assignment to develop the golf association and Griffin Athletics International, Inc. to bring about change and new designs for products in the golf industry. Griffin Athletics International, Inc. will become the premier Athletic Company We will become an internationally known company, selling “The World’s First Multifunctional Golf Shoe” and other golf products. We will move forward with our line of products and services, and we will increase revenues from thousands of dollars to millions of dollars in a very short period of time beginning in 2010. V-Groove Tool Golf Shoe 5
  6. 6. V-Groove Tool Golf Shoe Join us at 6