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Kylies powerpoint

  1. 1. The RF story so far.... By Kylie Stewart
  2. 2. How it all started In 1901 the Stewart Family purchased “Tyrone”. The original block was 400 acres however today it stands at 1680 acres in total . 1901-1938: Hugh & Caroline Stewart 1938 – 1964: Harry & Betty Stewart 1964-2003: Hugh & Diana Stewart 2003-present: Andrew & Kylie Stewart
  3. 3. Taking over “Tyrone” In 2003 Andrew and I began farming “Tyrone”, Since the take over: 2003 – Drought 2004 – 100 year flood – repairing damage 2006 – 21 st April we were married 2007 – Time to think outside the square , the idea of diversifying was born...
  4. 4. Began! 2008
  5. 5. Farm Shed – Eastern Chalet This project began in December 2008 and the first guests arrived in February 2009 BEFORE AFTER
  6. 6. Farm shed – Eastern Chalet The inside BEFORE the building started but AFTER the clean out of farm stuff!
  7. 7. Farm shed – Eastern Chalet The inside after... This Chalet contains a queen bed and coffee/tea making facilities
  8. 8. Hay shed – RF Bunkhouse and Farm Museum Before...
  9. 9. Hay shed – RF Bunkhouse and Farm Museum Before...
  10. 10. Hay shed – RF Bunkhouse and Farm Museum – Progress... Window went in July 09 The hayshed is no longer! Me painting the old house after school The deck begins being build January 2010
  11. 11. Hay shed – RF Bunkhouse and Farm Museum After! Finally after 2 long years of determination and hours and hours of work, the RF Bunkhouse and Farm Museum was complete! Well worth it!
  12. 12. RF Bunkhouse – After! The RF bunkhouse sleeps 9 people. At this point it has no running water or toilet. If I was successful my AMP scholarship, the money would helps towards this.
  13. 13. RF Eastern Chalet and Bunkhouse
  14. 14. Grand Opening of the RF Bunkhouse A Pioneer Party
  15. 15. Car shed/Gym – Western Chalet Before This car shed was lined and turned into a home gym in 2005. When RF began to grow we decided to make it into another chalet. This project is still to be completed i.e. curtains and bathroom facilities.
  16. 16. Car shed/Gym – Western Chalet Before This chalet contains a queen and single bed, breakfast bar, cafe style seating but NO toilet at this point – This is what I would like the AMP scholarship money to go towards!
  17. 17. The backyard BEFORE AFTER The meat safe turns into a chook house!
  18. 18. Even the farm sheds got a makeover!
  19. 19. The pool
  20. 20. Rewards Trip for 100 Wanganui Girls College students – November 2009 I did 10 FREE day trips to RF with students from my school. Many of them had never been on a farm before and some described it as “ the best day – we love you miss”. Each student went on a farm tour, rode a horse, visited and feed all of the animals, had a treasure hunt and just generally had FUN for the day! School groups to visit so far...
  21. 21. 60 Japanese exchange students visited for the day in March ABOVE: The girls meet the chooks ABOVE: shearing demonstration BELOW: Our largest group to RF so far! BELOW: Cooling off at the RF pool
  22. 22. Wanganui Girls College Year 12 Sport & Recreation Tennis Camp - April 2010 ABOVE: Farm walk/horse ride ABOVE: Winner of the tennis BELOW: Marshmallow time! BELOW: Solving a puzzle with no eyes!
  23. 23. A Fundraiser for the local tennis club – March 2010 The RF Fete included 20 quality stalls (children's & adults clothing, arts, edible goodies, crafts ) live music, gourmet BBQ and High tea. All funds raised went to the Tennis Club – a total of $4200!
  24. 24. With all of these guests coming new RF family members began to grow!
  25. 25. What guests say about RF “ Thanks a whole bunch for welcoming me and Wanganui girls crew to come and explore your beautiful farmstay. This experience was awesome, Thanks” - Eden Ratapu-Wanoa “ One of our best stays in New Zealand” - Jimit & Rati “ What an awesome place, it’s soooo cool  Thank you for your kindness xoxo “ – Georgia Gibson “ We have had an AMAZING two day camp. This is such a cool place, we all had so much fun” – Year 12 Sport and Recreation class
  26. 26. How an AMP Scholarship would help so much! If I was successful in my application I would use the money to provide students with a more pleasant experience in relation to toilet facilities. At the moment students use the RF homestead bathroom or Eastern Chalet Bathroom. This is because the RF Bunkhouse and Western Chalet has no running water or toilet and this point. An AMP scholarship would allow these areas to be completed. If the project was completed I would be able to host more students without the stretch of basic resources i.e. toilets. While we can sleep 22 people – it would be great for school camps and day trips to take place with ease. My dream of alternative education is close, a scholarship would truly make it a reality!
  27. 27. Summary of the RF story I have sorted the last three generations belongings, stripped wall paper, moved timber and iron, sanded, painted, water blasted and made paddock into garden – ALL WHILE WORKING FULL TIME TOO! An AMP scholarship would help me finish this project! Thank you for taking the time to learn about my story and for considering my application.
  28. 28. An overall glance! BEFORE When we moved to “Tyrone” August 2005 AFTER At last! What a feeling of relief!
  29. 29. BUT..... Watch out for this logo in the future! We aim to produced RF meat, preserves and other products in the future ! That's all from me for now.....