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Who’s this


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Published in: Education
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Who’s this

  1. 1. Possessive Pronouns Possessive case
  2. 2. Whose Or Who’s ? Sister’s Or sisters’ ? my or mine , your or yours her or hers , our or ours their or theirs
  3. 3. Who’s this ? This is …………. Who’s this ? This is ………….
  4. 4. Who’s this ? This is …………. Who’s this ? This is ………….
  5. 5. I have three sisters . This is my sisters’ room. I have one sister . This is my sister’s room.
  6. 6. has got a has got a has got a has got a
  7. 7. Whose bike is this? It’s Abdel-Majeed’s bike. It’s Abdel-Majeed’s. Whose mobile is this? It’s Turki’s mobile. It’s Turki’s.
  8. 8. Whose bag is this? It’s Abdulla’s bag. It’s Abdulla’s. Whose watch is this? It’s Salman’s watch. It’s Salman’s.
  9. 9. I minemymeI
  10. 10. I am Mohamed. Teachers like me. This is my bag. This book is mine , too.
  11. 11. You yoursyouryouYou
  12. 12. You are Fahad. I remember you. This is your father. That bike is yours.
  13. 13. He hishishim He
  14. 14. This is Mr. Abdel-Rahman. He is a good teacher. All students like him. That is his bag. That stick is his , too.
  15. 15. She hersherher She
  16. 16. This is Sara. That is her pencil. That book is hers, too. Father and mother love her. She is studying.
  17. 17. It itsitIt
  18. 18. It is beautiful. I like this t-shirt. But , I don’t know its price. I will buy it.
  19. 19. We oursourus We
  20. 20. We are brothers. You can play with us. This is our house. That car is ours , too.
  21. 21. They theirstheirthemThey
  22. 22. Tom , Rami and Jack are friends. They play together. Let’s play with them. This is their ball. The whistle is theirs , too.
  23. 23. Possessive pronouns Possessive adjectives Object pronouns Subject pronouns minemy-----meI hishis----himHe hersher----herShe Its-----itIt yoursyour----youYou oursour----usWe theirstheir----themThey