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Equipments in medicine

Published in: Science
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  1. 1. Faculty of Foreign Languages Tirana Subject:English for specific purposes Topic:Equipments in medicine Endurance: 10 minutes Level :Upper Intermediate Key skills:Speaking ,Reading Workedby:Enian SHIMA Acceptedby :Rozana BELA
  2. 2. The procedure First of all after the students have known the topic of the lesson.It will be delivered to them the handouts with the extract taken from the book of medicine titled "Equipments in medicine".The students will voluntarily read the paragraphs presented on the text . -After they have read the text out loudly,the new words that they have encountered will be written on the blackboard with their explanation next to them. -The next activity that will follow up will be a matching exercise,considering that they are students to an upper level and they have some general knowledge. This exercise will be constructed like this.On the left side will be the fields of medicine and on the right side will be their belonging description which is to be found out by students. -After having consumed all this part so far we will proceed with the part of grammar which will not be let aside considering its importance .The part of grammar that is chosen to be explained and discussed is adjectives. After having explained some theoretical part about adjectives,the explanation will follow up with some illustrations about some common adjectives used in medicine. -After that students will be more active and encouraged to speak and they will have to find some adjectives on their handouts on the text.
  3. 3. -The last but not the least exercise is: There will be some certain types of medics and students should choose among the alternatives what type what type of medic would they like to be and try to describe why with one or two sentences. New words Pulmonary resucitation-An emergency procedure by pressing the chest in order that blood continues circulation Mutilated -Serious damage on Amputated-Cut off a limb by surgical operation Deteriorated-become progressively worse Part of grammar An adjective is a word that describes a noun,which is a person ,place,object a state of being,usually the subject of a sentence. An adjective tells us what smth Adjectices serve us to have a better description of the things mentioned above.some common adjectives used in medicine are 1-antibacterial 2 blodless 3 clinical 4 curative 5 invasive 6 oral Now find some.adjectives on the text and mention them one by one.please Important Normal
  4. 4. Mechanical External Internal Artificial Now what type of medic would you like to be and with one or 2 sentences describe why ,can you?? Among the alternatives below 1 psychiatrist 2 surgeon 3 neurologist 4 cardiologist 5 sports medicine specialist 6 oncologist