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Clock Work Mobile Employee Time Tracking


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ClockWork is a mobile and cloud-based employee time-tracking solution that will track the time-logs, photos and locations of your mobile workforce.

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Clock Work Mobile Employee Time Tracking

  1. 1. Mobile and Cloud-Based Employee Time-Tracking
  2. 2. ClockWork is a mobile and cloud-based employee time-tracking solution that lets you track the time-logs and location of your mobile employees. This is the ideal solution for companies that have a mobile workforce, or employees who are always assigned to different locations. 8/4/14
  3. 3. Employee Enrollment Enroll employees through the Administration module.
  4. 4. Employee Enrollment Attach a photo ID to an employee’s profile
  5. 5. Locations Setup each location
  6. 6. Locations Setup each location
  7. 7. Employee Time-Entry Web-Based Time-Entry. Capture Network Address and Image
  8. 8. Employee Time-Entry Time-Entry through Smart Phone. Capture GPS and Image.
  9. 9. Live Monitoring Monitor Live Attendance
  10. 10. Live Monitoring Monitor Live Attendance
  11. 11. View Time-Logs View and filter Employee Logs by Date Range, Name, Location, Status and Transaction Type
  12. 12. Verify Time-Logs Verify unknown locations and employee photos to identify fraud
  13. 13. Spot Missing Logs Generate Time-Reports to view hours worked and spot missing logs.
  14. 14. Manual Entry Easily add manual time-logs by batch.
  15. 15. Import to Paycheck Import to Paycheck
  16. 16. Employee Form Employee can login to view his/her own time-logs
  17. 17. Log summary Employee can view time-logs per day.
  18. 18. Update Transaction Type. Employee can manually change the transaction type for a time-log Example: From time-out to time-in or vice-versa.
  19. 19. Notification. Notify Supervisor about Transaction Change
  20. 20. Manual Log Request. Employees can manually enter a time-log (subject to approval).
  21. 21. Notification. Notify Supervisor about Manual Time-Log Request
  22. 22. Action For Manual Logs The supervisor can approve or disapprove manual time-logs.
  23. 23. Configure each Device Have different settings per device
  24. 24. Configure each Device Time can come from Device or Server
  25. 25. Configure each Device Device can be for a single user or multiple users
  26. 26. Configure each Device Device can be for a single user or multiple users
  27. 27. Configure each Device Synching can be Manual or Automatic
  28. 28. Configure each Device Set Automatic Synching Duration
  29. 29. System Module Highlights  Cloud-based, web-enabled  Enter time-logs through smartphone  Capture image and GPS location  Capture time-logs through browser  Capture image and identify location through IP address  Live Attendance Monitoring  Compare photos to help identify fraud  Verify unknown locations  Add missing time-logs  Employee Self-Service  Import into Paycheck for time-entry processing