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Autonomous taxi


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Identifying the market opportunity / Low-fidelity Prototype due / testing your value proposition with customers
Technology Entrepreneurship,

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Autonomous taxi

  1. 1. taxi driver Brings you to your destination
  2. 2. Tired of finding a free parking lot.Image:
  3. 3. Your are in the middle of nowhere. Next taxi, please?Image:
  4. 4. Introducing taxi driver with autonomous carsThe taxi that comes to where you are. Wherever you are. 7 days. 24h.
  5. 5. We offer cars with great colors.Picture:
  6. 6. Or luxury cars.Picture:
  7. 7. Environment FriendlyPicture
  8. 8. Prototyping Results
  9. 9. 3 Step ApproachWe did the assignment in 3 steps1. Refine within team2. Build prototype3. Face 2 Face Interviews
  10. 10. Group Adaptions• Renamed group name from “car sharing with autonomous car” to a more precise name “autonomous taxi”• Integrated two different business models• Used the various backgrounds to clear out main issues before customer feedback• Started building a click-prototype
  11. 11. Prototype available at our app Select Menu Select route Select time Confirm & Pickup
  12. 12. Face-to-Face Interviews Results with 7 colleagues - 4 female and 3 male, all of them 30 to 45 years old and with technical or business background1. Future relevance of car sharing services is high due to positive environmental impacts, fix costs reduction for car owners as well as limited parking space in the cities. Car sharing is also very useful for people which dont own a car. However for owners of luxury class cars is car sharing not attractive at all.2. Our idea is not very innovative, because there are many quite similar services. That means we have to focus on the newness of our business model3. The performance was graded from 0 to 5 - here is important to offer a flexible app, e.g. customer selection of what information has to be shown etc.4. Cost reduction was graded for 3 to 5 due to the high potential.5. Important value preposition was defined as follows: reliability, availability, price (compared to taxi, official transportation etc.), safety (e.g. for women) as well as short waiting time. These are at the same time the additional customer needs to be satisfied.6. All persons agreed on the high potential of social networks effects like favorite "taxi driver" etc.7. Additional aspects to be considered are: weekend use of the service, focus on a specific customer segment at least at the beginning, conservation of the "taxi drivers" as next possible customer group, consideration of traffic jam, focus on regions with bad quality of official transportation, offer additional information like possible route, price, car details etc. when order a taxi.
  13. 13. Next Milestones• incorporate feedback results• further redefine business model• create more detailed prototype• prototype interaction with car• prototype social network effect• find sweet spot to compete against current car sharing / taxi services