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The Shift to Business Solutions


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There is a switching happening from platform to business solution.

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The Shift to Business Solutions

  1. 1. The Shift to Business Solutions Laurence Hart Content Management Strategist Alfresco
  2. 2. Content Industry Trends • • • • Social Mobile Analytics Cloud Business Solution over Platform
  3. 3. Content Applications Traditional Platform Digital Assets Web Content Records Collaboration Enterprise Platform Business Process Services Content Services Library Services Email Archiving External Interfaces (SOAP, REST, CMIS)
  4. 4. Broken Cycle Throw Money At It See Content Problem Deploy Buy Software Do Nothing
  5. 5. Over 60% of Organizations still primarily use Network File Shares - AIIM 2013 ECM Industry Watch Only 34% of Organizations are Decreasing their Volume of Paper Records - AIIM 2013 Information Governance Industry Watch
  6. 6. Business First Collaboration CRM Digital Assets Records External Interfaces Contracts Management (SOAP, REST, CMIS) ERP
  7. 7. Key Factors • Solve the business problems • Open architecture + Open Source + Open Standards + Open APIs • Flexible Growth + Expand solutions + Add solutions
  8. 8. Thank You