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Tech talk live on new alfresco api


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Tech talk live on new alfresco api

  1. 1. Tech Talk Live: The Alfresco APIPeter Monks & Jeff Potts
  2. 2. Alfresco API & SDK•  What are we announcing? –  New public API for Alfresco in the Cloud •  Based on CMIS (AtomPub) and Alfresco REST (JSON) –  Alfresco Mobile SDK •  iOS and Android client SDKs •  Wrap the new Cloud API and the existing on- premise API •  Coming soon!
  3. 3. Alfresco API Launch Partners
  5. 5. Alfresco Cloud UI
  6. 6. Developer Portal
  7. 7. How OAuth2 Authentication Works Application Alfresco End-User Sign up for an Assigns you a API key consumer key and secret Invokes the Authorize URL Asks the user for permission User grants access Redirects to Grabs the your app’s returned code callback URL Exchanges the code for an access token Returns an access token and expiration Adds the token Not shown: Refresh to Authorization header after access token expiration
  8. 8. Example: Hitting the REST API
  9. 9. Alfresco REST API•  Sites –  Members –  Favorites•  Networks List will expand•  People over time•  Containers•  Activities•  Ratings•  Comments•  Tags
  10. 10. So what is CMIS, anyway?
  11. 11. What is CMIS?•  Content Management Interoperability Services•  Language-independent, vendor-neutral API for content management –  CRUD functions for nodes –  Check-in/check-out –  Associations –  Permissions (Access Control Lists) –  Policies –  Queries –  Repository traversal
  12. 12. The Beauty of CMIS Presentation Tier REST SOAP Content Services Tier ?Enterprise Apps Tier ?
  13. 13. •  Open Source implementations of CMIS•  Apache Chemistry is the umbrella project for all CMIS related projects within the ASF –  OpenCMIS (Java, client and server) –  cmislib (Python, client) –  phpclient (PHP, client) –  DotCMIS (.NET, client)
  14. 14. CMIS & Apache Chemistry inAction•  Everything you need to know about CMIS 1.0 & 1.1•  Lots of Groovy and Java examples•  Also covers Python, Android, & iOS•  Now on MEAP!•  37%-off: 12cmisal
  15. 15. Example: Create, Find andComment on a Document with Java Screenshot, TBD
  16. 16. Things to Consider•  Rate limits –  5 requests/second, 10,000 requests/day (Dev) –  50 requests/second, 100,000 requests/day (Prod)•  No limit on # of applications•  Alfresco Cloud users own their content•  OpenCMIS 0.8.0-SNAPSHOT•  cmislib 0.5.1dev
  17. 17. Where to Get Help•  Alfresco API forum•  #alfresco on freenode IRC•  Alfresco Technical Discussion Google Group• examples• examples•  Come by the booth!
  18. 18. Your Next StepsCloud Account Register App Participate Sign up for a Become a Registered Join our community offree 10GB Alfresco Developer at developers atnetwork in the cloud., in IRC, and on Twitter Grab your app key and secret
  19. 19. Berlin, Germany San Jose, CaliforniaNovember 6 & 7 November 14 & 15