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Tech talk live custom content viewers in alfresco share


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Slide deck to accompany today's webinar on Custome Document views in Alfresco Share with Will Abson and Jeff Potts

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Tech talk live custom content viewers in alfresco share

  1. 1. Customizing Share Document Previews Will AbsonSenior Integrations Engineer and Share Extras Project Lead
  2. 2. Upfront Notes● This session will be recorded● Type questions into the chat panel● See me at DevCon
  3. 3. Agenda● Background on Document Previews● Web Preview implementation● Hands-on customization examples from Share Extras Media Viewers project
  4. 4. What are Document Previews?● Rich view of the (document) content● Found on the Document Details page● May render the content itself or a rendition
  5. 5. Changes in Alfresco 4● More screen space for previews● Support for more formats● Extend the default set
  6. 6. The web-preview Component
  7. 7. web-preview ImplementationAs it was in Alfresco 3Web Tier Client-side (Web Browser) document-details Alfresco.WebPreview web-preview.getWeb Scripts / Spring Surf YUI2 / Share JS FrameworkCan override but but not extend
  8. 8. web-preview ImplementationNew implementation in Alfresco 4Web Tier Client-side (Web Browser) document-details Alfresco.WebPreview Plugins web-preview.getWeb Scripts / Spring Surf YUI2 / Share JS FrameworkExtend via client-side Plugin classes
  9. 9. OOTB WebPreview PluginsFlash Non-FlashFlash AudioFlashFox ImageStrobeMediaPlayback VideoWebPreviewer(See the code in webapps/share/components/preview )
  10. 10. Plugin Configuration and Order● Held in component configuration file web- preview.get.config.xml● Allows setting of plugin configuration attributes● Determines the order in which plugins are used (since multiple plugins could be used for a particular content item)(See the code in webapps/share/components/preview/web-preview.js )
  11. 11. Plugin OrderThe order in which plugins are used may be...● Statically configured ○ Via component configuration (previous slide) ○ Based on MIME type or thumbnail definitions ○ Results in a list of plugins to be tried for a content item● Dynamically determined at run time ○ Plugins are given the opportunity to test a content item ○ Based on <anything>, e.g. browser type/version ○ If they say no, the next plugin in turn is used
  12. 12. Sample Component ConfigurationPlugin applicability determined by <condition> element attributesPlugin configuration determined by <plugin> element attributes<config> <plugin-conditions> <condition mimeType="video/mp4" thumbnail="imgpreview"> <plugin poster="imgpreview" posterFileSuffix=".png">StrobeMediaPlayback</plugin> <plugin poster="imgpreview" posterFileSuffix=".png">FlashFox</plugin> <plugin poster="imgpreview" posterFileSuffix=".png">Video</plugin> </condition> <condition mimeType="video/m4v" thumbnail="imgpreview"> ... </condition> ... </plugin-conditions><config>
  13. 13. Implementing Custom PluginsWe need to implement1. Custom plugin class2. Localized strings for the UI3. Presentation resources (images, CSS, etc.)We need to configure● Viewer registration in component configuration
  14. 14. Example: Inline PDF ViewerFile PDF.js(Note: Not enabled in Media Viewers add-on,but Embed plugin does a similar job)
  15. 15. Example: Inline PDF Viewer● The usual Share object prototype approach is used● Property attributes can be used to customize behaviour● Function report() returns null if the plugin can be used or a string if not indicating the reason● Function display() returns a string containing HTML markup or null if Dom manipulation has already been used
  16. 16. Example: Custom Flash Video PlayerFile FLVPlayer.js
  17. 17. Example: Custom Flash Video PlayerTo pull in the custom JavaScript fileFLVPlayer.js containing our plugin class,either● Declare a custom DocLib JS dependency <config evaluator="string-compare" condition="DocLibCustom"> <dependencies> <js src="/extras/components/preview/FLVPlayer.js" /> </dependencies> </config>● Or use an Extensibility Module to add the dependencies onto web-preview.get.head.ftl ○ But see share-javascript-widget-instantiation-part-2/ if targetting 4.1+
  18. 18. Example: Custom Flash Video PlayerCSS files can be brought in at the same time asthe JavaScript files
  19. 19. Example: Custom Flash Video PlayerTo pull in our custom UI labels, either● Use a Spring bean to expand the global message scope <config evaluator="string-compare" condition="DocLibCustom"> <dependencies> <js src="/extras/components/preview/pdf.js" /> </dependencies> </config>● Or use an Extensibility Module to add the messages onto
  20. 20. Example: Custom Flash Video PlayerLastly we must configure the web-preview.getcomponent to use the FLVPlayer plugin <condition mimeType="video/mp4"> <plugin>FLVPlayer</plugin> </condition>
  21. 21. Example: pdf.js Viewer
  22. 22. Summary● The Web Preview component is an important part of Share● Alfresco 4 allows us to display our content in new and interesting ways ○ Or, display content that is not supported OOTB● We can re-use our existing Share customization skills to bring in powerful tools such as pdf.js
  23. 23. Questions?