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Alfresco Large Scale Enterprise Deployments


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Alfresco webinar on large sacale enterprise deployments

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  • Alfresco is a excellent free/libre enterprise content management system for Microsoft Windows and Unix-like operating systems

    I used Alfresco Cloud Edition (Alfresco in the cloud) is the SaaS version of Alfresco.

    I found it amazing, Even deploying alfresco in cloud is very easy, I check with jelastic and they provided an excellent support for the same,

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Alfresco Large Scale Enterprise Deployments

  1. 1. 6/28/2010 Introduction ● Alfresco provide enterprise scale Content Management ● Many moving parts Large Scale Deployments o Application server Scalability and Reliability o Database o Index stores Paul Hampton Director of Product Marketing o Content stores Alfresco o Application ● Multiple points for potential failure 2 Single System Install What Needs to be Clustered? ● Simple install ● Application Server Database Share Content store ● Installs everything on App Server ● Content Stores Tomcat one system EHCache ● Databases DataBase ● The Application Content Share Store Index Tomcat EHCache ● Note: o Each server must have its own index DataBase Content Store o EHCache must be synchronised between all servers Index 3 4 Clustered Alfresco Replicated Content Stores Load Balancer Load Balancer ● Clustered Alfresco servers ● Used to synchronise content o Share database and content between content stores Share Share Share Share store Tomcat Tomcat ● Supports two modes Tomcat Tomcat ● Load balancer distributes EHCache EHCache EHCache EHCache o Inbound load between servers o Outbound ● Point of failure Content Content Store Store Index Index Index Index o Application Server ● Point of failure o Database o Application Server Database o Content store o Database o Content store DataBase Content Replicating Secondary Replicating Store Can make use of high Content Content Content availability disk (i.e. SAN Store Store Store storage) 5 6 1
  2. 2. 6/28/2010 Example – Inbound Example – Outbound Load Balancer Load Balancer ● Content is copied on 1 5 ● Content is copied on 1 6 read ? write ? Share Share Share Share Tomcat Tomcat Tomcat Tomcat ● Pulls content from ● Push content from EHCache EHCache EHCache EHCache secondary content store 7 primary store to 7 when needed 2 secondary store 2 Content Content Content Content Store Store Store Store Index Index Index Index ● Synchronous or Asynchronous 4 Database 4 Database 6 5 Replicating Secondary Replicating Replicating Secondary Replicating Content Store 3 Content Store Content Store Content Store 3 Content Store Content Store 7 8 Database Clustering Application Clustering Load Balancer ● Use native DB ● Point of failure Load Balancer clustering Share Share o Application Server Share Share Tomcat Tomcat Tomcat Tomcat ● This is specific to the o Database EHCache EHCache DB and OS o Content store ● Two options: Content Content ● How to address Store Store Index Index o Master / Slave scalability o Master / Master Database Database Database (Master) (Slave) Replicating Secondary Replicating Content Fallover Content Content Store Store Store Database Clustering 9 10 What About Scalability? JMX Administration Load Balancer ● Use standard JMX tools Share Share to access configuration Tomcat Tomcat settings o Stop, Configure and Start Subsystems ● Monitor o Database connections o Memory usage o Alfresco Subsystems 11 12 2
  3. 3. 6/28/2010 Configuration Synchronisation Summary Load Balancer ● Use JMX to change ● Alfresco has been designed to be... configuration settings Share Share o Scalable ● Settings are saved to Tomcat Tomcat o Reliable EHCache EHCache Database ● Multiple options ● Settings are ● Enterprise Edition configuration tools simplify Content Content Store Store Index Index synchronised to other configuration Alfresco servers ● More Information Data base o WIKI – Cluster Configuration o Docs – Administering an Alfresco ECM Production Replicating Secondary Replicating Content Content Content Environment (page 158) Store Store Store 13 14 Questions? 16 3