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One of the biggest change agents in the Federal environment over the last few years has been adoption of open source software. During this presentation, Kimberly will share the EEOC story about how to leverage open source for enterprise applications during these exciting, but uncertain, times in Federal Government.

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Kimberly Hancher, EEOC, Presentation

  1. 1. Leveraging Open Source Kimberly Hancher, Chief Information Officer (CIO) U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission January 2014
  2. 2. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Enforce laws against discrimination in the workplace. ü  2,100+ employees at 53 field sites and HQ ü  20,000+ new cases received every year ü  Annual appropriation = about $362 Million ü  IT budget = ranges between 4- 5% ($14-17 M) ü  IT staff = 52 Govt+ 23 contractors at HQ ü  Field IT staff = Touch support for break/fix ü  Data center @ DC HQ + LAN @ every field site
  3. 3. Challenges that led to Consideration of Open Source 1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  Strategic Plan Priorities Need for new functionality Integration with mission applications Decreasing IT budget Need for Technology Refresh Infrastructure HW, SW, Telecom, People
  4. 4. Open Source based Myths •  Point 1 It is Free •  Point 2 Throw away •  Point 3 No Support •  Point 4 Building Open Source solutions is cheap •  Point 5 Lacks Maturity
  5. 5. Key Considerations For Adoption of Open Source based Products •  Affordability •  Ease of implementation •  Cloud based or on-premises •  Technical Support •  Proven and Mature Open Source does not mean Free Software
  6. 6. One Approach - Injection Look for those opportunities to inject Open Source into your Enterprise Architecture. 1.  Field File/Print Servers - Microsoft Server or SUSE Linux as LAN Operating System? 2.  Application/Web Servers – Oracle Weblogic or Red Hat Jboss Middleware 3.  Mission System Next Gen – COTS or Java? 4.  Digital File Management for Mission System –Opentext Livelink vs Alfresco
  7. 7. EEOC Open Source Stack Category Product Usage Middleware RedHat JBoss SOA/Web Services, Java Applications Operating System SUSE Linux LAN OS Reports BIRT On Demand Canned Reports for multiple applications Content Management Alfresco Integrated Document Management Development Tools Selenium jMeter GIT Regression Testing Testing Code Repository
  8. 8. Open Source vis-à-vis Enterprise Architecture Document Management Technology Component Document management includes software systems that allow enterprises to store, retrieve, generate, manage, and distribute electronic files, yielding greater efficiencies in the ability to reuse information and to establish workflow constructs. Architectural Guidance & Usage Scenarios • OpenText is widely used to store documents from internal as well as external entities like OFO and Legal. • Alfresco should be considered for scenarios and new projects where document management is integrated within other application (or workflow) and does not require direct user access like OpenText (transparent interaction with documents). • Alfresco can run on the RedHat JBoss Application Server, which is owned by EEOC and installed at the hosted site. Tactical (0-2 years usage cycle) Containment and Retirement • OpenText ECM Suite 2010 • Network File Folders • Network File Folders Watch List/Emerging Strategic • Alfresco (Open Source) • TBD
  9. 9. Recommendations: ü  Pick a business problem to solve ü  Create a pilot project for the solution ü  Be upfront with the Open Source vendor and ask for a trial version but full Technical Support ü  Find the internal resource(s) and/or manager who want to try new technologies ü  Evaluate the performance – benefits, issues ü  Develop the Open Source Adoption plan appropriate to your agency ü  Incorporate the vision into your strategic plan (enterprise architecture)
  10. 10. References •  DoD Open Source Software (OSS) FAQ • •  Timeline of the major events, publications, and code releases in the history of the US government • •  GSA’s Open Government Initiatives • • •  Government Open Source Projects •
  11. 11. Questions?