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John Newton DevCon 2011 London Keynote


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Published in: Technology
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John Newton DevCon 2011 London Keynote

  1. 1. Alfresco Overview 2011 John Newton, Chairman & CTO
  2. 2. In the news…
  3. 3. It all started in a little EasternEuropean country You are instructed to destroy the Western economies by doing absolutely nothing! Tell them you lost the budget in SharePoint!
  4. 4. While Western leaders argued… You think your fancy Mr Bond can save the world again!?! Bah!!!
  5. 5. Masterminds were at work… My evil plan is working! All this indecision leads them to using SharePoint!!!
  6. 6. Enter Bond… Free the funds! M! What do Free the data! you want me And crush that pointy, to do?! baldy head!!!
  7. 7. Originallytechnology Largewent top orgsdown Consumer SMEs Home office
  8. 8. While enterprise store informationin proprietary vaults…
  9. 9. And vendors used this lock-in… No Mr. Bond! I expect you to pay! Big Time!!!
  10. 10. While Traditional ECM sat idly by…
  11. 11. Creating lock-in What can I do?! I am locked in!!! I can do nothing! Bunga! Bunga!
  12. 12. But forces are at work… Social Networks Cost Mobile Internet Moore’s Law
  13. 13. Reversing theflow of Large orgstechnologyadoption… Consumer SMEs Home Setting in office motion new forces…
  14. 14. Unleashing the Consumerization of ITCourtesy of John Mancini –
  15. 15. Bringing the most significant trends incomputing
  16. 16. Content is only becoming moreimportant…
  17. 17. So our intrepid band set to work… Coding?!!
  18. 18. A Year of Hard Work and Accomplishment Productive Consumer-like More Social “We are excited to join forces with Alfresco to drive the benefits of Social Business Software to our customers. Alfresco provides a proven enterprise content management system.!Jive taps into the Alfresco system to ‘socialize’ the content, facilitate collaboration, and make it available in the activity stream. Access and interaction with Alfresco content becomes seamless in Jive.!!This makes content management more searchable, ratable, likable, Rich Media Connected to Super-scale commentable, and most importantly, more social.” favorite apps - Matt Tucker, Co-Founder and CTO of Jive
  19. 19. New User ExperienceNew UI and HTML5 enhancements give a consumer-likeexperience to enterprise content management.
  20. 20. Social Features in Alfresco 4 •  Follow influential users •  Status updates – “what are you working on” •  “Like” content & sort/search on popularity •  Proactive & customized notifications •  New activity feed & dashlets •  Integration to Jive
  21. 21. Social Publishing in Alfresco 4•  Content + Status Updates•  Publish to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn YouTube right from Alfresco o  Extendable to other channels (i.e. Slideshare)•  Social becomes part of content workflow•  Track publishing history
  22. 22. Cloud-Scale PerformanceImprovements Alfresco 4 is the culmination of everything we have learned by scaling to tens-of-thousands of users and hundreds of millions of content items. •  Apache Solr •  Clustered protocols and CIFS •  Elastic Transformations •  Streamline transactions
  23. 23. Scalability, Performance, Reliability Share Share •  Linearly scale with Share Share Server UI Scale-out Server more Server nodes with 3x Server more nodes •  Ingestion and Writes Repo Repo Repo Simpler XActs Server 2x faster Server Server Repo Server Clustered Protocols •  At least 25% less load Shared Index on repo from Index Solr Solr Solr transform and Engine Permissions indexing Transform Elastic Transform •  Big Transformqueries much Transform Engine Transformation Server faster Server Server •  Scale at least 300m Database Query Paging Database Database 1B benchmark in with Database Server Server 1H2012 Server Server
  24. 24. Best of Breed BPM Social Workflow•  Designed by Tom Baeyens•  BPMN 2.0•  New user/social-centric Task Model•  Apache-licensed•  Complete suite - Engine, Modeller, Console and User Tools•  Integrate with social feeds and discussion•  Cloud-ready – Shared Nothing, NoSQL data
  25. 25. Alfresco Web Content Foundation Java Portal PHP Web Java WEM Custom App Web Quick Start Templates Use case: Use case: Use case: Use case: web-based Public website or Web Experience Home-grown portal community site Mgmt on Java web app Full Featured JSR-168 CMIS Integration RESTful APIs Alfresco Platform
  26. 26. Web Content Services – Concentrating on Content Multiple Web Sites, Multiple Devices Web Audience Controlled Public Website Intranet Release •  Metadata Search •  Tagging and •  Thumbnails •  Comments Alfresco Content App Server Deploy •  Previews •  Structure •  User Gen. Content •  Menu SharePoint Shared Drive Emulation Emulation Office to Web Bus. Workflow Framework REST- Web Quick based Renditions Start Templates Collaboration Transfer Transformation Office to Web Framework Web Content Creation Tools Web Dev ToolsAlfresco Microsoft Google Web Spring JavaScript Share Office Docs Editor Tools / Roo FreeMarker Marketing Web Team Development
  27. 27. Replication – Distributed WebDeployment Intelligent movement of content and metadata Intranet Extranet Cloud HTML HTML HTML Master Local Content Copy Local Content Copy Local Content On Premise Private Cloud Public Cloud Multi-Tenant28  
  28. 28. Turns your iPad oriPhone into a corporatecontent workhorse In partnership with
  29. 29. And there is more to come… I’ll get you yet!
  30. 30. Alfresco Product Strategy
  31. 31. We seem to be at a great technologytipping point…
  32. 32. Major Shiftsin 21stCenturyInformationTechnology From
  33. 33. Content Management is changing…•  Who does it•  How you do it•  Where you do it•  When you do it•  And why you do it
  34. 34. The New Scenarios B2B Collaboration Small Medium Enterprises And Underserved Departments Public Information Outside Access
  35. 35. The Enterprise Information Backlog
  36. 36. This is a Cloud…37
  37. 37. Citizen Developers I pledge to build cool applications in my spare time using only the Cloud and some JavaScript code!
  38. 38. Mobile Everything…
  39. 39. Microsoft? Hah! We can do that! We have Office 365 and Nokia!!!
  40. 40. The New Users of Content Professional Services Travelling Execs Field Sales Maintenance Healthcare Secret Agents
  41. 41. Defining the new mountain Tablets are the fastest growing computing device in history.
  42. 42. Cook, Dine, Snack Laptop Tablet Mobile Cook and Dine or Consume Snack on Prepare the Content Info documents
  43. 43. Future meets resistance… No Mr. Bond! I don’t think we will be using the Cloud today!!!
  44. 44. The 3 Horizons Model
  45. 45. Social Business Systems•  53% of large organizations Minion527 Verified☑ @HenchGirl289 Meet me•  61% use to increase after work at Chilis? 1 min ago collaboration between and within teams HenchGirl289•  @Minion527, you are my bff, but Dr. 31% using for better sharing: No has got me on duty again! #POW 2 secs ago competitor updates, technical solutions, etc.•  Tools (mostly content): o  58% concurrent editing or wiki o  55% staff-facing blogs o  54% departmental forums or newsgroups o  42% bulletin boards o  28% activity streams AIIM Survey conducted February 2011
  46. 46. Mobile Support Next time, an iPhone or I kill you!!!•  92% of Fortune 1000 are testing or deploying iPads –Tim Cook, Apple 10/4•  22% providing mobile browser access to information portals•  68% provide no browser or mobile access•  Slow migration a problem for 33% of largest orgs. AIIM Survey conducted February 2011
  47. 47. Cloud•  Gartner: Cloud is highest CIO priority•  64% would consider using a private cloud for ECM•  30% said public cloud is possible in future•  6% currently using internal corporate cloud•  Set to double, but outsourced corporate set to treble (particularly smaller orgs.) AIIM Survey conducted February 2011
  48. 48. What’s coming in 2012?
  49. 49. Well, it’s not Berlusconi… You don’t think he is planning is come back do you?!!
  50. 50. Our opportunityAlfresco has the opportunity to enable a newera of business productivity in a tablet world... o  A powerful content platform that serves as a content-hub for the enterprise o  A set of cloud services integrations that enables “cloud- connected-content” o  A focus on driving the new tablet content experience – with apps open standards o  Built on a foundation of transparency, openness innovation
  51. 51. Alfresco coming to the Cloud Soon
  52. 52. Alfresco Cloud Our initial cloud offering positioned for: o  B2B Collaboration, Mobile, SharePoint Alternative All the power of real Content Management •  Life Cycle, Rules, Metadata, Search Hosted on Amazon in EU, US
  53. 53. Private / Public Option Connection Public Cloud Private Cloud (On-Premise) Allow Enterprises to control what content they open up to the Cloud, where the content is located and keep an on-premise backup of content from their cloud applications
  54. 54. Alfresco’s Mobile Strategy •  The right content to the right person on the right device •  Devices controlled by users, content access controlled by company •  Apps controlled by users and/or company, depending on security needs PLATFORM OPEN STANDARDS A robust, secure APPS To provide app choice – content Alfresco apps WebDAV CMIS for easy management access to platform + content collaboration + Alfresco Enterprise features; Alfresco Team open source apps for customization
  55. 55. Mobile and Tablet Platform andApplications•  Optimized for Tablet•  Content and Workflow- oriented apps o  Federated Search o  Federated Workflow and Action o  Federated Browsing o  Viewing, Commenting and Annotation o  Some Editing•  Integrated with key mobile apps•  Open HTML5 Platform for Content Applications
  56. 56. Alfresco Focus: Process as a ServiceFoundation for new B2B Cloud Apps Mobile New Content Consumer Process Apps Apps Alfresco Activiti Focus The Process Store Cloud Workflow Engine (Free or Purchase) Project DropBox ECM Alfresco “Pangu” Enterprise
  57. 57. Integrate into the Cloud Ecosystem Empower Organizations to keep control of their content in a Cloud World without forcing their users to change the way they work
  58. 58. Cloud-Connected Architecture Tablet Mobile Web Mobile-ready Applications Activity Tasks Search Browse Feed Alfresco Ecosystem Alfresco Public Platform Alfresco Alfresco Alfresco Cloud Focus Connect Alfresco Alfresco Directory Commerce Private Cloud Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, RDS) Data Store Alfresco Alfresco Community Enterprise
  59. 59. The Citizen Developer Platform
  60. 60. That’s it! The G20 must get Cloud- Connected!!!
  61. 61. For the Next 12 Months•  Cloud in November – Team in the Cloud•  Mobile applications, especially Tablets/iPad•  Integration with Cloud Platform and Social Ecosystem•  Replication and Synchronization•  Simple API and Citizen Developer Platform ASAP•  Cloud-connected Workflow-oriented Content Application
  62. 62. Safe for another 12 months… I am sure that weWell, that’s another have no more crisis solved! problems for a while!!!
  63. 63. The Future•  Alfresco is a first and foremost a content management company•  Open Source is critical for building trust and removing lock-in•  Tablet and Mobile represent a huge new opportunity•  Cloud enables new use cases and frees the organization•  Private and Public option•  Enable the Citizen Developer to support the new Enterprise•  With our customers, our partners and our community we will invent the future