Alfresco: Ending Content Chaos


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Alfresco: Ending Content Chaos

  1. 1. Ending  Content  Chaos    Paul  Hampton  Director  of  Product  Marke0ng    
  2. 2. 2005   Alfresco  aimed  to   disrupt  the  ECM   industry  through   the  power  of  open  source  &   open   standards  
  3. 3. Alfresco Delivered  a  New  Way…   Low cost subscription model + no up-front licenses + a fraction of the cost of legacy, proprietary ECM" Simple to deploy & use + free open source community version for developers + runs on an open source stack" Innovation & Interoperability + fastest innovation of any ECM provider through open source + class-leading open standards support
  4. 4. Alfresco is now the largest open sourcecontent management company in the world. •  $1.3 million in IT & training cost savings •  10 month average payback period •  53% ROI in three years •  Flexibility and Open Standards praised
  5. 5. Today  Alfresco  is…  2,700 Enterprisescustomers in 75 countries7 Million users70% of which are paid4 Billion filesbeing managed globallyActive communitythousands of developers, "300+ partners …the largest open source content management company in the world.
  6. 6. 2012  Alfresco is disrupting the ECM industry againthrough the power of the cloud
  7. 7. User  Demands  Have  Changed   We want to work from anywhere on our own cool devicesWe want easyto use, cloud-like apps We want to collaborate better with our colleagues We want to use social tools
  8. 8. Extended  Enterprise    Partner   Customer   Agency  Sales   Field  Service   Firewall  Head  Office   Remote  Office  
  9. 9. The  Content  Flood  
  10. 10. Your Enterprise Content is in Here Somewhere   (it’s time for a new approach to content management)
  11. 11. What  if  You  Could  Have  The proven power of a scalable, robust &feature rich enterprise platform+ Integration with the enterprise+ Customized to the business needs+ Controlled & secured by IT" AND  The agility & new use cases of the cloud+ Easy to use+ Zero time to install & get started+ No IT involvement required+ No firewall issues
  12. 12. You Can…Alfresco is the only ECM platform in the world that manages content anywhere… on-premise, in the cloud or both. on-premise in the cloud synced full ECM platform   multi-tenant SaaS   enterprise cloud sync  
  13. 13. Alfresco One1 business critical content platform on-premise, in the cloud, and both tablet & mobile experience in the cloud, on-premise and both open standard API for content apps on-premise ,in the cloud and bothon-premise in the cloud synced full ECM platform   multi-tenant SaaS   enterprise cloud sync  
  14. 14. Delivering  Hybrid  ECM  Partner   Customer   Agency  Sales   Field  Service   Firewall   Sync  Head  Office   Remote  Office  
  15. 15. Alfresco  Mobile  •  Find  content   –  Browse  sites  and  folders   –  Search  •  View  content   –  View  file  informaPon  •  Download  to  device   –  Open  in  app   –  ‘Save  Back’  •  Favorites  •  Send  content  to  others  •  Comment  •  Upload  content  (WebDAV)  
  16. 16. Corporate Systems Desktop WebDAV CMIS CMIS JSR-168 CIFS Connectors SharePoint Protocol Social Media Channels CMIS Mobile Open Web APIs WebDAV Open Web Web Services APIs CMIS-based Public Alfresco Cloud CMIS Alfresco Sync
  17. 17. SupporPng  Global  Business  Legal Review: Providing a secure central location for legal teams to review,mark-up and approve contracts and legal papers. Complete version control to seechanges / amendments over time. Sales Enablement: Sales teams can instantly access presentations, datasheets, whitepapers, and price lists via mobile devices while working remotely. Removethe problem of ‘out of date’ material being used and improve sales effectiveness. Case Management: A secure collaboration extranet to enable all parties toresolve issues more effectively. Providing the right content to the right people at theright time, irrespective of location. Marketing Productivity: Enabling global marketing teams to work withmultiple external agencies (PR, Advertising, Media, etc.). Streamline the review andapproval process using workflow, automatically capturing and sharing comments. Construction Efficiency: Allowing main contractors to share drawings,documents and specifications online with multiple subcontracts. Provide instantnotifications should changes be made to documents or drawings – removing the needto re-distribute expensive paper copies.
  18. 18. Benefits  for  Everyone  users get to: work anywhere, on any device, with theirfavorite content apps in a company-approved way; sharefiles & collaborate without frictionIT gets to: help users become truly productive on tablets &smartphones; automate processes, manage risk andsecurity, and drive their own cloud strategydevelopers get to: target one standards-based API forbuilding content apps for mobile, web or enterprise"companies get to: save money, increase employeeproductivity, automate processes, drive efficiency andmanage risk
  19. 19. QUESTIONS?  What  to  do  next…    Sign  up  for  free  –    hCp://    Download  the  mobile  app  –      hCp://­‐ipad