CASE-3 Assisting Special Needs Children with the Power of Open Source!


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Learn how Technology Services Group leveraged Liferay and Alfresco to create an online community for United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) of Greater Chicago that educators across the country utilize to access material focused on teaching students with learning disabilities. The site provides access to resources, downloads, and on-line classroom videos, leveraging a Liferay portal front-end. We’ll demonstrate how we integrated Alfresco with Liferay, leveraging Alfresco Share as the primary content repository and publishing interface. We’ll explain our process using OpenMigrate, review how we utilized Alfresco Share Site functionality to drive Liferay content, how we integrated Adobe Connect to deliver video, and took advantage of open standards.

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CASE-3 Assisting Special Needs Children with the Power of Open Source!

  1. 1. Assisting Special Needs Children with the Power of Open Source!!! Ray Wijangco – Technology Services Group!
  2. 2. Agenda!IntroductionsHistory of UCP / myInfinitecPlatform MigrationArchitecture OverviewAlfresco Share / LiferayDemos
  3. 3. Technology Services Group!Consulting and Software Firm •  Founded in 1996! •  Based in Downtown Chicago / Kansas City Office! •  Specialize in the implementation of ECM solutions and technologies.! •  Diverse Industries – Financial Services, Manufacturing, Insurance, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical!Alfresco Gold Partner since early 2006
  4. 4. Open Source Solutions!OpenMigrate •  Migration Framework for ECM Repository Migrations! •  Source / Target Adapters!HPI (High Performance Interface) •  Search Interface! •  Alternative Document Management Interface!Active Wizard •  Rules-based Dynamic Form and Workflow Application!OpenAnnotate •  PDF Annotations!OpenCapture •  Desktop Scanning into Alfresco!
  5. 5. United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Chicago!Life without limits for people with disabilities •  Helps people with physical and cognitive disabilities! •  Address needs of children and adults!Infinitec •  Infinite potential through technology! •  Leverage technology to advance independence and promote inclusive opportunities for children and adults.! •  Training and Education! •  Information Services! •  Access to Expertise! •  Equipment Services!
  6. 6. UCP Mission! !Advance the independence of people with disabilities, enrich their lives, provide support to their families and advocate for the inclusion in every facet of community life.!
  7. 7. UCP - InfiniTEXT! •  Digital Textbook Repository! •  Assists children who have print disabilities.! •  Over 11,000 files converted to an accessible format or digitized into MP3 files.! •  K-12 textbooks stored in PDF. MP3, TXT, RTF, and KES! •  Search and download files! •  INSERT PICTURE OF InfiniTEXT!
  8. 8. UCP - myInfinitec!Teacher Resource Portal •  On-line resource for teachers! •  130+ video classroom presentations and quizzes! •  Resources Content! •  Research Links! •  Lesson Plans! •  Information on Assistive Technology Devices! •  10,000 registered users (Illinois, Minnesota, California, Georgia, Kansas)!
  9. 9. Legacy Platform - myInfinitec!Schoolwires •  On-line platform for K-12 communities! •  Simple WCM! •  Targeted for School Districts! •  Limited Content Management Functionality! Adobe Connect •  Video Streaming! •  Custom Quiz Integration!
  10. 10. Legacy Platform Pain Points!Content, Content Everywhere •  Thousands of pieces of content to manage! •  Tedious Navigation! •  Exists in multiple places! Learning Management System •  Custom integration into Adobe Connect! •  Videos inconsistent in size! User Management •  Registration process unwieldy! •  Teachers move, change e-mail addresses! •  Community Needs?! Reporting •  Custom Reporting
  11. 11. Schoolwires to Alfresco Migration!Leverage OpenMigrate •  TSG migration framework! •  Excel to Alfresco Migration!Filesystem / Excel to Alfresco •  Tag content w/ metadata!Repeatable Process •  Staging / Production!
  12. 12. myInfinitec – High Level Architecture!
  13. 13. Platform Specifics!Alfresco 3.4.1 Liferay 6.0.5 Community Adobe Connect 8 eLearning Platform! mySQL 5.1.41 Ubuntu 10.04.3. LTS •  Amazon EC2 Deployment
  14. 14. Content Architecture!Alfresco Liferay •  Resources! •  Static Content / HTML! •  Downloads! •  Calendar Portlet! •  Classroom Videos! •  User Management! •  Front Page News! •  User Metadata!
  15. 15. Alfresco Share – Document Library!
  16. 16. Liferay – Alfresco Content!
  17. 17. Cross Platform Authentication!Liferay! •  Primary User Management Source!Alfresco! •  External Authentication Subsystem! •  Read only access only from Alfresco! •  No need for users to ever access Alfresco directly.!Adobe Connect ! •  Leverage API to create an Adobe account! •  Leverage Unique Identifier in Liferay! •  Required to access Quiz Results!
  18. 18. Demonstration!
  19. 19. Future Phases!Expand Reporting Capabilities!Revamp User Management / Registration Process!Build out Teacher Communities / Personalization!Social Media Publishing!
  20. 20. Questions?
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