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Agencies are being driven, by stricter regulations and a desire to show greater levels of transparency, to implement records management solutions to help achieve information governance and compliance initiatives. But, due to the low levels of user adoption, these often fail to deliver on expectations. As with many agencies, this was the case with the Department of Defense (DoD) Joint Staff. The DoD's Joint Staff quickly realized they needed to evolve for a new breed of software based compliance solutions. This session will provide insight into RM best practices within the DoD and examine how an Open Source solution provided a 40% cost savings from their previous solution.

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Brian Campo, DoD JCS, Presentation

  1. 1. 8a  Certi)ied  
  2. 2. About  Us   Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  Headquarters  in  Vienna,  VA   Service  Disabled  Veteran-­‐owned  Small  Business   SBA  8(a)  program  par@cipant   Small  Disadvantaged  Business  (SDB)   DCAA-­‐approved  Accoun@ng  System   Founded  2006   Lean  Management  and  Facili@es  Infrastructure   2  
  3. 3. What  We  Provide   Ø  Informa@on  Technology  Strategy     Ø  Knowledge/Content  Management   Ø  Systems  Engineering  and  Integra@on   Ø  Business  Strategy  and  Execu@on   Ø  CIO  Support   Ø  Cyber  Security  and  Informa@on  Assurance   Ø  Capabili@es  PorSolio  Management   Ø  Opera@ons  Research  and  Analysis   Ø  Program/Project  Management  Services  and  Support       3  
  4. 4. Evolving  RM  Landscape   •  Most  records  managers  s@ll  managing  paper  records  in   offline  repositories  (file  cabinets  and  paper  ledgers)   •  DoD  guidance  quickly  evolving  to  account  for  new  breed  of   soYware  based  RM  solu@ons   •  New  ini@a@ves  within  RM  working  Group  geared  around   standardizing:   "  "  "  Taxonomies  for  RM   AutomaAon  of  file  plans  and  disposiAon  schedules   AutomaAon  of  discovery  requests  and  content  archiving   4  
  5. 5. Records  Management  in  the  DoD   •  All  Federal  agencies  must  define  and  maintain  an  approved   file  plan.     •  Records  Management  Capabili@es  within  the  DoD  must:   "   Comply  with  standards  set  in  DoDI  5015.2   "   Provide  capability  to  deliver  content  for  discovery   requests   "   Reduce  the  effort  of  the  Records  Manager  to  collect   metadata,  categorize  and  maintain  official  records   •  Solu@ons  must  be  interoperable,  and  able  to  evolve  to  meet   evolving  needs   •  Capabili@es  must  be  cost  effec@ve  in  delivering  these   capabili@es  based  on  government  austerity   5  
  6. 6. Alfresco  as  RM  soluAon   •  STOPSO  is  currently  implemen@ng  a  full  scale  RM  solu@on   for  the  Joint  Chiefs  of  Staff  based  on  Alfresco  ECM   "  "  "  "  Developed  as  a  distributed  RM  soluAon  comprising  mulAple   connected  repositories   Only  Open  Source  soluAon  in  DoD  providing  a  DoDI  5015.2  cerAfied   and  validated  capability   Developing  reference  architecture  for  compliant  soluAons  for  DoD   CIO   Part  of  the  DoD  RM  Taxonomy  Working  Group   •  Early  access  par@cipants  (Joint  Staff,  DoD  CIO  and  USCYBERCOM)  have   iden@fied  solu@on  as  possible  candidate  for  Enterprise  Service   6  
  7. 7. Alfresco  Suitability  as  Enterprise  Capability   •  Alfresco  recognized  within  the  Trusted  Code  Ini@a@ve  at   Open  Source  SoYware  Ins@tute   •  Intellectual  Property  and  Data  Rights  be  maintained   exclusively  with  the  Data  Owners   •  Ability  of  Alfresco  to  scale  to  massive  enterprise  levels  with   cost  structure  that  can  support  all  types  of  sponsors   •  Deployable  within  the  Joint  Informa@on  Environment  (JIE)   (cloud)  while  providing  offline/local  instances  (suppor@ng   limited  connec@vity)   •  Deep  levels  of  customiza@on  and  security  possible  due  to   access  to  Source  code   7  
  8. 8. eDTRM (Objectives) In an effort to support the DoD and SPAWAR ATLANTIC missions, the following objectives were chosen to guide the Enterprise Document, Task and Records Management (eDTRM) Initiative: Support  the  consolida@on  of  redundant  services  and  decompose  monolithic  systems   Innovate,  Develop,  Demonstrate  and  Share  common  services  across  the  Enterprise   Leverage  Open  Source  technology,  SOA  and  AGILE  Engineering  principles   Technology  Infusion,  Transforma@on,  Integra@on  and  Service  Layer  management     Increase  technical  efficiency  through  Cloud  compu@ng     Enable  consistent  secure  iden@ty  and  access  management  of  enterprise  services   Improve  collabora@on  and  decision  points  through  simplified  and  easily  accessible   informa@on  inges@on  and  exposure  (i.e.  JIE)   Ø  Provide  the  complete  SPAWAR  Atlan@c  Life  Cycle  Engineering  capabili@es  to  the   Joint  &  OSD  Warfigter  Community  (e.g.  COCOMMs,  JCTD,  etc)     Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø  Ø 
  9. 9. Technologies  leveraged   In order to do this the system must be able to leverage: -Content Management Interoperability Services (CIMS) -SharePoint Web Services -Tasker Integration Services (TIS) -Evolving OASIS Standards within the Content Management Realm 9  
  10. 10. eDTRM OSS components Software Platform q  Reduced Total Cost of Ownership, No per-user costs, lowered cost of deployed solution and costs associated with expanding adoption q  Rapid Deployment and Standardized Interfaces q  Enterprise collaboration and SharePoint integration q  Ability to drive innovation through direct access to code, developers and timelines through direct access to code, developers and timelines q  Fast response from community with standard commercial support available Ø  Alfresco  Enterprise  Content  Management   Ø  JaspersoY  Repor@ng  and  Business  Intelligence   Ø  PostGRES  Data  Storage  (RDBMS)   Ø  Shibboleth  Single  Sign-­‐On,  Iden@ty  Provider  and  SAML   Authoriza@on  
  11. 11. eDTRM Value and Benefits The success of the solution is not dependent on just cost savings but in the ability of the Open Source Platform to provide a flexible, extensible, scalable and stable platform that could evolve and become the Enterprise Service for Records Management Ø  Joint  Staff  realized  a  nearly  40%  cost  savings  on  O&M  compared  to  their   exisAng  system   Ø  Modernization  costs  were  reduced  by  nearly  20%  vs.  new  development  of   Open  Source  SoluAon  due  to  open  APIs   Ø  Open  API  allows  for  customizaAon  at  the  organizaAon  level     Ø  Capability  to  provide  Task  integraAon  with  other  fielded  soluAons   Ø  Clear  migraAon  path  from  legacy  soluAons   Ø  Ability  of  the  soluAon  to  scale  to  enterprise  levels  with  cost  structure  that  can   support  all  levels  of  customers