Alfresco Workdesk Stockholm Meetup


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Barbara Lemke's presentation on Alfresco Workdesk from Stockholm Meetup in May 2013

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Alfresco Workdesk Stockholm Meetup

  1. 1. Barbara LemkeSolutions EngineerAlfresco Business SolutionsAlfresco Stockholm MeetupWorkdesk
  2. 2. The open platform forbusiness-critical contentmanagement andcollaboration.
  3. 3. The open platform forbusiness-critical contentmanagement andcollaboration.
  4. 4. Alfresco Workdesk streamlinesbusiness-criticaldocument processes"loan originationinsurance claimscustomer invoiceslegal contractsgovernment records
  5. 5. Document Management in theirglobal M&A-business on Alfrescofor 150 users – further rolloutplanned to 1.000 users1.  Largest German savings bank w/5000+ users2.  100 different business processesin a private cloud environment for20+ savings banks(Swiss accident insurance) :Processing of incoming mail(insurance claims) for 2.500 usersDeal management application inglobal investment banking – 3.000users in 50+ countriesMigration of mission critical legacyECM system to Alfresco – 800 usersWW #1 High Tech
  6. 6. What makes Workdesk different?1.  Management of BUSINESS-roles •  vs. just access control in Share2.  VIRTUAL FOLDERS and views•  Context: users see just what they need to work on,when they need to work on it (content & actions)3.  CONFIGURATION instead of coding•  Configure Workdesk to your business requirements
  7. 7. Adaptable business applications
  8. 8. On the device of choiceAlfresco Workdesk •  With any web browser•  Focus on usability (508compliance)Alfresco Office Workdesk•  From the desktop within clientapplications•  MS Word, Adobe Acrobat, etc.Alfresco Mobile Workdesk•  With iOS devices
  9. 9. On the ECM system of choice
  10. 10. Alfresco Workdesk delivers more valuemuch faster than ever beforethe costthe time• Avoid heavy customizations of Share • Reduce implementation costs • Lower project risks• Get a better project done faster
  11. 11. Alfresco WorkdeskBPMHRAccessRightsBusinessRoleseFileModule(HR)Custo-mersClaimsR2BusinessView & NeedBusinessUserseFileModule(Claims)eFileModule(Customers)BPMModuleDifferentModuleInstancesFrom Technical to Business ViewTechnicalView
  12. 12. Transactional Content Applications•  Financial services•  Insurance•  Public sectorCase Management•  Incorporate Activiti as needed•  Virtual folders•  Business-roles basedFederated scenarios with legacy repositories•  Smooth migration from legacy repositoriesAlfresco Workdesk
  13. 13. LegacyECM RepositoryLegacyBusiness ApplicationSmooth Migration:Old Client/Server to Web/CloudData Migration- Phased over months- To Cloud or On Premise
  14. 14. Business-role managementWeb-UI with cutting-edge usability•  Accessibility (Section 508 compliant)•  Zero installation•  Drag and DropProductivity enhancing features•  E-Mail integration•  Bulk operations•  Mass operations•  In-line editing of meta dataAdd-Ons•  Direct editing of MS Office and pdf•  Thumbnail generation•  Advanced ViewingAlfresco Workdesk
  15. 15. Alfresco Office Workdesk•  Direct access to contentand meta data•  No other UI needed•  No client installation•  Support of variouscombinations ofapplications andWindows OSThe Power of Workdesk for Desktop Applications
  16. 16. Alfresco Mobile WorkdeskDedicated App for iOSdevicesBusiness role concept•  App looks and behavesdifferently for differentuser groups•  Concentration on relevantinformation•  No need for differentapps
  17. 17. Existing Mobile ECM Apps –One Size fits all ApproachRepositoryBusinessUsers
  18. 18. HRCustomersClaimsMobileWorkdeskServerPersonalizationBusinessRolesMobile Workdesk – Customflavors of just one appRepositoryBusinessUsers
  19. 19. Test Mobile Workdesk!Get the App fromApple App Store•  Pre wired to demoserver•  Ready to test
  20. 20. Difference to Alfresco Share and MobileWorkdesk, Office Workdesk,Mobile WorkdeskAlfresco Share, Alfresco MobileDescriptionSuite of applications for the creation ofbusiness critical content centric applications(using several different ECM repositories)General purpose clients for AlfrescoMain conceptApplications for different user groups arecreated by a combination of configuration andbusiness roles. Development framework forcustomer specific enhancements.Different user groups can access content (andsimple processes) organized in "sites". Usershave different access rights grouped in roles.Main purposeBusiness Applications, Transactional Contentmanagement, eFile-management, CaseManagementCollaboration, Document ManagementMain BenefitFast realization of customer specific businessapplication with no or little coding.Fast realization of collaboration sites with pre-defined document model and user roles.ExamplesCustomer folders, human resourcesapplication, claims management, contractmanagement, invoice verification, customapplicationsCreation of marketing material, collectinginformation, project documentation, temporarydocument storage
  21. 21. „… decided for AlfrescoWorkdesk because this solutionconvinced technical as well asfunctional. Alfresco Workdesk ishighly scalable and flexible.”„ Alfresco Workdesk is asolution that meets the demandsof our users and an applicationplatform that contributes to raisingour employee’s productivity andalso provides the optimal supportof our business processes.“„Using Alfresco Workdesk cuts thetime required to support a project toapproximately one third. As thecurrent process now includespreparing documents for long termstorage and records management,the full savings impact is evengreater.““… we can not onlyguarantee highest quality but alsoachieve shorter mail delivery andprocessing times leading to asignificant increase inproductivity, customersatisfaction, and over all lowerprocessing costs.“US power plant
  22. 22. What is yourbusiness-criticalcontent challenge?