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Alfresco tech talk live saks 9 jan 2013


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Slide deck to accompany Tech Talk Live with Aaron Heath from and Jeff Potts from Alfresco

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Alfresco tech talk live saks 9 jan 2013

  1. 1. Aaron HeathApplication Developer Saks Fifth Avenue January 09 2013
  2. 2. An enhanced, personalized, onlineshopping experience. You mayshop at in many ways: bya distinct look, a specific designeror an individual item. iscommitted to providing the samelegendary service and style foundin all Saks Fifth Avenue stores.
  3. 3. Alfresco @ Saks Alfresco provides a mechanism for managingmarketing content while preserving the use of ourunderlying e-commerce system by Red Prairie forproduct and customer order data - giving usbetter use and control of our website content.
  4. 4. Technology Stack (Alfresco)•  Alfresco Enterprise 3.4.9•  Red Hat 6 •  Oracle•  JBoss
  5. 5. We use Alfresco to •  Serve content on, as well as our mobile sites & apps.•  Empower business users to create, edit, and publish their content – reducing IT involvement.•  Manage non-product marketing content.
  6. 6. We use Alfresco to•  Manage Store & Event content.
  7. 7. Key Alfresco Integrations •  Blue Martini assortment & product association picker.A custom RESTful web service that provides theability to navigate the Blue Martini productsystem. The response from the service is usedin a custom Alfresco Share association picker,so Alfresco content can be associated to BlueMartini content.
  8. 8. •  Store Content for Order Management System (OMS).We replaced a legacy system for managing ourStores & Events content with Alfresco.Using Alfresco Web Scripts, we integratedAlfresco with our OMS to provide Find in Store,and Store Locator services.The store and event content is created andmanaged by the store manager at each store.
  9. 9. Store & Event content is also used on,our mobile site, as well as our Iphone and Ipadapps.
  10. 10. •  Custom Web Editor In order to help improve the content editingexperience, we’ve developed a custom editingtool that allows in-context editing from ourpre-production website. The editing tool uses Alfresco web scripts forlocating, creating, and editing Alfresco contentremotely.
  11. 11. Environments & Architecture •  Pre-production – Authoring Environment 2 node cluster with load balancer.Serves content to pre-production & QA websites. All content is created, and edited in the authoringenvironment.
  12. 12. Environments & Architecture •  Staging2 node cluster with load balancer.Serves approved content to our staging website,and multiple development websites.
  13. 13. Environments & Architecture •  Production3 node cluster with load balancer.Servers content to, mobile site, mobileapps, and Order Management System.
  14. 14. WorkflowOnce content is flagged as Ready, it’sautomatically assigned to a customworkflow. Content can be approvedmanually, or by a scheduled job. Approvedcontent gets published to stage orproduction using the Alfresco TransferService.
  15. 15. Alfresco allows us to •  Empower business users to deliver marketing content as a service to multiple online and mobile channels.•  Have an alternative CMS for editorial content without changing the core backend systems for the site.
  16. 16. What s Next With Alfresco @ Saks? Homepage Redesign, Custom Editing Tool v2Personalization, Integration with nginx caching, Upgradeto version 4!, continue porting existing content areas intoAlfresco…