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Alfresco Day Vienna 2016: Technology Partner Lightning Talk: Pernexas


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Technology Partner Lightning Talk: Pernexas

Published in: Technology
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Alfresco Day Vienna 2016: Technology Partner Lightning Talk: Pernexas

  1. 1. SAP & Alfresco Volker Blaesig, CIO, pernexas GmbH
  2. 2. connexas: Link SAP with Alfresco & Activiti SAP&Alfresco Activiti
  3. 3. SAP certification SAP&Alfresco
  4. 4. Highlights SAP&Alfresco Seamless integrated in SAP Pricing as OTL or Subscription Stay in your known environment Solutions – Invoice processing Employee folder … Support of many SAP areas (ERP, CRM, SRM, HCM, …) Metadata replication – find SAP data in Alfresco
  5. 5. Alfresco document in SAP SAP&Alfresco
  6. 6. SAP Documents in Alfresco SAP&Alfresco SAPrelateddetailsinAlfresco
  7. 7. connexas Sources SAP&Alfresco • Product Web Page: • Free Trial: • YouTube channel (videos about connexas): • Alfresco Partner pernexas: • Alfresco AddOns: • SAP App Center: • SAP Certificate (search for connexas or Alfresco): search=alfresco&recordid=6576&tab=certifications
  8. 8. pernexas GmbH Ghersburgstr. 40 D-83043 Bad Aibling Germany Volker Blaesig Phone: +49-8061-2809353 Mobile: +49-172-9750672 Company: Product: E-mail: Contact