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Alfresco Day Milano 2016 - Pernexas


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Alfresco & Activiti connected to SAP – optimize your value chain, Volker Blaesig, CEO, Pernexas

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Alfresco Day Milano 2016 - Pernexas

  1. 1. SAP – Alfresco & Activiti Volker Blaesig, CIO, pernexas GmbH
  2. 2. SAP connected to Activiti & Alfresco SAP-Activiti-Alfresco
  3. 3. SAP certified SAP-Activiti-Alfresco
  4. 4. Technical Infrastructure SAP-Activiti-Alfresco SAP Alfresco Doc HTTPContent Server6.40 JavaConnector/ NetWeaverGateway DMS, AL,... BO Dat HTTP RFC Tab FC/ Tab Activiti WF pernexasAdd-On Dat
  5. 5. Features: connexas HTTP Covered scenarios by connexas via HTTP Content Server 6.20 / ArchiveLink (integrated to SAP): –  SAP ArchiveLink: •  Incoming documents (e. g. incoming invoices) –  Early Archiving with SAP Workflow –  Early Archiving with Barcode –  Late Archiving •  Outgoing documents (e. g. order confirmations) •  Print list archiving (e. g. quarter end report) •  SAP Workflow –  SAP DMS (content repository for DIR) –  SAP Data archiving (ADK) –  SAP Solution Manager –  SAP Records Management –  SAP Case Management –  And others… SAP-Alfresco
  6. 6. SAP Documents in Alfresco SAP related details in Alfresco SAP-Alfresco
  7. 7. Administration in Alfresco SAP-Alfresco
  8. 8. SAP data in Activiti field SAP-Activiti-Alfresco
  9. 9. Features SAP - Activiti •  Bidirectional data exchange •  Fill Activiti fields with SAP related data •  Check Activiti entries against SAP data •  Start SAP Workflow •  Forward Activiti data to SAP •  Create SAP business object •  Combine with Alfresco/connexas features SAP-Activiti
  10. 10. Demo
  11. 11. connexas Sources •  Product Web Page: •  Free Trial: •  YouTube channel (videos about connexas): •  Alfresco Partner pernexas •  Alfresco AddOns: •  SAP Certificate (search for connexas or Alfresco): search.html#search=alfresco&recordid=6576&tab=certifications •  SAP Store: (search for connexas or Alfresco) SAP-Activiti-Alfresco
  12. 12. Grazie! Volker Blaesig @Blaesig @pernexas Venite a trovarci al nostro stand Condividi su #AlfrescoDayMilano