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Alfresco Day Barcelona 2016 - Activiti BPM


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Activiti BPM - Mike Farman (Director Solutions Engineering, EMEA) - en inglés

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Alfresco Day Barcelona 2016 - Activiti BPM

  1. 1. #AlfrescoDayBarcelona
  2. 2. Alfresco Activiti Business Process Management Michael Farman SE Director, EMEA
  3. 3. MarketNeed From To Collaborative WorkIndividual Tasks IT Ownership The Market View: The Modernization of BPM Business Ownership Structured Dynamic and Intelligent Process Only Process + Content + People
  4. 4. MarketNeed Modern BPM Requirements Business Users Consumer-like experience Self-sufficiency (“citizen developers”, “low code”) IT Minimal IT involvement Easy deployment and integration Companies Process coverage and compliance Greater agility and flexibility
  5. 5. Legacy BPM Systems Fail to Deliver MarketNeed Low User Adoption IT Complexity Too Rigid Non-intuitive, outdated interfaces Heavy reliance on IT Lack of process coverage Proprietary systems Long, costly deployments Complex ongoing management Hard to collaborate Hard to deviate from routine Hard to respond quickly
  6. 6. Modern, Lightweight BPM Platform for Business People and Developers • High-performance process engine • Business-friendly tools and analytics • Integration with wide range of applications • Part of the Alfresco ECM + BPM platform • Powers thousands of business processes for hundreds of customers WhyActiviti Alfresco Activiti
  7. 7. Why Alfresco Activiti? WhyActiviti SIMPLE Empower users to increase process ownership and adoption OPEN Innovate faster and reduce IT complexity SMART Transform operations with greater process coverage and flexibility
  8. 8. WhyActiviti Integrations with Box, Google Drive, and Alfresco One present content in context Simple tools allow non-technical people to create their own processes and e-forms Intuitive task management—including mobile app support—keeps people on track Empower Business UsersSimple
  9. 9. WhyActiviti Dynamic, collaborative processes add flexibility and avoid workarounds Smart Analytics and heat maps provide insights to optimize process efficiency Process audits and integrated records filing show and improve process compliance Transform Business Operations
  10. 10. WhyActiviti Innovate Faster, Easier Multiple integrations to capture content, including option to save in Alfresco One Open Open source and open standards for easy integration and faster deployment High performance and scalability with multi-tenancy for data segregation
  11. 11. Choice of Process Modeler Step Editor BPMN Editor FeatureHighlights
  12. 12. FeatureHighlights Forms Editor Forms Library Forms Editor Forms
  13. 13. FeatureHighlights Decision Tables Decision Rule Editor
  14. 14. • Box and Google Drive – Attach content AND metadata to a process – Push content AND metadata out from a process Integration Application Integration
  15. 15. • REST Calls made easy – Lists of Values – To get external data – To send to external systems • ESBs • Java • Fully embeddable – Microservice – Rich Java API Integration Application Integration
  16. 16. FeatureHighlights Process Heat Map Process Reports Process Analytics
  17. 17. Business Process Management Forms Library Forms Editor Task Manager Step Editor BPM Editor Analytics Alfresco Activiti Content + Process + People FeatureHighlights Enterprise Content Management Security Content Store Records Mgt Meta Data Search Alfresco One Workflow (Activiti)
  18. 18. Process Menu FeatureHighlights Alfresco One Integration
  19. 19. Processing • Loan processing • Request processing • Incident processing Operations • Purchase to pay • Service fulfillment Onboarding • Client onboarding • Employee onboarding • Student onboarding Governance and Compliance • Retention and disposition • Regulatory compliance • Data reporting Customers Customer Applications
  20. 20. Customers This financial services firm wanted a simpler, more efficient alternative to their complex BPM systems. Many processes were coded on the fly, making them inconsistent and hard to maintain and troubleshoot. • Introduced Alfresco Activiti to help manage global agency broker and clearing processes • Developed new processes and will retro-engineer existing processes to conform with common standard • Goals are to bring more order to process management, cut operational and tech costs, and increase productivity French Multinational Banking and Financial Services Company
  21. 21. AlfrescoCustomer This financial services leader was dissatisfied with its legacy BPM solutions, which were proprietary, costly, and lacking in innovation and vendor follow-through. • Migrated from Activiti Community Edition to Alfresco Activiti, an open platform with enterprise-grade features and support • Standardized on Alfresco Activiti for key wealth management applications that move millions of dollars daily • Goal is to realize millions in TCO savings, working closely with Alfresco to define and meet innovation needs Customers Swiss Global Financial Services Company
  22. 22. Summary Alfresco Activiti Business Users Take ownership of process improvement with intuitive, flexible tool IT Consolidate on a modern, scalable BPM solution that’s easy to integrate Companies Transform operations for increased efficiency, agility and bottom line growth
  23. 23. Demo
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