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Agile led alfresco implementation jan 2011 (final)

Slide deck to accompany Alfresco and Monetical webinar on 18 January 2011

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Agile led alfresco implementation jan 2011 (final)

  1. 1. Agile Led Alfresco Implementation   John E. Abram Managing Consultant
  2. 2. Agile  Manifesto  •  Project collaboration over complex project processes•  Working software over comprehensive documentation•  Customer collaboration over contract negotiation•  Responding to change over following a plan
  3. 3. Commodi1sed  So3ware  Projects  •  Commoditise software implementation•  Alfresco open source philosophy•  Address commercial challenges•  Creates significant value early for Alfresco Sponsors, Stakeholders and User Communities
  4. 4. Addressing  Concerns   Chief Technology Officer User Base Con1nuous   Skill   Capability   Technology   Demo   Sprints   Engagement  Velocity   Demo   Schedule   Needs   Narra6ve   Plain-­‐English  concern   ROI   Value   Confidence   Walls   Visual  PPT  
  5. 5. Tradi1onal  Transforma1on   Process   Masses of Documentation Persona  Needs  &   Wants   Persona   Lengthy production cycle
  6. 6. Agile  Transforma1on  Process   Unique Standardised/ commoditizedOrganisa1on   Segments   Specifica1on   Func1on   Project   Epics   Sprint   Actors   Tasks   Stories   Sprint   Needs  &   Tasks   Sprint   Wants   Sprint   Epics   Tasks   Actors   Sprint   Stories   Sprint   Tasks   Sprint  
  7. 7. Alfresco  Community   Knowledge  Life  Cycle   Alfresco Standardised Alfresco Work Tasks CommunityConsume Contribute A single Alfresco Project
  8. 8. Backlog  Management  Needs  &   Actors   Story   Backlog   Task   Wants   Index of Stories Prioritisation Total Sprint Count
  9. 9. Standardised  Project  Work  Packs   make  up  a  STORY  Needs  &   Actors   Story   Backlog   Task   Wants   Canned Tasks Nothing Missed Rapid Planning Skill Gap
  10. 10. Individual  Work  Tasks  Needs  &   Actors   Story   Backlog   Task   Wants   Estimates Instructions Discussions Test Scenarios
  11. 11. Alfresco  Light-­‐weight   Programming  Model  ●  Service-oriented interfaces ●  Transformation, templating ●  Workflow●  Aspects as extensions ●  Actions on create, update, destroy ●  Injection for security, access, etc.●  Templating ●  FreeMarker for mark-up ●  Access to compound structures●  JavaScript extensions ●  Full data model●  REST-style of interface ●  URL-addressability of all functions
  12. 12. Recap  ●  Standardization in software implementation has arrived ●  Work packs (individual work tasks = coding, estimates, instructions etc)●  Agile methodology ideal for standardization ●  Transform unique business needs into standard tasks●  Alfresco technology platform & community ●  Portal & Templates ●  Services & Workflows ●  Full data model●  What next ●  1on1 Demonstration Thank you John Abram