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Exadata SMART Monitoring - OEM 13c


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Collaborate 2019 Exadata OEM Monitoring - OEM 13c

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Exadata SMART Monitoring - OEM 13c

  1. 1. Session ID: Prepared by: Remember to complete your evaluation for this session within the app! 170 SMART Performance Monitoring. Exadata & OEM 13c 4/9/2019 Alfredo Krieg Senior Cloud Performance Architect Viscosity North America @alfredokrieg
  2. 2. Leverage what Makes Viscosity Different Our Mission: •We Enable Business Transformation at a Time when Companies must Change to Survive
  3. 3. Viscosity is a team of experts specializing in Oracle Cloud and Engineered Systems. We are lot more than just Oracle SharePlex Platinum Partner MongoDB Consulting Partner Neo4J Consulting Partner Kyriba - Treasury Management
  4. 4. We’ve written 22 books on Data, Cloud, and Oracle… Industry Experts o Viscosity founders hold 27+ years each in the Oracle space o Authors of 22 books in the Oracle space o 4 ACE Directors, only 36 in the United States o Direct connections to Oracle support and Product Managers support o Expertise in Engineered Systems, ZFS, ODA, Oracle 11g, 12c, 18c, RAC/ASM, Data Guard, Performance Tuning & Oracle Licensing o Hire only best of the best
  5. 5. 6 Viscosity Pillars And Delivery Models Database InfrastructureAppsData Data Integration IAAS / PAAS Data Warehousing Analytics GoldenGate SAAS / PAAS CX ERP SCM HCM PAAS Web Applications Mobility EBS / JDE / PS IAAS Public Cloud Bare Metal Cloud AWS Azure Bluemix Engineered Systems Exa- ZFS @Customer X86 / Sparc Workshops Assessments Proof of Concepts Training Turnkey Projects Managed Services
  6. 6. Performance Health Checks How’s it running? Apps SaaS/PaaS, Mobility, Application Development DBA Services Remote and On-site On-Call Support Managed Services ZERO DOWNTIME Migrations Professional Services Where you need it most Staff Aug Workforce Capacity on Demand Oracle License Management Get the most out of your Oracle investment 7
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  11. 11. Alfredo Krieg • Oracle ACE • Senior Cloud Performance Architect at Viscosity North America • Database Performance Tuning, Exadata, OEM and EBS • Oracle Technologies since 2004 • Blog • @alfredokrieg
  12. 12. Disclaimer • The opinions expressed in this presentation are solely mine, and not that of my employer.
  13. 13. Agenda • Oracle Enterprise Manager – Architecture – Plug-ins – Discover and Setup – Performance Metrics – Systems Infrastructure Plug-in • Exadata – SMART IO – Flash Cache Resource Monitoring – Cellcli • Oracle Database – AWR Exadata Related Metrics – SQL Monitoring
  14. 14. OEM 13c Architecture • Oracle Management Repository • Oracle Management Service • Oracle Management Agent • Plug-ins • Java Virtual Machine Diagnostics • Cloud Control Console
  15. 15. OEM 13c Plug-ins • Default Plug-ins installed with OEM 13.3 – Oracle Database – Oracle Fusion Middleware – Oracle Exadata – Oracle Cloud Framework – Oracle System Infrastructure • The plug-in must be deployed on the OMS first then the OMA • OMS plug-in can be a higher version – Compatibility issues – Errors – Metric Collection Errors
  16. 16. Exadata Plug-in • OEM 13.3 – Exadata Plug-in – Exadata Virtualization Provisioning • Create/delete RAC cluster (VMs, DB, GI, ASM) • Scale up/down a RAC cluster – Monitor Exadata Flash Cache Features – Enhanced Exadata Hardware Management – Patching Automation Support • Compute Nodes (Firmware and OS) • Exadata Storage Cell Servers (Firmware and OS) • Infiniband Network (Firmware) • Quarterly Full Stack Patches – Database – Infrastructure (Storage Cell Server, Infiniband, PDU) – ORAchk/EXAchk Integration – Auto Service Request (ASR) Integration: Faulty Telemetry
  17. 17. Exadata Plug-in • Deployment Pre-reqs 332AEFBEF976.htm#EMXIG215
  18. 18. Exdata Discovery • Deploy OMA on compute nodes • Run Discovery Precheck Script – From the OEM agent directory – Doc ID 1473912.1 – Credentials needed cellmonitor SSH, oemuser ILOM , nm2user Infiniband • From OEM Console -> Setup -> Add Target -> Add Targets Manually
  19. 19. Exadata Discovery • Add Using Guided Process -> Oracle Exadata Database Machine
  20. 20. Exadata Discovery • 13c or 12c?
  21. 21. Exadata Discovery • 13c target type – Enhanced Monitoring – Allows Plug-in to monitor Exadata Storage Server and KVM – Enterprise Manager Systems Infrastructure Plug-in the rest of hardware targets in the rack • 12c target type – Exadata Plug-in only monitors all the components • If you already have an Exadata discovered with 12c target type? – You can upgrade the target types from the Exadata Home Page
  22. 22. Exadata Discovery • Select the OMA deployed in the first compute node • Rest of discovery steps 368960BA2482.htm#EMXIG139
  23. 23. Exadata Topology • DB Machine Schematic and Photo-Realistic
  24. 24. Exadata Resource Utilization • Navigate to Database Machine -> Resource Utilization -> Compute Resources
  25. 25. Performance Metrics Storage Cell Server • Storage Cell Server
  26. 26. Performance Metrics Storage Cell Server • Storage Cell Server
  27. 27. Performance Metrics Storage Cell Server • Storage Cell Server Metrics – 100+ Metrics available in 15 categories • Celldisk Statistics • Cell Offload Efficiency • Cell Statistics • Cell Summary • Consumer Group • Critical Event • Database Resource Manager • Database Statistics • Filesystem Utilization • Flashcache Statistics • Griddisk Statistics • Interconnect • LUN Statistics • Physicaldisk Statistics • Response Category – Option to create Metric Extensions
  28. 28. Enterprise Manager Systems Infrastructure • Enterprise Manager System Infrastructure Plug-in (13c only) – Compute Node Schematic – Photo-Realistic Topology C771BB76728D.htm#EMSIM131
  29. 29. Enterprise Manager Systems Infrastructure • Targets monitored – Servers – Storage servers – Networks – Racks and power distribution units (PDUs) – Oracle Solaris and Linux operating systems – Oracle Solaris Zones – Oracle VM Server for SPARC and logical domains – Oracle SuperCluster engineered systems 81
  30. 30. SMART IO – Cell Server • Ability to OFFLOAD processing to the storage servers
  31. 31. SMART IO – Cell Server • SQL operations that benefit from SMART IO – Smart Scans Predicate Filtering • Only the rows requested are returned – Smart Scan Column Filtering • Only the columns requested are returned – Smart Scan Join Processing • Joins are processed in the storage layer. Implemented using Bloom Filters – Smart Scan Processing of Encrypted Tablespaces and Columns – Storage Indexing • Exadata examines Storage Index before any I/O is done – Offload of Data Mining Model Scoring • All data mining functions are offloaded – Other • Database backups and Tablespace creation
  32. 32. SMART IO – Flash Cache • Flash for Database Objects – Automated caching mechanism for frequently-accessed data – DB and Storage Servers communicate and have the visibility of objects need to be cached – Understand the nature of all I/O operations – Objects larger than the size of the flash cache – only a portion is cached – Exadata Smart Flash Cache Compression • Flash for Database Logging – Redo logs are multiplexed between disk and flash cache – Exadata will do parallel write to both and when either of these competes database will be notified – Not a permanent store for redo data – just temp to provide fast redo write response time
  33. 33. Flash Cache Resource Monitoring • I/O Utilization (as percentage) • Hard Drive I/O Time Breakdown (in milliseconds per request) • Flash I/O Time Breakdown (in milliseconds per request)
  34. 34. Cellcli [rootslcc13cel12 ~]# cellcli -e list griddisk attributes name,asmmodestatus,asmdeactivationoutcome DBFS_DG_CD_02_slcc13cel12 ONLINE Yes DBFS_DG_CD_03_slcc13cel12 ONLINE Yes DBFS_DG_CD_04_slcc13cel12 ONLINE Yes DBFS_DG_CD_05_slcc13cel12 ONLINE Yes DBFS_DG_CD_06_slcc13cel12 ONLINE Yes DBFS_DG_CD_07_slcc13cel12 ONLINE Yes DBFS_DG_CD_08_slcc13cel12 ONLINE Yes DBFS_DG_CD_09_slcc13cel12 ONLINE Yes DBFS_DG_CD_10_slcc13cel12 ONLINE Yes DBFS_DG_CD_11_slcc13cel12 ONLINE Yes
  35. 35. AWR Exadata Related Metrics
  36. 36. AWR Exadata Related Metrics
  37. 37. Exadata SMART IO
  38. 38. Exadata SMART IO
  39. 39. SQL Monitoring
  40. 40. Session ID: Remember to complete your evaluation for this session within the app! 170