Water damage mitigating the damage and restoring your property!


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Water damage can ruin your carpets, your floors, your upholstered furniture, walls, structural properties – all of it – and in a hurry. You need the prompt response of an experienced <a>Water Damage Restoration</a> team.

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Water damage mitigating the damage and restoring your property!

  1. 1. Water damage can ruin your carpets, your floors, yourupholstered furniture, walls, structural properties – allof it – and in a hurry. You need the prompt responseof an experienced Water Damage Restoration team.It takes a team effort to secure the water extraction,drying and restorative actions that can mean so muchto your home or business property.
  2. 2. Experience is a MUST in dealing with water damage, asthere are some measures to take, and some measures notto take, depending on several factors.An experienced Water Damage Restoration professionalwill understand that the outside temperature affectswhat you are doing to the inside damage.
  3. 3. If it is a cooler season, you will be advised to leave theheat on to assist in drying. If it is the summer, use airconditioning if it is available.To remove as much water as possible, you will needthe powerful water extraction equipment thatyour ServiceMaster Clean Care technician can provide,as well as the high-powered drying fans they alsoprovide.
  4. 4. Water extraction equipment can also be used forupholstered furniture if thoroughly saturated. Mostnon-upholstered furniture can be wiped dry – withthorough efforts to all surfaces.
  5. 5. Draperies can be removed and most importantlygotten off carpeted areas if wet, and hung on a hangerto dry or removed to a drier location if time andfacilities allow.
  6. 6. Other loose items such as area rugs and carpets andanything else lying on a wet floor need to be removedso the water extraction equipment and fans can get atall the carpet fibers or other surfaces.
  7. 7. Some fabrics, such as leather need to be hung to dry– and have to be dried at room temperature – notwith excessive heat.You don’t want to make mistakes such as entering aroom with free-standing water when your electricityis still on, or trying to use electrical equipment onwet floors or carpets, such as your vacuum!
  8. 8. The best advice by far is to contact your GrandRapids ServiceMaster Clean Care IICRC certifiedprofessional on their emergency hotline forimmediate service for your safety and your bestchance at the effective water damage restoration ofyour property!