Presentation journalist group langon


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The journalist group recorded the activities in during the Comenius meeting in Langon 2012

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Presentation journalist group langon

  1. 1. Comenius, Meeting in Langon 2012
  2. 2. Working Part
  3. 3. Windmills● First the Norwegians found the recipe for windmills at home and they brought the parts here. They finished the windmill with french student. Together they made a presentation● The Norwegians mentioned that the most important energy source wasnt windmill but it was water power.● In France the most important energy resource is nuclear energy.
  4. 4. Hydroelectric Plant● The Germans built the wheel at home and brought it here● The French made a presentation about hydroelectric energy● The most popular energy resource in Germany isnt hydroelectric energy but they have a hydroelectric plant near their city
  5. 5. Solar water heating● The Italian group worked about the solar thermal with the french students. Together they made a presentation● Solar thermal is a system able to transform the radiate energy from sun in thermal energy called heat.● In the buildings the solar thermal system are devices that allow capturing the solar energy, storing heat it and using in various ways.● In Italy the most important energy resource is
  6. 6. Small objects● The Spanish built a solar powered car, photovoltaic battery charger, solar house, peltier cell and windmill.● The most used energy resource in Spain is fossil fuel, but the production of clean energies is growing and growing.● The french students built a water solar lamp, a salt water clock, a solar water pump, a fountain, a solar oven, and a solar house too.
  7. 7. Solar plants● The Lithuanians built solar powered mill which uses solar energy to spin the mill. They made a presentation about solar power.● The French did two models of solar plants (house with solar panels and solar plants models which ilustrates big solar plants).● The Lithuanians named thermal energy as most popular in their country.
  8. 8. Feelings about the project● Everybody told us that in the begining it was a little bit difficult to communicate but then they got used to speaking in English.● Its great to work with people from different countries with different cultures and knowledge because it allows us to compare our ideas and improve our language.
  9. 9. Some moments!
  10. 10. It was so fun! We will miss you all!