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Comenius litauen-fossile-brennstoffe design-leonie


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Comenius litauen-fossile-brennstoffe design-leonie

  1. 1. Burning fossil fuels -environmental effects
  2. 2. Outline1. Origin of fossil fuels2. CO2 emissions3. SO2 emissions4. NO2 emissions5. Personal opinion
  3. 3. Fossil fuelsExample: mineral oilCarbon (C) 83 - 87%Hydrogen (H2) 10 - 14%Nitrogen (N2) 0,1 - 2%Oxygen (O2) 0,1 - 1,5%Sulfur (S) 0,5 - 6%Main combustion product: CO2
  4. 4. CO2 emissions
  5. 5. Greenhouse effect
  6. 6. SO2 emissions Germany SO2-emissions by category West Germany East Germany Europe-wide coming into effect from Helsinki- protocolls to sulfur dioxide- reductions West Germany East GermanyEnergy productions Processing industry TrafficHouseholds and small consumers Military and other small resources Fugitive emissions from combustible materialIndustrial processes Waste and efluent
  7. 7. NOx emissionenergy business
  8. 8. Acid rain• Characteristic Low pH rain with 50 times higher acidity than normal• Cause SO2 and NOx air pollution• Result Forest dieback
  9. 9. Personal opinion