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Public Telecare Service of the Basque Government: a integrated health and social care provision.


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I Simposio Europeo de Intercambio de Buenas Prácticas en la atención sociosanitaria, celebrado en Barcelona.

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Public Telecare Service of the Basque Government: a integrated health and social care provision.

  1. 1. Public Telecare Service of the Basque Government: a integrated health and social care provision model. Source: betiON. Memorandum 2013.
  2. 2. Basque CountryBasque Country Population: 2.184.606. 7.234 km² (similar to Barcelona). GDP per person: 31.288 € (similar to UK). Three regions: Gipuzkoa, Araba y Bizkaia. Social Services Authorities: social care is managed by different organizations. In July 2011 Basque Government assumed Telecare responsibilities. Social Services Minister: Mr. Jose María Aburto. Health Authorities: Osakidetza is the public health service. Health and Social Services work together to provide integrated services, telecare and telehealth, using IT. Health Minister: Mr. Jon Darpón.
  3. 3. 23% 267% Basque Country is one of the most aged regions in the world. Life expectancy: 82,7 •86 Women •79 Men It is higher than the European average. Population projection 2014 - 2026Population projection 2014 - 2026 In 2026, people older than 65 will increase by 23% and 267% centenarians. 2026 2014 Source: EUSTAT 2013.
  4. 4. The Public Telecare Service of the Basque Government (betiON) is part of a comprehensive care model focused on the person, whose fundamental aspect is to address the social and health needs of people in a coordinated manner, both in preventive and in care aspect. Its connection with health care devices allows having information of systems which share data on health and social issues. This makes possible a characterization of the target population and the development of integrated health and social care provision models.
  5. 5. Employment and Social Services Department Management commission public contracting Provider of telecare Users OSATEK Legal framework: •Law 12/2008, of December 5. •Decree144/2011, of June 25. Telecare in the Basque GovernmentTelecare in the Basque Government
  6. 6. OSATEK, S.A. is a public corporation created by the Basque Government in June 1992 whose purpose is the provision and delivery of support services to the basque healthcare and social system, especially those on a corporate basis or the application may require high-tech procedures.
  7. 7. • People over 75 who live alone • People over 65 who are in a situation of acknowledged dependency or in situation of vulnerability recognized by social services • People with intellectual, physical or sensory disability and recognized dependency at any degree • People who have a diagnosed mental illness and present a situation of recognized dependency or risk of social exclusion. This service is aimed at:This service is aimed at:
  8. 8. • To encourage their users to stay in their usual environment • To guarantee a continuity of care • To reduce the need for face-to-face care • To promote care at home • To orient patient/family in the decision of the health problem • To increase cooperation and coordination between health professionals and social partners • To facilitate communication between different health agents. Objectives:Objectives:
  9. 9. KEY FACTS:  betiON services 30.393 people.  Average age is 82 years old.  81% are women.  59% living alone.  7.03% of the population over 65 years, in Euskadi, is betiON user. In Euskadi 19,5% of the population is over 65 years. UsersUsers Age distribution Gender distribution Residential unit January 2013 11% Number of users December 2013 Source: betiON. Memorandum 2013.
  10. 10. Chronic conditionsChronic conditions KEY FACTS:  The average number of chronic diseases in betiON’s population is considerably higher.  betiON’s population presents a much higher health cost for the total population.  Linking clinical and social data from the information systems for health and social services (betiON), provides an overview of the population, useful to clinicians, social service professionals and researchers. Women Men Number of chronic diseases Average chronic diseases per person Annual health cost Study period: September 2010 - August 2011. Source: Prevalence and costs of chronicity and multimorbidity in the population covered by the Basque Public Telecare Service.
  11. 11. 1.983 Outbound 790 Incoming 3.921 Self-tests Demand managementDemand management Source: betiON. Memorandum 2013. 87,33% It resolved through telephone by telecom operators. 12,67% Derivations Public Services and contacts 8,69% Healthcare system 2,91% Family and friends 0,42% Emergency 0,66% Mobile unit
  12. 12. Coordination of social and health servicesCoordination of social and health services The 8.69% of calls have a sanitary character • 5.79% Health Advice (vs 4,01% 2012) • 2.90% Appointment (vs 1,67% 2012) with a 58% of call resolution. +40% +68% Source: betiON. Memorandum 2013. Public health campaigns Vacunados No se vacunan Informados Ausentes
  13. 13. Telecare and TelemonitoringTelecare and Telemonitoring TELBIL is a study of a primary care-based telemonitoring intervention for home care patients with heart failure and chronic lung disease. TELBIL + T is an evolution incorporating telecare as a provider of comprehensive services. TELBIL + T is an evolution incorporating telecare and telemonitoring together. betiON is the provider of telecare and telehealth. TELBIL + T In 2014, betiON is part of the European project titled Universal Solutions in Telemedicine Deployment for European Health Care (united4Health) of Competitiveness and Innovation Programme ICT-PSP 2012 call, as a provider of telecare and telehealth services for the Basque Health Service, for heart failure care. TeleCOPD TeleCOPD is a corporate project Basque Health System. It´s an intervention for home care patients with COPD. betiON is the provider of telemonitoring services. United for Health – Heart Failure
  14. 14. Coordination of social and health servicesCoordination of social and health services The coordination of social and health services through the connection of information systems and telecare as a platform of services offer significant opportunities for innovation in the intervention relating to this population.
  15. 15. Mrs. Lide Amilibia ( Social Services Director. Social Services Department of Basque Government. Mr. Enrique Gutiérrez ( Managing Director. OSATEK, public company of Basque Government. Mr. Alfredo Alday ( Telecare Area Manager. OSATEK, public company of Basque Government. Moltes gràcies Eskerrik asko Muchas gracias Thank you very much