Social media plan - Mercedes-Benz dealer


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Social Media strategy is part of So-Lo-Mo strategy (Social, Local, Mobile) which is part of the business strategy.

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Social media plan - Mercedes-Benz dealer

  1. 1. Social Media Plan – Mercedes Benz dealerAlfonso Gadea
  2. 2. StrategySocial Media strategy is part of So-Lo-Mo strategy (Social, Local, Mobile)which is part of the business strategy.Social Media is about Inbound Marketing: It focuses on consumers findingyou: Make it easy to people who are already actively searching for theproduct, this way generating more qualified leads and advocacy.These are the basic steps:• Embrace Social Media as an important communications channel.• Ask prospective & current customers to like/follow us.• Create fresh, relevant, targeted content, specifically designed to reach adistinct audience, driving: • consideration and sales among new customers, • loyalty and advocacy among owners.8. Leverage social media to break into the consideration of loyalists andencourage competitive switching. Alfonso Gadea
  3. 3. Target groups & profileGroup 1: Customers - Current customers: make’em fans! - Customers’ friends: reach them! - Target profile (see below). - Mercedes’ fans and their friends: They have more friends! (1)Group 2: Thought leaders (2) - Journalists and bloggers, leaders on automotive issues. - Passionate about cars involved in discussions. Managed through PR (follow and help them, get them follow and recommend us) and specific channels (motor sites and discussion groups).Target profile A mix of our customers’ profile + social media users: - get what they deserve MB customer - identified with their brands MB customer - find fair prices (3) used cars buyer - control the buying process e-buyers(6) According to a study of 15,938 Facebook users, the average fan of an auto brand has 433 friends, which is three times the amount of the typical user.(7) This presentation is focused on Group 1.(8) We can find similar online profiles: e.g. luxury brands outlets such as Vente Priveé. Alfonso Gadea
  4. 4. Positioning Passion……is the beginning of everything.Passion is to be breathed from the start.From passion we can drive fans through> News > Special offers > Service > Whatever... Alfonso Gadea
  5. 5. StructureThe main driver is the customer / fan profile, starting with what they have in common: Passion. Passion & Cars + Local experience + Apps New Used cars Trucks Our professionals One 2 One New Used cars Trucks Service Com New Used Trucks Dealer Blog & parts pany An extraordinary experience Alfonso Gadea
  6. 6. Contents - Facebook Passion & Cars + Local experience + AppsNews feed One common page to attract customers from passion, build aVehicle info. community, drive its members to the website / TwitterPics of vehicles. and get advocacy (this is the best ROI in Social Media).MB rallies. Through apps we can offer specific contents (and browsers)Video ads. about used cars, trucks, services or parts.Reviews from a forum The difference from the brand’s page is that we tell localor magazine. experiences through stories, videos, pictures… and invite the community to tell them.Customer feedback. We get our community experience travel on-off-onReviews from owners. (e.g. Fans sharing pictures, trying our cars downtown, our mechanicsWebsite links. giving a speech in a mall or a brand’s designer invited to our town).Social interests. We show what our new cars customers live and what our used cars customers aspire to.AppsBrowser, pricing information, payment calculator, updated inventory listings. Alfonso Gadea
  7. 7. Contents – Twitter & LinkedIn New Used cars TrucksLots of passion Lots of special deals- Lots of contents from the brand / magazines. - Incentives, rebates, giveaways, sales- All kind of exclusive events where we can appear. - Last in / Last sold.- Thought leaders talking about us. - Tips to find deals. New / Used / Trucks - Ownership info (recalls, maintenance reminders) Our professionalsSocial Media is a business process involving the whole company.- Our professionals (mechanics, salesmen, etc.) may get involved in group discussions orsimply make their professional profile visible.- MB has a company profile which is to be referred by all professionals.Let’s get staff that has more free time – such as the parts and accessories department – tomanage LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter... and help to make our community grow. Alfonso Gadea
  8. 8. Contents – Mobile & Repository One 2 OneInfo Tools- Maintenance reminders. - Remotely lock doors.- Roadside assistance. - Remote horn / lights to find car.- Vehicle health info. - Parked car locator (GPS).- Manufacturer vehicle notifications.- Diagnostic trouble code.- Owner’s manual w/ easy navigation.- Service schedule. New Used cars TrucksImage is the essence of passion so it’s an important part of ourcontent spread through every channel.Different channel for each profile so that our fan can view morecontent of the same kind. Alfonso Gadea
  9. 9. Contents – Website and other channels Service Com New Used Trucks Dealer Blog & parts pany Home: origin of passion. Saxony / Bavaria - Content from the brand. - Facilities and the team. - New models in SW. - Local events. - Special & VIP’s local events. Special deals Listen to our team - Car of the week and last in. - Opinion from mechanics, - Incentives, rebates, giveaways, sales. salesmen, finance, etc. - Follow us on Twitter. The website is still the main place to show our identity, our DNA, and where we keep the control. An extraordinary experienceLet’s spread good contents through exclusive channels.For example, let’s create an exclusive interactive magazine for our customers, includingthe most important topics this month... And let’s have it uploaded to the Apple store!It is cool and also iPhone users may be included in our target profile. Alfonso Gadea
  10. 10. experience deals community content exclusive on-off image passion brand fans price team leads inbound aspire control local advocacyAlfonso Gadea