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  1. 1. Back In The Day On October 28th, 1981, drummer Lars Ulrich posted an ad on the local newspaper searching for a guitarist. To that ad responded rhythm guitarist James Hetfield, bassist Ron McGovney, and later recruited lead guitarist David Scott Mustaine. They called the band Metallica, that name came when Lars Ulrich talked to a friend of him that was doing a metal ‘zine at the time and he wanted to choose between two names for the magazine, which where Metal Mania and Metallica, Lars convinced him to use Metal Mania so that he could use Metallica for his band. Guitarist Dave Mustaine was always bothering Ron McGovney. One time he put beer in his bass guitar. He got so mad he left the band. After that James and Lars went to a club to see a band named Trauma. They heard what they though was a guitar, and when they observed closely and counted the strings, they saw that it was a bass…
  2. 2. Cliff Burton and Conflicts With Dave Mustaine Cliff Burton was the name of the bassist they saw. After the show they asked him to join the band and to go with them to South California. Cliff would only accept the offer if the band moved to San Francisco, and so they did. After that they started to realize that Dave Mustaine was a violent alcoholic. They received a call from Jon Zazula saying that he heard their demo No Life Til‟ Leather and wanted to record an album with them before anyone else. He sent them money to go to New York to record the album which they called Kill „em All. Before the recording they decided to kick Dave Mustaine out of the band because of his alcohol and drug abuse. After he got kicked out he formed a rival band called MEGADETH. When they kicked him out they had already spoken with lead guitarist of Exodus Kirk Hammett. They recorded…
  3. 3. Kill „em All(1983) This was Metallica‟s first studio album. This album consisted of 10 songs(8 of them written with Dave Mustaine) which were: Hit the ligths,The Four Horsemen Motorbreath, Jump in the fire, (Anesthesia) Pulling teeth, Whiplash, Phantom Lord, No Remorse, Seek & Destroy and MetaMilitia. That made them known in Europe and the USA.
  4. 4. Ride The Lightning(1984) 'Ride The Lightning' proved that Metallica were not some thrash-in-the-pan one trick pony, the writing and sound illustrating a growth, maturity and intensity which saw them immediately targeted by major management in QPrime, and a major label in Elektra. This Album made them know Worldwide.
  5. 5. Master of Puppets(1986) Returning to the same studios in 1985, the group recorded 'Master Of Puppets', mixing in LA with Michael Wagner and releasing in early 1986. They quickly secured a tour with Ozzy Osbourne, and that stint (plus a top 30 album chart position) saw their fan base and name take a quantum leap. What had seemed so unlikely was nearer than ever to coming true; world domination. This Album went Gold with over 500,000 sales that year. To this time it has sold over 8 million copies worldwide.
  6. 6. Death of Cliff…  • On September 26th, 1986, that dream was given the most shattering of blows. Somewhere in Sweden on an overnight drive, the bands' tour bus skidded out of control and flipped, killing Cliff Burton. His influence on the musical growth of the band was enormous. Burton combined the DIY philosophies of jamming and experimenting with an acute knowledge of musical theory, and Hetfield in particular found a lot in his playing and personality. It was impossible to imagine Metallica without him. Yet Cliff would equally not have cared for people throwing in the towel because he wasn't around. And so it was that after a brief yet intense mourning period, Lars, James and Kirk decided to fight on. Jason Newsted was chosen from over 40 auditions to be the new bassist.
  7. 7. …And Justice for All(1988) • With Jason fully established, the band went back to record their fourth full-length album, ...And Justice For All, released in August 1988. The explosion that had been threatening for sometime finally happened. It reached #6 on the US charts, received a Grammy nomination for Best Metal/Hard Rock album, the band blew headliners Van Halen off-stage during the Monsters Of Rock tour and subsequently embarked upon an enormous worldwide tour. It was even the moment they finally delved into video territory, although the footage for 'One' was most certainly the most 'anti' video of it's era.
  8. 8. Metallica (The Black Album) 1991 • In 1991 Metallica released the self-titled 'Black' album, and saw their popularity soar to stratospheric heights. With new producer Bob Rock, this album was a subtle departure from the previous album with shorter songs, a fuller sound and simpler arrangements. It went straight to number one all over the world, stayed there for several weeks and ended up selling in excess of 15 million copies worldwide, spawned several legitimate singles as well as earning a Grammy and MTV/ American Music Awards. The band toured for close to three years, playing a solo arena tour in 'An Evening With Metallica', with Guns N' Roses on the duos' joint-headline stadium tour, and as headliner at many festivals. It meant that by the time the fall of 1993 rolled around, the four members were shattered both physically and mentally. Save for some Summer Shed action, there was little major activity as the band allowed their real lives to catch up with their rock lives.
  9. 9. Load and Reload Nearly four years would pass before the next Metallica album saw the light. Called Load, and recorded at The Plant in Sausalito California, it was the longest Metallica album to date with 14 songs, and signaled some significant changes for the band. Produced by Bob Rock, the material was loose, powerful and eclectic, the sound thick and punchy and the image one which screamed out change and freedom from enslavement to the Black album era. So many songs came from the sessions, that a second album titled ReLoad, followed in 1997. The Load tour was spectacular, encompassing cutting-edge technology, stuntmen, two-stages and an epic two-plus hours of performance. What ever doubts people might have had were swiftly blown away, and whilst Load could never match the heights of the Black album sales wise, it became a phenomenally successful album in it's own right.
  10. 10. S & M(1999) In 1999, when with conductor/composer and maestro Michael Kamen, Metallica embarked upon collaboration with the San Francisco Symphony to bring new dimension to classic material. Any potential skepticism of the project was blown away by two nights in April at the Berkeley Community Theater. Far from their material being compromised, the arrangements of songs such as 'Master Of Puppets' gave symphonic instruments the chance to explode into the spaces and fill them with greater, heavier power than ever before. Having recorded and filmed the shows on the off- chance it might turn out alright on the night, Metallica released the S&M double-disc and DVD in late '99, marking yet another significant chapter in a Hall Of Fame like history.
  11. 11. Another Bassist Gone… Jason Newsted argued with James Hetfield about his doing in the band. He wanted to have a side project called “Echobrain” in the bands vacations. Hetfield said that he could only be in Metallica, if he wasent satisfied with Metallica that he would have to leave. And so he did.
  12. 12. St. Anger(2003) • It was in the Fall of 2002 that the band decided it was time to search for a new bassist, and after some closed auditions with personal invitees over a few months, ex-Suicidal Tendencies/Ozzy Osbourne bass player Robert Trujillo was chosen to be the new member of Metallica. Note, member. Not bassist or hired gun or replacement. But a band member. His whole demeanor, happy, relaxed, warm, enthusiastic blended with over 15 years of experience and a ferocious finger-picking style made Robert the only natural choice. Rob came in Metallica recorded St. Anger and the second day after that Mtv Icon inducted Metallica to their list of ICONS.
  13. 13. Death Magnetic The groundwork had been laid with St.Anger and the fruit was abundant with Death Magnetic, cuts such as "The Day That Never Comes", "Broken, Beat & Scarred" and "All Nightmare Long" becoming instant fan favorites. Aside from the Death Magnetic album, on March 29, 2009 the band also saw Guitar Hero: Metallica released in North America, with international releases coming in the following couple of months.
  14. 14. Hall of Fame Inductees.