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Who Have Lived On The Earth


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Who Have Lived On The Earth

  1. 1. Who has lived on the earth?
  2. 2. From the Pangaea To Today. One time all continents were joined together in a single landmass and drifted apart. Pangaea splitted in two parts, Laurasia in the north (North America, Europe and Asia) and Gondwanaland in the south (south America, Africa, India, Antarctica and Australia).
  3. 3. Theory of Continental Drift. South and North America crashed creating ”Central America”. India crashed to Asia and created the Himalaya's mountains, greatest mountains in the earth. Australia and Antarctica splitted .
  4. 5. Dinosaurs. They were the dominant vertebrate animals of terrestrial ecosystems from 260 millions of years ago to 65 millions of years. The word ”dinosaur” derives from the Greek ”deinon” and it means ”terrible and powerful lizard”.
  5. 6. Types and evolution of dinosaurs.
  6. 7. Extintion of Dinosaurs.
  7. 8. Dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago. There are some theories about the extinction but today the asteroid collision is mainly accepted by scientist. Scientist think that a meteorite could have caused a drop in Earth's atmospheric temperature or an unusual heat wave.
  8. 9. Evolution of Hominids.
  9. 10. Evolution of the Mankind.
  10. 11. First type of hominid: the Australopithecus. The first type of human is ”Australopithecus Afarensis”. Different types of Australopithecus are ”Anamensis””Afarensis”, ”Africanus”. Their brain was 35% of the size of the modern humans. They were about 1.2 metres tall They didn't make tools. They lived in the african savanna.
  11. 13. Homo Habilis Homo Habilis means ”Skillful person”. Fossils were found in East Africa (countries as Kenya and Tanzania). They lived about 2.5 to 1.6 millions years ago. A craneal capacity about the half of the moderns humans (more than Australopithecus).
  12. 14. They made primitive stone tools called ”choppers and chopping tools”.
  13. 15. Homo Erectus They lived from about 2 millions to 1 millions years ago. Scientist believe it was first hominide to leave Africa. We find different types of Erectus in north Africa, Europe, China, Indonesia, etc.
  14. 16. Its name means ”Standing man”. His craneal capacity is larger than Habilis (about 75% of the modern humans), his teeth are smaller and he used more sophisticated tools.
  15. 17. Homo Neanderthal Fossils were found in Europe and in central and western Asia. Neanderthals appeared in Europe about 600000 years ago and dissapears in Europe about 30000 years ago. Its craneal capacity is larger than modern humans. Possibly their brain size was bigger..
  16. 18. Intentional burial means a developing of an ideology about the death. Some fossils were found with bears bones. They discovered and they used the fire to heat them, to cook and to hunt.
  17. 19. The weather of that age was really cold. It is the time of the ”galciations”. Neanderthal lived in caves. They usually made intentional burial and the inclusion of grave goods.
  18. 20. Homo Sapiens .
  19. 21. Modern humans originated in East Africa about 200000 years ago. Main feature is the highly mental capability.
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