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Alejandro magno


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Alejandro magno

  1. 1. ALEXANDER THE GREAT (356a.C. Macedonia, 323 a.C.Babylon)..
  2. 2. Son of Phillip ofMacedonia andOlympia of Epiro.At the age of 13 yearsold, his father Philliphired as teacher thefamous philosopherAristotle.In 336 b.C his fatherwas murdered by amember of hispersonal guard.
  3. 3. The conquest of Persia.
  4. 4. Alexanders Empire.
  5. 5. Alexanders Death.The most likely causeof death are malariaor typhus.At the time of hisdeath, his wifeRoxana waspregnant.The new strong manafter the death ofAlexander wasCassander.
  6. 6. Alexanders Successors
  7. 7. At the age of 13 years old, the son ofAlexander the Great, Alexander IV, and hismother Roxana were killed by order ofCassander.