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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Kerala university COLLEGE of teacher education 2013-2014 MALU.G REG:NO 13 983 018 SOCIAL SCIENCE
  3. 3. EARTHQUAKES  The processes that take place in the interior of the earth causes in the storage of energy in some portions in the earth.  Earthquakes occur on those instances when these energy is being released.
  4. 4. The point of origin of the earthquakes is known as focus The point just above the focus on the surface on the earth is known as epicenter The energy being released from the focus propagates as waves . These cause tremors on the surface of the earth and cause destructions.
  5. 5. The instrument used to measure the magnitude of the earthquake is called a seismograph. The intensity of the earthquake is measured based on the Richter scale.
  6. 6. Earthquake- a view SALIENT FEATURES OF EARTHQUAKE WAVES  Primary waves move very fast through solids, and very slowly through liquids.  These waves reach epicenter from the focus first but secondary waves moves only through solids. They do not travel through liquids.  These reach the epicenter following the primary waves.  These two waves travel to the interior of the earth. So they are known as body waves