2012 DS Search Task Force Report


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The slideshow report from the Task Force assigned to search for a new District Superintendent presented to the 2012 Assembly of the Rocky Mountain District COTN.

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2012 DS Search Task Force Report

  1. 1. Rocky Mountain District Church of the NazareneA report from the District Leadership on the process for bringing a recommendation to the full assembly for a District Superintendent District Assembly June 28–29, 2012
  2. 2. Dewayne District Leaders Involved in the DS Recommendation Process Chaired by General Superintendent Dr. Jerry PorterDistrict Advisory Committee Taskforce• Ed Kotesky –DAB elder (commissioned by Dr. Porter & approved by DAB)• Tom Lance-DAB elder, sec’y • Liz Ott, Chairperson• Don Moore-DAB elder • Joe Arnold• Diana Clapp-DAB lay • Diana Clapp• Denny Friesen-DAB lay • Dewayne Price• Liz Ott-DAB lay • Tom Vigil• Sadie Carson, Dist Treasurer• Dewayne Price, Dist Sec’y• Joe Arnold, NYI president Committee• Larry Spicer, SDMI chair formation &• Tom Vigil, NMI President meetings
  3. 3. Tom V A District-Wide Call to Prayer & Fasting Focus on Prayer
  4. 4. liz Work of the Taskforce March Processes Research of successful models used in that other districts found the DS selection on the Oregon Pacific successful and Washington Pacific districts
  5. 5. Diana Continued Work of the Taskforce April Data collected and a Self-Study Summary completed and submitted March to the District Advisory Committee Research of & Dr. Porter. successful models District data used in the DS collection selection on the Oregon Pacific and Washington Pacific districts
  6. 6. Joe Three Sources of Data the Taskforce used in creating the District Self-Study & Superintendent Profile July 2011 Survey through New Church Specialties April 2012 Site March 2012 meetings to Survey by the gather input DS Selection into DS Taskforce Selection
  7. 7. Diana New Church Specialties Survey July 2011 This survey was completed by 35 pastors and staff pastors, 81 local church lay leaders, and 14 district leaders. Using existing data
  8. 8. Dewayne Taskforce Survey March 2012 This survey was completed 101 pastors and layman, with over 700 comments tabulated. Gathering additional input
  9. 9. JoeSite Meetings held around the District April 2012 • Held in 8 locations • 126 people attended • Based on the data from the July and March surveys, groups discussed their priorities for the characteristics Talking to brothers and of a new DS. sisters in Christ
  10. 10. Joe The Rocky Mountain District Self-Study Summary Report was distributed to pastors on the district. Check with your pastor for more information.
  11. 11. liz District Superintendent Profile May District Advisory April Data collected Committee and a Self-Study Summary prioritized and completed and submitted to finalized the DS the District March Advisory Council & Dr. Profile Research of successful models Porter. used in the DS selection on the DS Profile complete Oregon Pacific and Washington Pacific districts
  12. 12. liz The DS Profile was provided electronically to churches across the Rocky Mountain District. It is also included in the Summary Report. The DAC approved DS Profile contained in the summary report.
  13. 13. Tom L Godly Leader The district needs a leader who is called by God. and obedient to His will. This individual must demonstrate dedication to the Lord, be a faithful servant, and a person of prayer. Our district leader needs to be one who reflects Christ and is committed to holiness
  14. 14. Larry Visionary The district needs a leader who is visionary, forward thinking, and a strategic planner. This individual should be an out of the box thinker and willing to try new things. Our district leader needs to be able to clearly articulate the vision of the district and bring unity to the district in reaching that vision.
  15. 15. Don Missional The district needs a leader who is missionally minded, has a passion for the unchurched of our communities, and has a commitment to evangelism. This individual needs to be skilled in promoting and facilitating new church plants by local churches.
  16. 16. Denny Communicator The district needs a leader who is an effective communicator. This individual should understand how and when technology would be effective in communications, such as which technologies reach broad audiences vs. smaller audiences, and also discern when face to face contact is needed. Our district leader needs to know that listening is a key element in building relationships and must be able to speak passionately and persuasively.
  17. 17. Ed Effective Administrator The district needs a leader who has strong managerial and administrative skills. This individual must be able to delegate authority and surround themselves with people who have specialized expertise to assist in the leadership roles of the district. Our district leader needs to have a background in finance and be trustworthy in following through with commitments.
  18. 18. Sadie Decision Maker The district needs a leader who has the ability to implement difficult decisions and hold pastors and churches accountable. This individual must recognize the importance of consensus and dialogue during the decision- making process.
  19. 19. Tom V Equipper The district needs a leader who is compassionate, encouraging, and supportive of both pastors and churches. This individual should have experiences that could be used to mentor pastors and district leaders within the Rocky Mountain District. Our district leader needs to facilitate quality training for pastors and district leaders, utilizing technology to enhance training opportunities.
  20. 20. liz Call for Nominations May May DAC approves call for District Advisory nominations. April Council Data collected prioritized and Dr. Porter chaired the and a Self-Study Summary finalized the Taskforce in reviewing completed and DS Profile. submitted to nominees’ profiles the District March Advisory Council & Dr. and bringing Research of successful models Porter. recommended used in the DS selection on the names to the DAC. Oregon Pacific and Washington Pacific districts
  21. 21. liz District Advisory Committee worked with Dr. Porter to June interview and choose a recommended May Interviews were Candidate May Dr. Porter conducted by the chaired the Taskforce in District reviewing full District Advisory April Council nominees’ Advisory prioritized and profiles and Data collected finalized the bringing Committee and a and a Self-Study DS Profile and names to the Summary DAC. candidate was approved completed and moving named to bring March submitted to forward to the District accept to the full Research of Advisory successful models Council & Dr. nominations assembly as a used in the DS Porter. for a new DS. selection on the recommendation Oregon Pacific and Washington for DS on the Pacific districts RMD
  22. 22. “I endeavor to model a life that is wholly surrenderedand committed to living a Christ like life.”
  23. 23. Rev. Carr participating in a District Work and Witness Team to help oneof his smaller churches. The Team put on siding, did roofing, and built awooden fire escape. The Team saved the church thousands of dollars.
  24. 24. Rev. Carr recently (May 2012) organized the Liberian NationalChurch in the Buffalo area. The picture is of Rev. Carr and thepastor, Elizabeth Toe. The church is doing well with an averageattendance of 65-75.
  25. 25. Rev. Carr withPastor, Shane Smithon a Sundaymorning in Maywhen theyorganized a newstart church inRochester...ChurchRadiant. The churchis doing well andcurrently averages100-125.
  26. 26. Denny Rev. Carr formally pastored in Colorado and is currently serving as the District Superintendent in Upstate New York District Church of the Nazarene where he has been since 2004.
  27. 27. Sadie Rev. Carr with his wife, Janet, and their five "wonderful" grandchildren. .
  28. 28. larry Rev. Carr and family (doesnt include his daughter who is living in Taiwan). The picture was taken at his sons cabin in McCall, Idaho.
  29. 29. Dewayne As Dr. Porter shared with the District Advisory Counsel . . . when we have completed this process and a decision is made, may we be able to say, “It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us . . . “ Acts 15:28
  30. 30. Tom L Based on this process, the District Advisory Board in consultation with the District Advisory Committee is recommending Rev. Bill Carr as a candidate for District Superintendent of the Rocky Mountain District.