Evaluation question 1


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Evaluation question 1

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 1 In what ways does your media product develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. 9 Frames
  3. 3. Picture 1 • The first picture in the 9 frames is our company ident. We created our ident on Final Cut Pro and we felt that the simplicity of it would stand out against our teaser trailer. • The ident itself is very basic as it set on a white background with a black font. The ident spins and it reads “Starmix Productions Presents”. • We chose to have our ident at the beginning of our trailer due to the fact that our main influence “Scary Movie” had the production companies ident at the start of the trailer. This shows that we followed the conventions of a trailer as all the trailers we looked at had the ident at the beginning.
  4. 4. Picture 2 • The second picture is a text picture, we frequently used these throughout the trailer as we felt it added suspense when needed. As our teaser trailer is quite fast paced and it can be seen as confusing we decided that adding the text into random sections of the trailer it would help the audience understand the basic storyline. • Another one of our film influences is “Shaun of the Dead”. In the teaser trailer for this film, it also used text to break up the footage. They also used a voiceover, however we decided not to use a voiceover as it we felt it didn’t suit the trailer itself. • We followed the conventions of the trailer as all of the trailers we looked at used text pop ups to narrate the trailer.
  5. 5. Picture 3 • The next picture shows the two male actors in the play at home. We chose to do this as we wanted to portray the two boys as regular teenage lads. This is so our target audience can relate to the film and feel as if they are a part of it. • We kept the conventions of a trailer, in the “Shaun of the Dead” trailer there is a scene with a group of young boys wearing modern style clothes. We did this in our trailer with the two main characters as we felt once again the audience would be able to relate to the style of the two boys.
  6. 6. Picture 4 • The next picture is a close up of one of the masks that the killer is wearing. We put this into the trailer after a doorbell rings as that is the signal for the slow downhill spiral that the film takes. • We got the idea of using the doorbell in our trailer from “The Purge” trailer as they used it to signify the horror aspect of the film coming into play. That is how we followed the conventions of a trailer throughout.
  7. 7. Picture 5 • This picture is an over shoulder shot of the killer looking through the window at the two main characters. We decided to put a green affect on the clip to make it look like night vision as it shows the killers are watching them day and night. • We also wanted to show the film from the killers viewpoint which many films do not do. We felt that this brings a new feel to the trailer. • We followed the conventions in this part of the trailer as many of the films that we looked itself shows the killers looking at their victims.
  8. 8. Picture 6 • This picture shows the comedy side to our film, the two boys are tied up and they try to escape capture. We chose to do a long shot for this clip so the audience have a good view of everything that is happening. We also added slow motion to the clip when they escape, this adds a sense of relief to the film. • We got our inspiration for this from the film ‘Pineapple Express’ and it also shows how we followed the conventions of teaser trailers.
  9. 9. Picture 7 • We added this to the trailer to create more of a horror atmosphere to the film, we dimmed the brightness of the clip to create an eerie effect. The characters in this clip are wearing the same clothes, this shows that the film expands from just in the house. To add some comedy to the clip we made it so the character ‘Melvin’ falls over in a comical way.
  10. 10. Picture 8 • We used a wide variety of camera shots in this trailer which helped us follow the conventions and show our skill. In this clip we see a close up of Melvin laying on the ground yelling in desperation. This makes the audience feel sympathy for the two characters. To do this shot we had to lay the camera on the floor and aim it at the actors face. We remembered the rule of thirds and we had to keep the face and hand in the middle of the shot so it was the main focus of the shot.
  11. 11. Picture 9 • We wanted the title of the trailer to be at the end of the trailer so it is the last thing that the audience remember of the trailer. We used the childish hand writing as we felt that it is quite scary and sinister so it adds to the horror part of our film. The text itself is displayed over the mask of the killer walking towards the camera. This gives off the affect that the killer is coming for the audience.