2012 article july overcoming fear speech


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2012 article july overcoming fear speech

  1. 1. Merapi Indah Sdn Bhd * Inspiring LearningOvercoming Fear of Impromptu SpeechHave you been asked to give an impromptu speech before? What was your reaction? Did youadmit to your audience that you were not prepared? Impromptu Speech is able to send shiversdown everyones spine...even to the most experienced speakers. So..fear not...just rememberthese few tips and you might even turn out to be the most entertaining impromptu speakers.1. Willing & Able - when you are being approached to give an impromptu, you might think toyourself - If I say no, I will be thought as incapable, incompetent... or if I say yes, would I be ableto pull it off?. The best is, dont doubt yourself. I suggest saying yes and stay calm. It doesnthurt to be prepared in your field of expertise, or if you are giving a non-professional speech, talkabout personal past experiences. And...if you are attending a function, be sure to dress well...itadds millions to your level of confidence.2. Pen & Paper - grab a pen and a piece of paper (a piece of napkin will do) and begin jottingdown interesting and significant points. Be sure to check out the topics of speakers before you -you do not want to be caught stealing ideas. Take a few minutes to think of your opening remark;a well told story is sufficient, outline the three main points (there are several structures likeworking from the past, present then future) and finally, your conclusion. The conclusion shouldbe short, simple and strong to make a lasting impact on your audience.3. Confidence & Enthusiasm - it is understandable that you would feel apprehensive aboutspeaking in front of an audience. Simply stand straight, hold your head high and imagine that youare confident and excited to present to a group of people, be it strangers, family members orcolleagues. Take a few moments to breathe in and establish a rapport with your audience. Onceyou have begun your speech and have the audience in your hand, you will sail through yourspeech.4. Diction & tone - dont forget these two. If your mind is busy being conscious of these twoelements, you will eventually forget the people who are watching you. Your mind cant be doingtoo many things at the same time, so concentrate on how you enunciate your words and controlyour tone. You will definitely forget that you are nervous in the first place.If you think that these tips might not work out for you, I strongly suggest that you always havespeech topics ready at all times. After all, being prepared is the best policy when it comes tospeeches. Authored by Juita IshakMerapiindah.com.my Page 1