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Composite resin


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Composite resin for dental uses

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Composite resin

  1. 1. ICB
  2. 2. ¿What is?Dental aesthetic restoration used in damagedteeth.
  3. 3. History.In 1962 Dr. Ray. Bowen developeda new type of composite resin. Themain innovation was a resin matrixof Bisphenol-A-GlycidylMethacrylate (Bis-GMA) and afillers agents. (silica). DENTAL/eliminacioncaries.htm
  4. 4. Chemical Compositions.Different co-monomers like:Bisphenol-A-Glycidyl(BIS-GMA)Urethanedymethacrylate(UDMA)Detrietilenglicoldimetacrilato (TEGDMA)Inorganic materialSilano (agente acoplador)
  5. 5. Clasification of Composite Resin.-Auto polimeryzed. Fig.7:Book Materiales Dentales Fig.6:Book Materiales Dentales Federico H. Barceló Santana Federico H. Barceló Santana
  6. 6. -Photo polimeryzed Fig.8:Book Materiales Dentales Federico H. Barceló Santana
  7. 7. Uses. Restoration ofón/ tecnicas-restauracion.html Sealing Tooth Cracks ntopediatria.html
  8. 8. Reconstruction Restoration m/blog/coronas-de- porcelana-fundas/ Resin inlays m/tratamientos/incrustaciones- dentales/
  9. 9. Advantages DisadvantagesUnsoluble Easy to contaminate when is polymerizedAesthetic Short time of work with auto-curedBiocompatibility Special equipment is required for polymerizationEasy to use Several steps required for the apropiate managementGood times for work.Compatible with enamel and dentinAllows cavities more conservative Fig.14:Book Materiales Dentales Federico H. Barceló Santana
  10. 10. Commercial Brands.Charisma de KulzerTPH spectrum DentsplyEsthet-X4 Season VivadentTetric CeramPoint 4 de KerrMiris de ColteneFiltek Z250 de 3M
  11. 11. Difference Between amalgam and composite resins AMALGAM RESINS
  12. 12. Bibliography.Book Materiales Dentales conocimientos básicos aplicadosFederico H. Barceló SantanaJorge Mario Palma caldero