Pendle kitchens


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Pendle kitchens

  1. 1. Pendle Pendlethe kitchen collection the kitchen collection
  2. 2. Pendle is a picturesque corner of Lancashire, renowned for the famous “Pendle Witch Trial” of 1612. It is also a popular destination for thousands of walkers and nature lovers alike who are drawn to its starkly contrasting hills and valleys, whatever the season. Inspired by the changing seasonal colours is our latest kitchen, Pendle. With the exception of the luxurious Natural Oak range, every Pendle kitchen we make is hand painted, every door a work of art and nature. A traditional kitchen that by design also sits comfortably in a modern home, the colour or colours you choose will mirror your lifestyle, adding warmth, elegance and value to your home, all year round. a world of colours inspires Pendle2 3
  3. 3. the Pendle kitchen collection Introduction 2-3 Contents 4-5 Pendle Oak 6-9 Painted Collection 10 - 11 Pendle Oyster 12 - 15 Pendle Jute 16 -17 Pendle White 18 - 19 Pendle Cream 20 - 21 Pendle Aubergine 22 - 23 Pendle Pastel 24 - 25 Pendle Moss 26 - 27 Handle Options 28 - 29 Creative Options 30 - 31 Pendle - brings your kitchen to life.4 5
  4. 4. Experience the timeless elegance and beautiful warmth of Pendle Oak. A luxurious kitchen in every respect, the appeal of Pendle Oak extends beyond the inherent beauty of wood. Few kitchens offer the owner so much flexibility to craft their kitchen to reflect the individuality of their home and lifestyle. Pendle Oak6 7
  5. 5. Traditionally modern - Pendle Oak offers so much8 9
  6. 6. Pendle Timber Painted Discerning homeowners have always appreciated care and attention that goes into the creation of a hand painted kitchen. We have applied the craftsman’s skills to our Pendle kitchen and are delighted to offer it to you in a choice of seven beautiful colours, each one inspired by nature’s ever changing moods. At our specialist paint workshops, the subtle colour tones are over laid onto a lightly brushed Ash body, adding not just colour but texture to create a luxurious visual effect. You can opt for a kitchen in one colour or perhaps combine two colours to create a contrast. With Pendle’s Hand Painted range the options are many, and the result is a kitchen as unique and special as you, its owner. After all, a kitchen that is hand painted to order, Pastel is a truly unique kitchen. Oyster Cream White Aubergine Moss Jute10 11
  7. 7. Pendle Oyster The popular Oyster colour blends seamlessly into almost any environment, its warm beige hue enriched by the addition of just a stir of sunset red to create a distinctive shade. Light and airy, Oyster’s neutral colour makes it easy to marry to a wide range of worksurfaces. Oyster can also be combined with Pendle Oak, the two finishes pooling their beauty to create a kitchen that’s original and engaging to own. Oak & Oyster Mix12 13
  8. 8. Pendle Oyster14 15
  9. 9. Pendle Jute Jute is a highly distinctive and original colour, its light fawn shade thickened with a shot of soft grey clouds. A natural earth shade widely favoured by interior designers. Jute lends the Pendle kitchen a tailored look radiating taste and success on the part of its owner but without a hint of ostentation. Pendle Jute is perfect as a stand alone colour, but looks impressive too when mixed with Pendle Oyster, Cream or Oak finishes.16 17
  10. 10. Pendle White Always a popular colour, this excellent white kitchen with open and closed grain doors reflects more than light into your home. Appliances, vases, toasters, food mixers and pictures all spring to life in a white kitchen, so shape and style your design, maximise on the sight line with fine detail to create a very special kitchen.18 19
  11. 11. Pendle Cream Our paint workshops have created a luxurious shade of cream, one that’s altogether warmer with a tinge of rose and greenery offsetting the yellow. The result is a colour that in every respect lives up to its name, being very self indulgent to enjoy on its own or the perfect accompaniment to couple with Pendle Oak. Dim the lights on a cold winter’s night and this colourway is warm and inviting. Throw open the windows in summer and appreciate its cool but radiant countryside glow. Pendle Cream truly is a kitchen for all seasons.20 21
  12. 12. Pendle Aubergine Pendle Aubergine is a kitchen whose colour sets it apart from the crowd. It’s highly original, distinctive and flexible, owing to its chameleon ability to blend with or highlight other Pendle colours. Couple it with Pendle Oak, Oyster or Jute to create an effect that can be subtle or dramatic according to your desires. Aubergine & Oak Mix22 23
  13. 13. Pendle Pastel Pendle Pastel This beautiful colour has as its base a blend of soft blue tones into which has been infused a drizzle of silver grey dawn. Walk into a Pendle Pastel kitchen and you’ll be stepping into a kitchen that breathes freshnesss and invigoration. The effect is enhanced by the inclusion of light fawn coloured decor. Pendle Oak blends in perfectly with Pendle Pastel whilst the ambiance of the entire kitchen can be turned up or down by careful choice of colours for the walls, splashbacks and tiling.24 25
  14. 14. Pendle Moss This pastoral, pale green hue at first sight suggests it would date a kitchen yet it looks modern and even contemporary when applied to the Pendle kitchen where its lustre lends the cabinets, doors and drawers a tactile appearance and the kitchen an overall look of subtle grandeur. A true and natural shade of the Pendle countryside, its both smart and practical, an informed choice for the homeowner seeking originality.26 27
  15. 15. Handle Options Here we show just a small selection of our handle portfolio. They represent all styles, materials and finishes, accommodating hi-tech, modern and traditional preferences. Handles are highly subjective and a major component in creating your look.28 29
  16. 16. Creative Options Great care has been taken in the photography of all products which are portrayed in this catalogue. Due to the variables in photographic, reprographic and printing processes, colours may vary from those of the actual products. As we have a policy of continued improvement and development, we reserves the right to amend colours, specifications or products without prior notice. All copyrights reserved. Any person or company reproducing the same in part or in whole, without permission will be liable to prosecution. © E. & O. E. 2011 Issue 011 - 1030 31